Austin For Digital Nomads: A Locals Guide

Austin is a vibrant city in Texas, gaining popularity because of its rich cultural scene and modern amenities. While Austin has always been a well-known city among locals and tourists, it has also become a digital nomad hotspot in recent years.

Austin offers a great deal to digital nomads and invites remote workers from all over the world to come and settle here. If this city has caught your eye then keep reading this ultimate guide! Let’s see what it’s like living in Austin, Texas as a digital nomad and important aspects of that lifestyle. 

Where is Austin located?

Austin, the state capital of Texas, is an inland city that is located in the United States. This city is located in central Texas, greater Texas hill country, and borders the hill country region. 

Fact: Did you know that Austin is also known as the live music capital of the world?

Why Choose Austin as a Digital Nomad? Pros and Cons

Much like any other place, Austin has its fair share of pros and cons. While this city is a great place for digital nomads, it still has some flaws that might be deal breakers, depending on your preference. Take a look below and evaluate whether Austin is a good fit for you.

Pros Cons 
Very safe High traffic 
High-speed internet High cost of living
Friendly locals Warm weather 
Plenty of opportunitiesHumid 
Digital nomad community 
Safe roads 
English speakers 
Good healthcare 

In addition to these pros, Austin also has a great political condition. The city is democratic and has a strong freedom of speech. Since it is racially tolerant and female-friendly, both groups can travel safely. Austin is very friendly to the lgbtq+ community and the local community is fairly welcoming. 

In short, digital nomads are guaranteed to have a nice time around here. 

How to Get to Austin?

The first step of getting to Austin is traveling to Texas. You can land at any of the suitable airports but the Austin-Bergstrom airport is the most recommended option. Here’s how you can get to the city from the airport. 

Car rental 

Car rental is one of the most convenient and realistic ways of getting to the city, especially if you intend to use one for the entire duration of your stay. Car rentals are fairly affordable in Austin but the cost can vary based on model, period, and company. Car rentals are a good option if you prefer freedom and reliability. 


Bus travel is also a viable option for getting to Austin. However, the Capital Metro bus #20 is the only one that runs from the airport to the city center. This form of travel can take 30-45 minutes but it’s certainly the cheapest option. 

Ride-hailing apps 

You can also get to the city center via ride-hailing. Reputable companies such as Uber and Lyft operate in the city. Hence, all you need to do is download the app and enter your desired location! In addition to being safe, ride-sharing is also reliable and affordable. 

Transportation and How to Get Around Austin?

It’s not a secret that most US cities are not walkable. Unfortunately, Austin is not an exception to this generalized style. However, there are plenty of good alternatives. Here’s how you can get around on a daily basis.

Capital metro 

If you want to travel around without spending a lot of money then public transportation is the best option. While Austin doesn’t have the most reliable or efficient public transit system, it’s still pretty affordable. The entire system consists of 82 bus routes, 1 train route, night buses, and some rapid routes. You can get day passes or monthly passes, based on personal choice. 

Ride-hailing apps 

As mentioned above, global companies such as Uber and Lyft also operate in Austin! Ride-sharing is an efficient way of getting around, considering it can take you anywhere at any time.


Car travel is the most logical form of traveling in Austin. In fact, the city is designed with highways and other architectural elements that aid car travel over any other transport. If you plan on staying in Austin for the long term, consider making this investment. You can get car rentals or even buy a second-hand vehicle. However, be wary of the congested roads and high traffic. 


The abundance of bike paths in Austin makes biking a feasible option as well. Most trails are well connected and they provide easy access to popular destinations. 

3 Best Accommodation Options in Austin

Austin is a fairly large city which means there are plenty of good neighborhoods that you can pick from. 

Downtown Austin

Downtown is undoubtedly one of the best places to live as a digital nomad. This neighborhood provides the perfect central city experience and has easy access to most necessities. The close proximity certainly elevates the living experience. However, note that downtown is one of the busiest areas of the city. 

North Austin 

If you are searching for peaceful accommodation then consider looking in north Austin. This residential area is laid back, less crowded, and more local. North Austin also houses the famous “University of Texas”. 

South Austin 

For those of you who are looking for hippy and trendy neighborhoods, south Austin is a great option. This part of the city houses popular places such as Zilker Park and Barton Springs Pool. South Austin also has plenty of cafes, restaurants, and bars to keep you entertained. 

Internet Connectivity in Austin

One of the things that make Austin popular among digital nomads is its fast internet. Remote workers would be happy to learn that Texas has a very fast and reliable internet connection. The average download speed ranges up to 184 Mbps and the upload speed reaches 89 Mbps. It’s safe to say that Austin digital nomads have no trouble keeping a work-life balance, thanks to these wonderful internet speeds. 

