Medellin For Digital Nomads: A Locals Guide

Medellin, the “city of eternal spring”, is a beautiful destination that has gained popularity over recent years. Though the city has always been well-known, it is now turning into a digital nomad hotspot.

Nomads from all over the world have been compelled by its pleasant weather, affordable cost of living, charm, and much more. However, there is so much more to this city than meets the eye.

Let’s delve into this subject and explore what it’s like to live in Medellin as a digital nomad. 

Where is Medellin located?

Medellin, the capital city of Antioquia province, is a beautiful place located in Colombia. It lies in the famous Aburra valley (Andes Mountains)  in the northwestern region of South America. 

Fact: Did you know that Medellin was found as a mining town back in 1675?

Why Choose Medellin as a Digital Nomad? Pros and Cons

There are plenty of reasons why one might choose Medellin as their next destination. However, it is important to note that this city has some flaws as well. Take a look below to learn about Medellin’s pros and cons.

Pros Cons 
Low cost of living Not so safe 
Pleasant climate Language barriers 
Growing digital nomad communityHigh traffic 
High-speed internet Bad air quality 
Vibrant city
Plenty to do 

In addition to these, Medellin also has a vibrant culture and friendly locals. You’ll feel right at home and blend in! There are also a lot of cultural and recreational activities so you can spend time enjoying festivals and events. 

How to Get to Medellin?

By air 

The best way of getting to Medellin from abroad is via air travel. Flying is not only the easiest way but also the most efficient one. You can take direct or connecting flights to land in Medellin depending on personal preference, availability, and ticket prices.

Some of the nearby airports include Medellin Enrique Olaya Herrera, Pereira, Quibdo (UIB), and Armenia. 

Once you have landed at your desired airport, you can access local transport to get to the city center. Note that the Medellin Enrique Olaya Herrera is the closest airport to the center. 

By car 

Another good option is traveling by car. However, this option is only feasible for those who are already in nearby cities. Car travel can be tedious but liberating nonetheless.

Transportation and How to Get Around Medellin?

The public transportation scene is very big and common in Colombia, leading authorities to keep it well-maintained. Here’s how you can get around. 


You’d be glad to hear that biking is becoming increasingly famous in Medellin. The development of cycling paths and bike rentals has encouraged people to try it out. Biking is a safe, reliable, and eco-friendly way of traveling and exploring the city. You can rent a bike or buy a second-hand one if you come to enjoy it. 


Taxis are abundant in Medellin and you can easily find one on the street. They also tend to be reliable, convenient, and easily accessible for day-to-day travel. Reputable services such as Uber and InDriver also operate in the country. 


When it comes to public transportation, the metro is certainly one of the most common transport in Medellin. The city’s modern metro system is built with 2 lines and it is said to be the most reliable form of transport. Metros are clean, safe, and fast as well. Most importantly, they can get you around, even on a tight budget. 


Metrocable is an innovative form of transport in Medellin that also connects with the metro system. This mode of traveling is swift, reliable, and pretty interesting. The aerial cable cars connect the neighborhoods at higher altitudes and offer stunning views for travelers. 


Lastly, Medellin also has a good and safe bus network. The well-connected and well-developed network allows access to almost every corner of the city. Additionally, you can travel affordably without having to deal with maintenance problems. However, they can get difficult during peak hours

3 Best Accommodation Options in Medellin

When it comes to accommodation in Medellin, we recommend you narrow down suitable neighborhoods first and then look at residences in those areas. This will make your house hunt a lot more easier and efficient. 

El Poblado 

El Poblado is undoubtedly one of the best neighborhoods in Medellin, especially for digital nomads. This place has everything from vibrant nightlife and high-life quality to modern amenities and greenery. Though El Poblado is relatively high-priced, it is one of the safest areas in the entire city. You’ll also find tons of coworking spaces and expat communities in the region. 


Envigado is one of the most peaceful neighborhoods that allow you the chance to experience the Colombian lifestyle. Although it is a little far from the city center, its rich traditional and cultural scene makes up for the long commute. Envigado is also home to a bustling environment, colonial-style houses, plazas, coworking spaces, and restaurants. 


If you are looking for affordable accommodation then Belen is the best option for you. This neighborhood might not be as upscale as some other popular options but it offers an authentic Colombian experience. Belen is a diverse area, consisting of green spaces, residential parts, and commercial zones. You can enjoy a budget-friendly residence, a low cost of living, and a high sense of community in this neighborhood. 

Internet Connectivity in Medellin 

The good news for remote workers is that the internet is very fast in Medellin. The average download speed is usually 20-50 Mbps and fiber optic connections are reliable too. Additionally, the internet is reliable for remote work.

You can also get local SIM cards upon landing in the country. If you wish to take an extra step towards reliability then local providers are your best option. The most common services are Claro, Tigo, and Movistar. 

