Tbilisi For Digital Nomads: Ultimate Guide For Nomads

Tbilisi is a contemporary destination, located in the country of Georgia (not to be confused with the state in the US). With modern architecture and old-life charm, this city is the perfect example of old meets new. 

Tbilisi has become widely famous among the digital nomad community over the recent years. Its rich culture, natural beauty, and well-developed infrastructure play a huge part in its popularity. 

If you have been intrigued by Tbilisi, Georgia just as much as us then keep reading this ultimate guide! Let’s see what a digital nomad lifestyle in Tbilisi looks like.

Where is Tbilisi located?

Tbilisi is the capital city of Georgia, located in the South Caucasus. It is situated on the Mtkvari River near Trialeti and Kartli ranges. Tbilisi is located on the banks of Kura, the largest river of Transcaucasia. 

Fact: Did you know that Tbilisi is one of the oldest cities in Europe and that its name translates to “warm” in Georgian? 

Why Choose Tbilisi as a Digital Nomad? Pros and Cons

Every place has its fair share of flaws and Tbilisi is not an exception. Despite being modern and futuristic, this place still has a variety of cons. Let’s put them against the pros and see whether Tbilisi fits you well. 

Pros Cons 
Easy visa policy Poor air quality 
High standard of livingTraffic in some areas
Reliable wifi 
Good healthcare 
Amazing local cuisine 
Vibrant local culture 
Outdoor activities 

As you can see, the pros of Tbilisi easily outweigh the minor cons. However, please note that Georgia has a very complicated history. While Tbilisi and other cities have tried their best to move past it, there are still some challenges. Normal day-to-day activities such as shopping on Amazon are much more complex here. If you are planning to come here, be prepared to be patient and flexible. 

How to Get to Tbilisi?

Once you have entered the country and landed at the airport safely, here are some great ways of getting to the city. 

Public buses 

One of the best ways of getting to Tbilisi from the airport is via public buses. If you don’t have the time or patience to deal with ride-sharing apps or taxi services then simply get on a bus! Public transportation is not only affordable but reliable as well. City bus 337 can take you from Tbilisi Airport to the station square between 7 am and 11 pm. Make sure to check out their timetable. 


GoTrip is one of the most reputable shuttle services in the country that offers private airport transfers. You can opt for these and enjoy a pre-organized trip. While it is not as cheap as public buses, it’s certainly more convenient. GoTrip is also a good option if you are traveling with family or heavy luggage. 


While we wouldn’t recommend hailing a local taxi from the airport, you can get one from ride-sharing apps. Bolt and Yandex are two of the best choices in the country. They are affordable, safe, and readily accessible. 

Fly Taxi 

Lastly, you can also opt for airport taxi service and enjoy a “regulated” trip. Fly Taxi is the most expensive way of getting to the city center but it ensures high safety and reliability. They are available 24/7 and less likely to scam tourists. 

Transportation and How to Get Around Tbilisi?

Once you have made your way into the country, here’s how you can get around on a daily basis. 

On foot 

Since Tbilisi is a historical city, it happens to be really walkable. You can easily get around on foot when traveling short distances. In fact, it’s a great way of taking in the charm. 


Metro is also a viable option for getting around in the city. Tbilisi’s metro has two lines and 23 stops, located all over the city. A “metro money” card can provide you access to the city’s metro system. 


If you are looking for a more convenient option then consider opting for taxis. They are readily available and reliable forms of transport in Tbilisi. Not only can you hail them on streets but ride-sharing apps are also available. Reputable companies such as Uber, Bolt, and Yandex are commonly used in the city. However, beware of aggressive taxi drivers and scams!


City buses and minibosses (marshrutkas) are also great options! The bus network is extended and well-connected so you can go almost anywhere. 


If you are covering a huge distance and perhaps traveling to nearby towns then consider going with train travel. Georgia’s railway network is reliable, convenient, and safe! 