You can also get a local SIM card from the airport or convenience stores to ensure reliability! Make sure to compare data packages before choosing a provider. Some well-known providers in the US include Mint Mobile and Ultra Mobile.

E sim 

You can also purchase an E sim and avoid the trouble of a physical sim card. E-sims guarantee extra reliability and efficiency. Here are some of the best options. 


Data validity Days Price 
Unlimited data 7 days 29$ (27.16€)
Unlimited data 10 days 37$ (34.65€)
Unlimited data 15 days 51$ (47.76€)
Unlimited data 20 days 62$ (58.06€)
Unlimited data 30 days 75$ (70.23€)


Data validity Days Price 
1 GB7 days 4.50$ (4.14€)
2 GB15 days 8.00$ (7.49€)
3 GB30 days 11.00$ (10.30€)
5 GB30 days 16.00$ (14.98€)
10 GB30 days 26.00$ (24.35€)

4 Best Places to Work from in Austin

Another good thing about Austin is that there are numerous coworking spaces and cafes where digital nomads can work. 


Epoch is the epitome of perfection when it comes to work-friendly cafes. They have multiple branches located all over the city, each unique and innovative. You can go here to enjoy a stimulating working environment. 


Spokesman is also a good cafe to work from! Located in an industrial building, spokesman offers both indoor and outdoor seating. They also offer delicious beer and a good working environment. 

Capital Factory 

If you are someone who prefers working from coworking spaces rather than laid-back cafes, then consider going to the capital factory. This coworking space is filled with innovative businessmen, up-and-coming entrepreneurs, and dedicated remote workers. It is certainly a good place to network with like-minded individuals. 

Industrious Austin 

Industrious Austin is one of the best coworking spaces in Austin. With three branches located around the city, industrious Austin offers convenience and reliability. They offer various facilities including but not limited to meeting rooms, private rooms, open floor plans, and so much more. 

Cost of Living in Austin

Austin is said to be one of the most expensive digital nomad destinations in the world. However, if you compare it to other major US cities, you’ll come to realize that it’s way cheaper. Here is a rough breakdown of the average prices there. 

Nomad’s cost of living$3776month (€3536)
Cost of living for a family$6881/month (€6443)
hotel$2071/month (€1940)
Studio in the city center (1br rent)$1630/month (€1526)
Airbnb$2957/month (€2767)
Dinner $11.00 (€10.30)
Beer $5.00 (€4.68)
Taxi $6.00/trip (€5.62)
Coca-cola $2.00 (€1.87)
Coffee $5.00 (€4.68)
Coworking desk $310/month (€290)

Conclusively, If you want to live in the US and enjoy a relatively lower cost of living, Austin is a great option. Please note that the cost of living varies based on a person’s lifestyle. Yours can increase or decrease according to your spending patterns. 

Culture, Nature, and Food in Austin

Austin is nothing short of a cultural tapestry in Texas! Despite its hip nature and thriving tech scene, Austin remains true to its roots and appreciates the rich culture. Known as the live music capital of the world, this entire state allows you to enjoy a bustling environment, a big music scene, and a dynamic culture. Austin culture is a mesmerizing blend of music, art, food, and literature. The Latino heritage certainly adds more diversity to the mix.

As for nature in Austin, you’d be glad to know that there is a lot of natural beauty. This city is home to various parks, green spaces, and greenbelts. You can engage in various outdoor activities and have a splendid time in nature. In fact, 15% of the land in Austin consists of green spaces! 

When it comes to the food in Austin, it is simply extraordinary. The local cuisine is a blend of Asian, Mexican, Cajun, and Southern influences. While you’ll see a lot of diversity in the food, BBQ is something timeless. There are a bunch of restaurants, coffee shops, and bars in the city to keep you well-fed! Furthermore, the best way to enjoy traditional recipes is by trying out street food and food trucks. 

Best Time to Visit Austin

Austin is warm all year round but summers are specifically brutal. The temperature reaches up to 38 degrees Celsius on a regular basis so be prepared to deal with that.  As for the winters, they are mild but unpredictable. The temperatures can drop at any time so there is no guarantee in terms of the average weather.

Considering all of this, the best time to visit Austin, Texas is in Spring and Autumn. The shoulder seasons experience normal temperatures which makes them the best time to explore the city. Lastly, September-November and March-May have the best weather. 

12 Best Things to Do in Austin

One thing about Austin is that there is plenty to do. You can engage in various activities and have an amazing time. 

1. Visit the Barton Springs 

It is no secret that Austin experiences high humidity and warm temperatures. One of the best things to do on a sunny day is go to Barton Springs. This natural watering hall is a natural spring that allows you to cool off and enjoy the cold water. You can swim here for a while and forget all about the summer heat. 

