Holafly Esim Review: Our Hands-On Experience

As a digital nomad who is always on the move, I figured out that it would be stressful to be looking for a new physical sim from a reputable network provider in every country and province that I travel to internationally, so I had to look for a better alternative.

That was when I decided to opt for an eSIM — specifically, a Holafly esim. 

In this article, I will be explaining what Holafly eSIM is, how it works, and why I decided to go for it despite several other eSIM options available in different parts of the world.

What Is Holafly Esim and How Does It Work?

The Holafly eSIM is a digital SIM card that serves as a perfect substitute for the traditional physical SIM card. 

It is digital, in the sense that, it is virtual and can only be seen but not touched. 

This eSIM is available in more than 190 different countries including the United States, United Kingdom, and European countries, amongst others. 

Holafly eSIM cards offer two different data plan options: the local and regional plans. The local type offers data plans for just a specific country while its regional counterpart offers data plans for different countries that are in the same region, in case you are traveling to neighboring countries. 

With the regional Holafly eSIM data plans, you can travel to different countries in the same geographical area and the data plan of the local network in each of these countries will be automatically connected to your mobile phone when you get there, without you needing to make any changes to any of your device’s settings.

As digital nomads, there are few things that are more satisfying than an electronic SIM card that can guarantee us unrestricted access to the internet no matter where we travel to. 

Another good part about the Holafly e-SIM is that doesn’t require you to remove your local SIM card for it to work.

You can keep your regular SIM card in your phone while still using it, hence enabling you to use dual SIM cards. This way you can have your local phone number which you can still be able to use to receive phone calls and text messages, and stay in touch with your loved ones while still enjoying a seamless internet connection.

I remember when I traveled to the Czech Republic last year for the first time, I didn’t know my way around and didn’t know how to find Wifi at the airport, but all thanks to the Holafly eSIM, I was able to order an Uber and access Google Maps on my way to where I was supposed to stay during my stay there.

These are just a few from the long list of benefits that you can enjoy from this electronic embedded SIM card.

Let us now look at the steps on how to set it up and then I will be highlighting the reasons why this eSIM stood out for me despite the numerous options available.

How To Set Up A Holafly Esim

Step 1

The first step towards setting up a Holafly eSIM is confirming if your mobile phone is compatible with it. You can do so by checking the list of phones on the Holafly website if your phone is included. 

Here is the link to the list of devices that are compatible with the Holafly eSIM

If you see your phone on the list then you are good to move to the next step, but if you don’t, then you will need to check another eSIM option or stick to using international roaming or mobile data from a physical SIM card.

Step 2

If you have confirmed that your mobile device is on the list then it is time to choose the data plan that suits you and your trip best. 

Holafly’s plans usually vary so check them and make the best choice. Factors you should consider when choosing a plan include the number of days you are staying in a specific location and the number of eSIMs you need, amongst others. 

When you have made up your mind on what plan to go for, you can select it and add it to the cart. 

Step 3

When you are done adding it to your cart, you can then check out and pay for your eSIM. You can either pay with your credit card or any other payment option made available. Payment options usually vary based on your location

After you have successfully made the payment, you will receive an email in your inbox with an eSIM QR code and instructions on how to install it. 

Step 4

When the eSIM QR code is sent to your inbox, follow these step-by-step guides to install and activate it:

– Open the email then press and hold the QR image in it till you are given a set of instructions. In the options provided, select “add eSIM”.

– After that, you will be shown other prompts that you will use to activate the eSIM. Follow them accordingly till the activation is complete.

– When the installation process is complete, ensure you set the eSIM as your primary source of data and that’s all. It’s now ready for use. 

Why I Opted For A Holafly Esim

Good Rating

As someone who was about to try out an Esim for the first time, I had to be sure of what I was getting into, so I checked online for reviews from those who have used them and the ratings and reviews on the Holafly eSIM stood out for me. 

All the sites I checked for Holafly’s esim reviews had countless 4 and 5-star ratings and in total, they had over 38,000 reviews and still maintained a 4.6/5 rating

Every user of the SIM card had only good things to say about it so I decided I needed to give it a try. 

Internet Speed

When I started using this e-SIM, I figured out why it had so many positive reviews from different people from all over the world. 

Its internet speed moves like the speed of light, however, the network speed isn’t the same. It varies based on the location. Some locations have faster network speed than others. 

Compatibility with Physical SIM Card

I love the fact that Holafly’s eSIM cards are compatible with physical SIM cards and work very well even in phones that have the latter. 

With this feature, I can still receive calls and text messages from my home country even when I am far away while still enjoying seamless internet connectivity. 

My WhatsApp number is also active throughout my trip abroad as if I am at home, and my conversations continue normally. 

