Greece Digital Nomad Visa: Application & Requirements

Greece, a country often found on peoples’ bucket lists and travel journals, is beautiful enough to lure people into leaving their careers and moving there permanently. However, there is no need for such intense measures because the Greece Digital Nomad Visa allows you to have your cake and eat it too! 

Let’s expand on this thought and talk about the Greece Digital Nomad Visa. 

Does Greece Have a Digital Nomad Visa? 

Yes, luckily for third-country nationals, Greece DOES have a digital nomad visa. Introduced in 2021, this visa is a direct alternative to a tourist visa. However, unlike the former, this one lasts for 12 months and includes some additional benefits. 

A Digital Nomad Visa allows you to reside in Greece without having to register as a tax resident. This also allows you to handle your business operations and work remotely. One condition, however, is to be employed by a foreign company. 

This also includes those self-employed and working as freelancers. 

Who can Apply for the Digital Nomad Visa for Greece? 

These are some of the factors to cross-check while considering whether you can apply for the Digital Nomad Visa in Greece. 

The eligibility criteria are as follows:

  • Foreigners and non-EU citizens: you can move freely within the territory if you are an EU citizen. 
  • Self-employed: you must provide proof of your business by showing corporate purpose and address. 
  • Remote dependent employees: you must not be employed or involved in any business activity in Greece. 
  • Proof of remote employment: this can be in the form of a signed letter by your employer or employment contract. 
  • Proof of residence: address of accommodations i.e. the place where you intend to stay during your time in Greece. 

How to Apply for the Greece Digital Nomad Visa? 

Here’s a step-by-step guide to applying for a Greece Digital Nomad

1. Appointment 

The primary step is to contact your nearest local Greek embassy and make an appointment. 

2. Gather the documents

You need to gather your documents and submit them on the decided appointment 

date. The embassy will guide you in regard to this step but look below to see a list of required documents. 

3. Fill out the application form 

You will need to download the Digital Nomad Visa application form and print it out before filling it meticulously. You can find it on the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs website. 

4. Pay the amount 

Once your application form and documents are complete, you’ll need to submit them on the day of appointment along with a payment of €75 per applicant. 

Important: it must be noted that this amount is non-refundable 

5. Enter Greece 

Once the embassy authorities have evaluated your application, you’ll receive feedback within 10 days. If it’s approved, you’ll get a Greece Digital Nomad Visa from the Greek Ministry of Migration and Asylum. Following this, you’ll be free to enter Greece. 

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How Much Does it Cost? 

A Greece Digital Nomad Visa costs €75 per applicant (75/ for each family member). This amount is to be submitted upfront along with the rest of the documents and the application form. You also need to pay an additional €150 for the administration fee.

Although it’s mainly up to the embassy, most will accept various forms of payment. Including but not limited to bank transfers, cheques, and cash. 

ItemCost (€)Cost ($)
Visa Application Fee€75$80.25
Administration Fee€150$160.50

(Note: The conversion rate used is 1 euro = 1.07 dollars)

Greece Digital Nomad Visa requirements 

Not only do you need to fulfill the eligibility requirements for applying, but you also need to have the following documents ready. 

Applications and documentations 

  • Application form 

A printed-out application form must be submitted. Don’t forget to double-check your information to avoid any delays. 

  • A valid passport 

This refers to a copy of a valid passport. It is to be noted that the travel document should remain valid for 3 months longer than the estimated time of your stay in Greece. 

  • 2 passport sized photos 

Here are the requirements for these photos:

  1. Dimensions must be 2 x 2 inches (51 x 51 mm) 
  2. Must be in colour 
  3. White background 
  • Proof of employment 

This includes anything that proves that you are working outside of Greece. For those employed by companies, they can submit a contract of employment and letters confirming their job. Self-employed people can submit proof of ownership of any other documentation that may prove that. 

  • Declaration letter 

You must provide the embassy with a declaration letter stating that you intend to apply for Greece DNV. You also need to declare that you plan to work remotely from the territory and that you won’t get involved with any Greek company or business activity. 

  • Proof of finance 

Documents such as bank statements, company account statements, job contracts (stating salary) and payslips to demonstrate the stability of your income. An individual must have a monthly income of €3500 to be eligible. 

  • Proof of accommodation 

You also need to submit evidence of your residence. This can be via a rental agreement, hotel/Airbnb booking, or a lease. 

  • Health insurance 

Proof that you have health insurance that will remain valid and cover your health expenses during your stay in Greece. 

  • Certificate of clear criminal record

You need to prove that you have not been convicted of any crimes in your home country and the country you were staying in before you entered Greece. It can be obtained from a local police station in your country of residence. 

  • Return ticket 

A return ticket to prove that you intend to return home once your digital nomad visa expires. 

Financial requirements 

When talking about the financial requirements, you need to have a specific amount to be eligible for this visa. 