Almost all the cafes, restaurants, and coworking spaces offer free and fast wifi so that’s a bonus too.

E sims 

Most remote workers feel the need to digitalize everyday essentials. You can do that by opting for e-sims and avoiding the trouble of a physical SIM card. Take a look at these data packages below and evaluate whether it’s a good option for you. 


Data validity Days Price 
Unlimited data 7 days 29$ (27€)
Unlimited data 10 days 37$ (34€)
Unlimited data 15 days 51$ (47€)
Unlimited data 20 days 62$ (58€)
Unlimited data 30 days 75$ (70€)


Data validity Days Price 
1 GB7 days 8.00$ (7.46€)
2 GB15 days 15$ (14€)
3 GB30 days 21$ (19.59€)
5 GB30 days 32.50$ (30.32€)

5 Best Places to Work from in Medellin 

Another good thing about Medellin is that it has a ton of coffee shops and co-working spaces where you can work from. 


OpenSpace is one of the best coworking spaces in the city. Located in Manilla, OpenSpace is a creative hub that encourages productivity and innovation. From a stunning interior and great working environment to fast wifi and comfortable seating, OpenSpace has it all.

Selina coworking

Another great option is Selina coworking space. Located in the heart of the Provenza neighborhood, Selina coworking is a vibrant space where remote workers can work for hours and test their limits. In addition to the coworking space, this place also has a rooftop music studio, live music, library, and bar on their premises. You can enjoy their rooftop bar, spa, and yoga lessons as well. Selina Coworking also promotes networking by hosting various social and community events

Quokka coworking

Quokka coworking space is an ideal place for remote workers in Medellin. This place offers various amenities including but not limited to private rooms, meeting rooms, offices, and commercial rooms. You can enjoy their flexible work environment and have a productive workday. 

Al alma cafe 

If you are someone who prefers working out of cafes rather than coworking spaces then consider going to the Al Alma cafe. Not only do they offer comfortable seating and fast wifi but they serve delicious food as well. You can work here for hours and enjoy outdoor seating as well.


PERAGIMO is a great cafe that serves the best coffee in all of Medellin. Their unique interior, comfortable seating, and great atmosphere attract digital nomads, tourists, and coffee lovers from all over the city. 

Cost of Living in Medellin 

Medellin’s affordable cost of living is one of the many factors that make it a popular destination. You can enjoy a high quality of life without having to spend a lot of money. Here’s a rough breakdown of average prices there. 

Meal at a restaurant 4.16$ (3.88€)
Coffee 1.23$ (1.15€)
one-bedroom apartment (in the city center)266.77$ (248.86€)
Beer 1.02$ (0.95€)
Fitness club 19.06$ (17.78€)
Internet 27.25$ (25.42€)
Basic utilities 61.51$ (57.38€)

As you can see, Medellin is a lot cheaper than other major cities and digital nomad destinations. However, make sure to remember that these costs are average estimates. Your cost of living will be ultimately determined by your spending patterns and lifestyle.

Culture, Nature, and Food in Medellin 

Medellin is nothing short of a vibrant cultural tapestry and a historically rich hub! The city is surrounded by art and it is well depicted in every single corner. Colombian culture is a beautiful concoction of Spanish heritage, indigenous traditions, and African culture. The local culture of Medellin represents just that and offers a colorful mix. Additionally, Medellin is home to friendly people and it hosts a ton of cultural festivals.

When it comes to the natural beauty in Medellin, the city is simply abundant. Surrounded by breathtaking mountains and filled with stunning parks, Medellin is every nature lover’s dream. There are a lot of nature trails, lush greenery, and beautiful landscapes in the city which make it a mesmerizing natural attraction. 

As for the food, Medellin is home to a variety of cafes, restaurants, and bars! You will find some of the world’s most delicious cuisine in the city and enjoy traditional recipes. The street food scene is also pretty huge as most vendors offer flavorful and affordable food. Other than that, you can also shop for rich spices and fresh produce from local markets.

Best Time to Visit Medellin 

Medellin is commonly known as “the city of eternal spring” because of its pleasant weather. It has warm weather all year round which means you can visit at any time and expect to have a good time! 

Even though Medellin’s location puts it in a tropical rainforest climate, its geography (nearby mountains) turns it into a subtropical rainforest climate. This slight change improves the weather and attracts more tourists.

Medellin’s climate is distinguished into two parts; rainy season and dry season. The former lasts from April to May and October to November. The dry season stretches from December to February and June to August. 

Apart from that, the best time to visit is during December, January, July, or August. It’s a good time to explore the city and enjoy the local festivals. 

12 Best Things to Do in Medellin 

When in Medellin, make sure to do these 12 best things!

1. Take a walking tour 

One of the best things to do upon arriving in Medellin is take a walking tour. While you can explore the city on your own, it is much more fun to join a guided tour. A professional guide can take you through all the famous destinations and tell you authentic stories along the way. 