Plus, I can still carry out online transactions and receive OTPs with my SIM card even when I am abroad, and stay logged into all my accounts, no matter how long I am on the road.

Unlimited Data Plans

As someone who always needs to surf the internet and be active on different social media platforms,  I opted for Holafly’s eSIM because the unlimited data plans it offers are the best option for me.

With these data plans, I enjoy uninterrupted connectivity to the web with peace of mind knowing fully well that there is no cap to my data usage and I don’t need to keep checking how much data I have left after browsing for a specific period.

Flexible Data Plans

Holafly offers different flexible data plans for its eSIM that you can choose from, depending on factors such as the location you are traveling to and the number of days you will be staying in a specific location, amongst others. 

You can choose to go for a limited data plan if you are not a heavy data user or you can decide to go for unlimited data plans which allow you to surf the internet without having to worry about the amount of data you have used and what you have left. 

It also offers regional and country-specific data plans you can choose from, depending on whether you are traveling to just one country or different countries in the same region. 

Multiple Carrier Options

To ensure that you enjoy a fast and reliable internet connection, you are given accurate information about the signal strength report of all the local providers in the country you are in and the network infrastructure of the destination country you are traveling to.

This way, you can know the best network provider to use when you get to your destination, and whenever you are in a certain country and you feel like their local network isn’t loading fast enough, you can manually switch to the local carrier with a better signal.

I remember when I went for my last road trip, I noticed that my network speed started moving slowly and I simply changed the local carrier and the speed was much better

Unlike my physical SIM card which has just one carrier network and whenever I notice slow network coverage in remote areas, I have to wait till it is restored before I can surf the internet properly.

Easy Purchase and Installation

Purchasing a Holafly eSIM is effortless. You just need to visit the website, select your next destination, timeframe, and preferred data plan, and then pay for it.

Its installation process is also as easy as ABC. All you have to do is download the electronic embedded SIM card, scan a QR code to install it, and voila, it is ready for use.

Great 24/7 Customer Support

Believe me when I say Holafly’s service has the best eSIM customer care service and support team I have ever seen. 

Not only are they ever-present, they are always swift to your complaints. You can send your complaint to them through their WhatsApp line or website chat and believe me, no matter the time of the day, they will ensure your issues are resolved and you enjoy unlimited data coverage.

You can also make inquiries through their direct email and online form and be rest assured that they have a reliable service team that will attend to your questions accordingly. 

Refund Policy

Another which stands out about this eSIM is its remarkable refund policy. 

If you purchase a Holafly eSIM and you haven’t activated it, used it, or bought a data plan, you can return it within 6 months from the time you purchased it and you will be given a full refund.

Also, if you purchase it and you later find out that your mobile device isn’t compatible or blocked when you haven’t used it yet and it is within 6 months from the time you purchased it, you can get a full refund when you provide some necessary information. 

However, if you try using your eSIM after purchasing it and it doesn’t work due to a fault from the Holafly service or the instability of the network in the country you travel to, then you can either get a full or partial refund, based on what is offered by the company. 

Having looked at the benefits of the Holafly Esim and why I opted for it, let’s look at some of the drawbacks I noticed when using it.

Drawbacks Of Using A Holafly Esim

Unlimited Data Can’t Be Shared

I recall how I went on a recent trip with a friend who uses roaming and he experienced bad network coverage but I couldn’t share a hotspot with him to use and complete the task He was trying to finish, even though my device had a strong network. 

This is one of the disadvantages of using this eSIM. You can’t share it with others. You can’t even share it with your laptop. 

Yes, it is that serious. 

However, if you are using limited data plans, you can share it with other devices. 

Also, certain regional plans allow you to share a particular amount of data with other devices each day.


Although the unlimited data plans of Holafly’s eSIM cards are applaudable, they are also  costly compared to the data plans that other eSIM cards and network providers offer. 

Nevertheless, they are still cheaper than purchasing individual SIM cards and using roaming so I guess it is still fair.  

Also, they make up for their competitive pricing with great service from diverse mobile networks.

It is Not Compatible With Every Phone 

As I mentioned while explaining the process of setting up a Holafly eSIM, not all phones are compatible with it. 

Even though it is compatible with a whole lot of phones, it does match with many others too, so although you might want to use this remarkable eSIM technology for your upcoming trip, there’s a possibility that your mobile device might not be on the list. 

So, save yourself the stress and check the list of compatible devices now. 


If you are a digital nomad like me who goes on international travels and loves to always stay connected to the internet then I recommend that you should get an eSIM for a better travel experience. 

And although there are several Esims available, I recommend the Holafly eSIM

I have used it severally on my travels to different parts of the world and it hasn’t disappointed me even once.

I hope that with this Holafly review, it will be easy for you to choose which digital sim card to use on your next international travel.

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