2. Visit the Museum of Ice Cream 

The Museum of Ice Cream is one of the most interesting places in Austin. You can visit this indoor museum and indulge in child-like fun. Once you have bought the ticket, you can eat unlimited ice cream, try various flavors, and learn some interesting facts. The Museum of Ice Cream is also a picturesque family-friendly destination. 

3. Visit the museum of the weird 

Located on 6th Street in Austin, the Museum of the Weird is also a great indoor museum. You can visit here to see all kinds of oddities. From bigfoot to lucky lizard curios, this museum features an interesting collection. Make sure to visit their fun-filled gift shop as well!

4. Go to art museums

When you are done exploring the unique museums, make sure to visit the classic art museums as well. Austin may not have an abundance of museums but the ones here are certainly fascinating. Some of the best ones include 

  • Blanton Museum of Art
  • Mexic-Arte museum 
  • The Contemporary Austin 
  • Elisabet Ney Museum 

5. Go to a concert 

When you are in the live music capital of the world, it’s almost mandatory to go to a concert. Austin is home to various popular music icons and it has a lot of rising talent. Live concerts take place almost every day and you have plenty of options to choose from.

6. Visit the Texas Capitol 

When in Austin, consider visiting the Texas State Capitol building. This marvelous piece of architecture holds great historical value and offers an informational experience. You can visit this state government building for free and explore the history. 

7. Visit the Zilker Metropolitan Park 

If you want to have a refreshing day, surrounded by nature then make sure to visit the Zilker Metropolitan Park. You can see the Umlauf sculpture garden and the famous Zilker Botanical Garden as well. Most of the local holidays and festivals also take place in this spacious park. 

8. Visit the LBJ Presidential Library 

For those of you who are fascinated by America’s history, make sure to visit the famous LBJ Presidential Library. This library is every history lover’s dream as it guarantees an educational and stimulating experience. Not only is it fully accessible but the staff is helpful as well. 

9. Visit the Mount Bonnell

Mount Bonnell is one of the most popular destinations and tourist attractions in Austin. It also happens to be the best place for nature-related activities. This mountain offers stunning views of Lake Austin and promises a mesmerizing experience. We recommend you to go here and witness an unforgettable sunset view. 

10. Visit the Lady Bird Lake 

You can also visit the stunning Lady Bird Lake for an unforgettable experience. This place allows you to engage in various outdoor activities including but not limited to kayaking, swimming, tanning, and boardwalking. Additionally, the trails here are perfect for jogging and wildlife viewing. 

11. Visit the 6th street 

If you want to enjoy Austin’s vibrant nightlife to the fullest then visit then 6th Street. This world-famous entertainment district is home to numerous bars, nightclubs, and live music venues. You can visit here and see what’s the hype about!

12. Visit the Barton Creek Greenbelt 

Lastly, the Barton Creek Greenbelt is a great place to engage in outdoor activities and spend time in nature. You can enjoy the breathtaking waterfalls, or go hiking, rock climbing, and biking! 

Is Austin safe?

Yes, Austin is one of the safest cities in the entire United States. It has a low crime rate and violent crimes are very rare. While petty crimes are not unheard of, the authorities are pretty strict and efficient. This is a safe place for women and solo travelers. However, keep in mind that East Riverside and Montopolis experience high crime rates. 

Additionally, digital nomads in a foreign country are recommended to follow some general safety tips. 

  • Look out for tourist scams
  • Trust reputable companies over shady local businesses
  • Stay away from isolated areas
  • Stay on your guard
  • Stay away from shady neighborhoods
  • Don’t carry large amounts of cash on hand
  • Don’t carry flashy items

Visa Requirements in Austin

The United States does not have a digital nomad visa as of now and it doesn’t plan on introducing one anytime soon. However, it offers several visa alternatives for remote workers and digital nomads. While these other options aren’t exactly the same, they serve a similar purpose and aid the digital nomad community. Some good options include a B-2 Tourism Visa and an ESTA (visa waiver program). 

Much like digital nomad visas, these alternatives also restrict you from working legally within US borders. ESTA does not allow you to work remotely either. 


Austin is a metropolitan city, perfect for digital nomads and remote workers. This city has everything that a digital nomad could possibly need. With its affordable cost of living, bustling nightlife, and fast internet, it caters to the digital nomad lifestyle. While Austin doesn’t provide the same experience as other destinations such as New York City, it’s pretty close! 

In addition to that, there is plenty to do around here. You can enjoy the cultural attractions, and vibrant atmosphere, and engage in various outdoor activities. In short, Austin offers a range of benefits to the digital nomad community! If this place has intrigued you enough to pack your bags, we urge you to trust your gut and book the next flight. 

We hope this comprehensive guide gave you a detailed insight into Austin’s lifestyle. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us. 

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