4 Best Accommodation Options in Tbilisi

When it comes to accommodation in Tbilisi, you’ll be happy to learn that there are a lot of great options. However, there are only a handful of adequate neighborhoods that will offer you the full package; accessibility, affordability, and safety. Here are some of the best places to live in Tbilisi. 


Located in the south, the Sololaki area is one of the best architectural districts in Tbilisi. If you want to be surrounded by rich history and impressive historical sites then this is a great place for you. Sololaki allows you to learn more about Georgia’s history and experience the old-town charm. 


Ninoshvili is undoubtedly one of the best neighborhoods to live in for digital nomads. This area is located near the city center, allowing you easy access to various facilities. Ninoshvili has a lot to offer and is home to numerous bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and hang-out spots. This is a good place for those who are looking for a hip, trendy, and artsy environment. 


Located in the northwest of the city, Vake is another one of the best options. This up-and-coming neighborhood is good for digital nomads and remote workers as it houses various coworking spaces. 


Saburtalo is another up-and-coming neighborhood located in the northwest. This area is a perfect place for those who enjoy outdoor activities! You can enjoy the variety of coworking spaces and cafes here as well. One of the best parts about Saburtalo is its proximity to the city center.

Internet Connectivity in Tbilisi

While Tbilisi doesn’t have the fastest internet in the world, it’s still pretty decent and reliable. You can expect internet speeds faster than 20 Mbps at any given place and time. However, it can be spotty outside the city premises. If you want consistent wifi then make sure to buy a local SIM card upon arrival. This is a piece of practical advice as SIM cards allow you to continue working despite power outages. 

Additionally, there are a lot of good providers in the country so make sure to compare mobile data packages before buying a card. 

Almost all the cafes and co-working spaces in Tbilisi offer free and high-speed internet. 

E sim 

If you want an extra reliable internet connection, consider opting for an E SIM. They allow you to digitalize SIMs and avoid the trouble of a physical SIM card. Here are some packages. 


Data validity Days Price 
Unlimited data 7 days 29$ (26.81€)
Unlimited data 10 days 37$ (34.21€)
Unlimited data 15 days 51$ (47.15€)
Unlimited data 20 days 62$ (56.40€)
Unlimited data 30 days 75$ (69.34€)


Data validity Days Price 
1 GB7 days 5.50$ (5.09€)
2 GB15 days 10.00$ (9.25€)
3 GB30 days 13.50$ (12.48€)
5 GB30 days 20.00$ (18.49€)
10 GB30 days 35.00$ (27.74€)

3 Best Places to Work from in Tbilisi

The good news for remote workers is that Tbilisi has plenty of cafes and coworking spaces where digital nomads can work. 

The impact hub

The Impact Hub is a globally renowned coworking space that also operates in Tbilisi. Located in Fabrika, the impact hub branch offers various facilities to remote workers. You can work here for hours while enjoying affordable rates, comfortable seating, and a great working environment. They also offer fast wifi, meeting rooms, private rooms, and good packages.


Terminal is another great option for coworking. They have multiple branches located over the city, each well equipped and well maintained. You can choose one based on convenience and enjoy a peaceful working environment. They have affordable memberships and good packages. 


Makers is one of the best coworking spaces for digital nomads. They offer great value for money by providing a ton of facilities. Since it is designed to accommodate digital nomads, you can work despite having different time zones. 

Cost of Living in Tbilisi

Tbilisi is also famous due to its low cost of living and affordability. Upon research, it has been calculated that Tbilisi is 64% less expensive than New York. Here is a rough breakdown of general prices in the city. 

Meal $11.52 (€10.65)
Coffee$3.00 (€2.77)
Beer $1.92 (€1.78)
Apartment in the city center (1 bedroom)$920.16/month (€850.78)
Fitness club $59.58/month (€55.09)
Utilities  $67.21/month (€62.14)
Internet $20.17 (€18.65)
Local transport  $0.38/trip (€0.35)

These standard estimations depict average estimations from a digital nomad lifestyle. You can spend more or less, depending on your budget.