PersonMinimum Income (€)Minimum Income ($)
Individual€3500 per month$3745 per month
Individual + Spouse€4200 per month$4494 per month
Individual + Spouse + Dependant€4725 per month$5054.25 per month

(Note: The conversion rate used is 1 euro = 1.07 dollars)

If you can prove that you have a stable monthly income of the above-mentioned amounts after tax then you’re eligible. An amount of €525 each will be added if you wish to extend your permit to children. 

This measure is put in place so that the Greek authorities can ensure that you are self-sufficient and can support yourself while staying in Greece. 

How Long Does it Take to Get a Greece Digital Nomad Visa? 

The standard time to get a Greek Digital Nomad Visa is one month. You’ll hear feedback within 10 days of submitting your application. Although it will outlay the status of your application, the Greek Ministry of Migration and Asylum does not specify an exact time frame. 

This application process time can vary on numerous factors. It roughly depends on the accuracy of your application, the competency of your allocated station, and the weight of applications currently being processed.

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Benefits of the Greece Digital Nomad Visa 

If you’re someone who’s looking to get a Greece Digital Nomad Visa but is not quite sure. Here are some benefits to motivate you the extra mile. 

Tax exemptionFirst and foremost, getting a Greece Digital Nomad Visa means that you are completely exempt from paying taxes for the first 183 days (6 months) of your visit.

Even after that, you can agree to stay there for 2 years and get a 50% tax reduction on income taxes for at least 7 years. This, along with the low cost of living, makes Greece an affordable European country.
AccessibilityObtaining a Greece Digital Nomad Visa is an extremely accessible process. If you do your part right of getting all the documents together, the authorities will most likely send feedback within 10 days.

Only in rare cases do delays happen. Either way, if everything goes well and good, you’ll receive your visa in under a month with minimum effort.
DestinationThe destination in itself is a benefit for Digital Nomads. With its natural beauty, beautiful places, and breathtaking sights, Greece is a magnet for nature lovers.

It also happens to be perfect for remote workers who don’t want to work their whole life. You can enjoy camping, trekking, skiing, and numerous other activities on your time off.
Internet connectionSince most digital nomads are employed in the communication technology industry, the Internet is an absolute must. With a fibre Internet speed of 56.43 Mbps, the stable internet will allow Nomads to handle their work-life balance effectively.
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Do Digital Nomads Pay Tax in Greece? 

Greece’s tax policy for digital nomads is somewhat accommodating. As per the Greek government, you will not be subject to income taxes for the first 6 months of your stay. After that, a progressive tax will be levied on your income. 

On the bright side, if you make a commitment to stay in Greece for 2 years. These taxes will be decreased by 50%.

Here’s a rundown of how taxes work in Greece. 

Below €12000Below $12840No tax
From €12000 to €16000From $12840 to $1712018%
From €16000 to €22000From $17120 to $2352024%
From €22000 to €26000From $23520 to $2772026%
From €26000 to €32000From $27720 to $3414032%
From €32000 to €40000From $34140 to $4096036%
From €40000 to €60000From $40960 to $6144038%
From €60000 to €100,000From $61440 to $10288040%
Over €100,000Over $10288045%

(Note: The conversion rate used is 1 euro = 1.07 dollars)

Factit should be noted that becoming a tax resident also entitles you to educational and health care benefits

Renew Digital Nomad Visa Greece 

Greece’s Digital Nomad Visa is valid for 12 months. After that, you can get it renewed by simply applying for a residency permit. It is absolutely necessary to apply for the permit before the visa’s expiration. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can you apply for a Greece Digital Nomad Visa online?

Unfortunately, you can not apply for a Greece DNV online as of now. People living outside Greece will need to go to a Greek embassy or consulate in their country. As for those in Greece, they can apply at the Greek Ministry of Migration and asylum. 

How long can you stay in Greece with the digital nomad visa?

A Digital Nomad Visa will last for one year at a time and can be extended to a maximum of three years. However, you must apply for a residence permit before the expiry of the digital nomad visa. 

Can I get a Greece Digital Nomad Visa if I’m already in Greece? 

Yes, you can most certainly get it by following a simple process. You’ll need to go to your nearest one-stop service of the Greek Ministry of Migration and Asylum and apply for an extension. 

How much does it cost to live in Greece as a Digital Nomad? 

As per recent estimations, the average cost of living in Greece is $1400 per month. However, you can certainly save money by eating locally, renting long-term, and leaning towards an affordable digital nomad lifestyle. 

Is Greece good for digital nomads? 

Greece is undoubtedly one of the safest places for digital nomads. With a cost of living 33% less than the UK, it remains one of the most affordable European countries out there. 

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Final Thoughts 

Greece is home to some of the most ethereal sights and best places in the world. If you want to pack your bags and move there without making any permanent commitment then this article has got you covered.

We start by talking about whether Greece even has a Digital Nomad Visa and then we dig into a comprehensive history lesson. We further discuss who can apply for a Digital Nomad Visa in Greece and how they can do it.

Visa requirements, application fees, processing time, and benefits are also evaluated. Last but not least, we also expand on tax paying and renewal policies and we end the article by answering your frequently asked questions. 

If you have any further queries regarding Greece digital nomad visa, feel free to contact us.


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