2. Attend Medellin’s flower festival

The Festival of the Flowers is a 10-day-long event that takes place annually. If you are in the city during that time, be sure to attend it and have the experience of a lifetime. The city is flooded with a plethora of flowers, music, and vibrancy where tourists can engage in fun activities!

3. Visit the Comuna 13

Comuna 13 is a spooky place that was previously considered a dangerous area in the city. With the establishment of protocols and an increase in authorities, Comuna 13 has turned into a famous tourist attraction. You can get a guided tour and explore the street while listening to creepy stories. 

4. Visit the coffee farms

Colombian coffee is certainly one of the best in the entire world! When in Medellin, there’s nothing more enjoyable than visiting coffee farms. You can have a complete tour of the place, see plantations, and even enjoy coffee on the farm.

5. Visit Guatape 

Though it is not located within the city, Guatape is a beautiful village situated just outside of Medellin. You can go out there and have a day trip! The Gutape village has become a popular tourist destination because of its vibrant and colorful atmosphere. The cozy streets are filled with cute coffee shops and amazing restaurants. Additionally, the dazzling blue lake is a must-visit site.

6. Visit the Pueblito Paisa

Pueblito Paisa is a stunning replica of a traditional Antioquian town located on a hilltop. The cobblestone streets are filled with cafes and restaurants while the environment is simply unforgettable. You can visit this place to enjoy amazing views of the city from atop. 

7. Visit the Parque Arvi 

Parque Arvi is a mesmerizing nature reserve located atop a hill near Medellin. This prehispanic archaeological site is a perfect place for outdoor activities. You can go here to engage in picnics, riding, camping, hiking, and so much more. 

8. Visit El Centro 

El Centro, also known as “downtown” is the central area of Medellin. You can visit this neighborhood and expect to have a wonderful time. El Centro is a lively area, always filled with chaotic energy. There are a lot of tourist attractions in the region so make sure to visit them as well.

9. Visit the Museo de Antioquia 

When in Medellin, make sure to visit the Museum of Antioquia. This famous museum houses over 100 original pieces by Colombian artist Fernando Botero. It also features modern art and sculptures by a diverse range of artists. You can visit this museum and spend a day surrounded by inspiring art.

10. Visit the Jardin Botanico 

The botanical garden of Medellin is one of the most enchanting places in the entire city. Jardin Botanico is a dreamy place, perfect for nature lovers. The 14 hectares consist of a small lake, butterfly farm, tropical forest, desert garden, and a lot of wildlife. You can go here to spend some time in the refreshing air, reconnect with nature, and appreciate wildlife.

11. Visit the Calle 33

If you want to enjoy the Medellin nightlife at its very peak then make sure to visit the Calle 33. This long and lively street is quite literally filled with bars and clubs. You can go bar hopping and enjoy a little bit of everything. Calle 33 is one of the best areas and its lively atmosphere is guaranteed to lift your spirits. 

12. Join the Chiva bus party

Another good way of enjoying the nightlife in Medellin is by joining the Chiva bus party. This is especially a good option for tourists and first-time visitors who are overwhelmed by the choices. The bus tour will take you to all of the famous party spots and ensure that you have a great time.

Is Medellin safe?

While Medellin is considered a safe city overall, there are still some flaws in the system. Some neighborhoods are known to be shady because of their bad reputation. Tourists and digital nomads are advised to be wary of petty crimes and tourist scams in the city. Apart from that, the city is developing by the day and working on this problem. Ever since the increase of police officers in crowded tourist areas, the crime rates have dropped significantly. If you stay on your guard and follow basic precautions, you can travel freely with ease of mind.

Visa Requirements in Medellin

Colombia has an easy visa policy overall but it changes according to a person’s nationality and citizenship. For instance, United States and EU citizens can enter the country visa-free for a period of 90 days as long as they are here for tourism purposes. 

Other citizens can attain a tourist visa, also known as the V visa, to enter the country for 180 days per year. Colombia offers over 30 visa alternatives for foreigners and visitors which means that you can easily find a good fit. 

Luckily, the government has also introduced a Colombian digital nomad visa. This visa remains valid for 2 years and allows applicants to stay for 180 days each year. The application process is pretty standard and easy as well. 

Here are some of the visa requirements:

  • Valid passport
  • Employment letter (proof that you work remotely)
  • Health insurance
  • Passport size photo
  • Bank statements 


The city of Medellin is an excellent digital nomad destination that allows people to discover and explore a balanced lifestyle. The affordable cost of living and high quality of life make it a perfect place for remote workers who wish to enjoy a higher standard of living. 

Medellin is also a great place because of its rich culture, pleasant weather, and natural beauty. You can join the growing digital nomad community or expat community here and settle down for a long period of time.

We hope this article helped you understand the Medellin lifestyle. If you have any further questions. Feel free to contact us and we’d be happy to help.

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