Costs may change due to currency exchange rates and fluctuations. 

Culture, Nature, and Food in Tbilisi

Tbilisi has a rich and diverse culture that radiates vibrancy! Georgian culture is a mesmerizing concoction of Anatolian, European, Persian, Arabian, Ottoman, and Far Eastern elements. This exotic and ancient culture spans over 1500 years and makes Tbilisi a unique destination. Despite the city’s development and evolution over time, the locals still stay true to their cultural heritage. You’ll see Tbilisi’s traditions in its cultural events and local festivals as well. 

When it comes to nature in Tbilisi, the city is certainly abundant. There is a wide array of outdoor activities that one can engage in. From hiking and skiing to camping and walking, there is a lot you can do in the surrounding mountain ranges. Nature lovers would be exhilarated to learn that Tbilisi has a lot of greenery. You can spend time in nature, reconnect, and appreciate wildlife here.

As for the food, it is nothing short of exotic. Tbilisi is home to a ton of restaurants, cafes, and bars that offer delicious food. Most vendors still use traditional recipes which add a rich and flavorful taste to newer cuisines. Much like its culture, Georgian cuisine is also diverse and influenced by different regions. 

Best Time to Visit Tbilisi

The best time to visit Tbilisi primarily depends on your weather preferences. Since Georgia is located in the northern hemisphere, the winter lasts from November to March and summer from April to October. You can expect cold winter months and hot summers.

While snow is rare in Tbilisi, the temperature can drop as low as 35 degrees Fahrenheit. You can engage in winter-related activities such as skiing in the nearby mountain ranges. 

Additionally, summer is undoubtedly the best time to explore the city and participate in tourist activities. This is the peak time when Tbilisi experiences a high inflow of tourists and visitors from all over the world. 

12 Best Things to Do in Tbilisi

One thing about Tbilisi is that there is a lot to do! Here are the 12 best things that you must do during your time in Tbilisi. 

1. Visit art museums 

Tbilisi houses plenty of creative museums that are guaranteed to astonish you! For a day surrounded by art and vibrancy, make sure to explore the museums in Tbilisi. Some of the best options include. 

  • museum of illusions 
  • art palace of Georgia (museum of cultural history) 
  • fotografia
  • national gallery 
  • Georgian museum of fine arts 

2. Visit the historical museums

It is no secret that Georgia has an inspirational and rich history. If you wish to learn more about that, then consider visiting some of the historical museums in the city. It is one of the best ways to learn and appreciate history. some of the best options include 

  • Georgian national museum 
  • Tbilisi history museum 
  • state museum of folk and applied arts of Georgia 
  • museum of Stalin’s underground printing house

3. Visit the flea markets

If you want to immerse yourself with the locals and spend time in a bustling environment then consider going to the flea markets. One of the best things about Tbilisi is that it has various such markets located all 9ver the city. Upon searching, you can find local produce, clothing, antiques, and even crafty items. 

4. Go camping 

One of the best things to do in Tbilisi, Georgia is go camping! Since the city is surrounded by mountain ranges, there is a wide scope for outdoor activities. You can hire professional companies to arrange camping rigs and go away for the weekend. Make sure to enjoy the natural beauty, campfires, and a peaceful time. 

5. Go skiing

For those of you who visit Tbilisi in winter, make sure to go skiing. There are plenty of great resorts located just outside the city that offer good packages. Some of the best options include the Betania ski resort, Bakuriani, and Gudauri resort. These resorts tend to have affordable prices and a good environment.  

6. Go hiking 

Another good way to spend time in nature is by going hiking! As mentioned earlier, Tbilisi is surrounded by mountains. This means that you can escape from the hustle of the city and go hiking. Several companies run hikes with great routes and you can choose one that fits your preferences. Not only will you get to see stunning landscapes but you will have the chance to admire nature. 

