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We're Gabi & Adam. In our 5 years as digital nomads, we've learned exactly what you need to get quickly acclimated to a new place and get back to work. We've spent 1-6 months living in every location, discovering the best cafes and coworking spaces, trying all the local foods, and going deep so that we can bring you the best guides possible.


For the digital nomad on a budget, there's no better country than Vietnam. Apartments are reasonable, and a bowl of noodles costs only $1! Find out what keeps us coming back for more.

Every digital nomad dreams of working from a beach in Thailand. Our beachside bungalow cost only $300/month! Thailand is a cultural wonderland with golden temples and super spicy food!

Mexico is a truly special place rich with indigenous culture, incredible weather, breathtaking cities, and some of the warmest people on the planet. Nunca es suficiente.

Penang, Malaysia is becoming one of the hottest digital nomad destinations in Southeast Asia. The diversity of cultures here means that you'll never run out festivals or exciting new foods to try!


Visiting The Habitat at Penang Hill | Is it worth it?

The habitat is a rainforest eco-reserve located on Penang Hill on Penang Island in Malaysia. They have guided nature tours, a huge canopy walk with a 230m bridge, a 5 line zip-lining course, and a treetop walk.

We knew the zip-lining and the views would be amazing, but would The Habitat be worth battling the hordes of tourists on Penang Hill?

Read on and find out...


Best Penang Cafes for Digital Nomads

Penang, Malaysia has plenty of great cafes, but finding good wifi is another story...

Best Neighborhoods For Digital Nomads in Penang

Georgetown, Penang is the go to for tourists, but frankly the wifi sucks...there are better places out there!

Rope Swinging At Cenote Oxman

Valladolid, Mexico | Take the plunge into the natural beauty of the Yucatan then sip a beer by the pool.


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