7. Visit the Russia-Georgia friendship monument. 

The Russia-Georgia Friendship Monument is one of the most popular destinations and tourist attractions in the city. This piece of history is not only remarkable but historically significant as well. Located in the Caucasus mountains, this monument pays homage to the friendship and peaceful relations between Russia and Georgia. 

8. Visit Bassiani

If you want to experience Georgia’s nightlife to its very core then make sure to visit this popular nightclub. Bassiani is an underground club that has a great techno scene! You can visit this swimming pool-tuned nightclub to meet some of the best techno artists in the country. While it is more popular among the lgbtq+ community, anyone can have a good time here. 

9. Wander around the old town.

One of the best things to do in Tbilisi is wander around the old town and take in its incomparable charm. This area is home to traditional Tbilisi houses, restaurant-lined Jan Shardeni Street, and snaking lanes. You can explore this area, people-watch, and see some of the most picturesque destinations.

10. Sit on a cable car 

When in Tbilisi, make sure to sit on the famous cable car in the old town. The cable car departs from the European square to the Narikala fortress where you can see stunning views of the city. This cable car is a fun and adventurous way of exploring the city! Please note that you’ll need a metro money card to ride. 

11. Visit a bathhouse

Once you are done exploring most of the city, consider taking some time off and enjoying this peaceful indoor activity. Georgian bathhouses tend to be overly tranquil, cleansing, and serene. There are plenty of good options in the city but the most recommended ones include. 

  • Gulo’s Thermal Spa
  • royal baths
  • Orbeliani baths 
  • no. 5 sulphur bath house 

12. Find community 

One of the best things to do in Tbilisi is to find a digital nomad community and interact with like-minded individuals. Since the city is filled with digital nomads, you can find your people and create life-long friendships! You can network at cafes and coworking spaces but Facebook groups are also a viable option. 

Is Tbilisi safe?

Yes, Tbilisi is considered a very safe place for foreigners. Even petty crimes such as pocket-picking are infrequent here, especially against tourists. Tbilisi enjoys a low crime rate and an even lower violent crime rate. This means that you can visit this country and travel around with ease of mind! 

However, road safety is a huge concern in Tbilisi. Aggressive drivers are not only chaotic but dangerous as well. Hence, make sure to stay safe as a pedestrian. 

Additionally, it is always a good idea to follow the general safety tips that every tourist is recommended to abide by. 

  • Look out for tourist scam
  • Trust reputable companies
  • Stay away from isolated areas
  • Stay on your guard
  • Stay away from shady neighborhoods
  • Don’t carry large amounts of cash on hand
  • Don’t carry flashy items

Visa Requirements in Tbilisi

One of the best things about Tbilisi, Georgia is its easy visa policy. Since the country aims to improve its tourism industry, they have several benefits in place. Georgia allows most people to enjoy a visa-free entry while 94 specific nationalities are further allowed to live, work, and stay for an entire year as well! 

However, you would need to apply for a long-stay visa, residence permit, or work visa after the initial year has passed. You can enter Georgia and get a stamp on arrival but make sure to carry your passport or EU identity card. 

Apart from that, the Georgian government has also introduced a Georgia Digital nomad visa, making it all the more easy for remote workers to stay in the country. You can get this visa in 2 weeks and do the whole process online! 

You can check your country’s visa policy with Georgia on a national website or an embassy in your home country. They can guide you regarding the application process as well. 

Lastly, please note that Georgia doesn’t allow Taiwanese to enter the country. 


The beautiful city of Tbilisi is a dazzling mix of rich history, vibrant culture, modern architecture, and diverse architecture. Despite its complicated past, Tbilisi has developed over time and has become one of the best digital nomad hotspots in the world. 

If this city’s culture and history have dazzled you too then pack your bags and head on to an unforgettable adventure. Tbilisi promises much more than an affordable cost of living and a range of modern amenities. You’ll find its charm much more captivating and have a quality time!

We hope this Tbilisi digital nomad guide helped you see what it’s like to live in the city as a digital nomad. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us and we’d be happy to help.

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