Croatia Digital Nomad Visa: Application & Requirements

The country of Croatia, beautiful and encapsulating, attracts people from all over the globe to come and reside there. However, even the cool blue waters are not always enough to convince people to leave their businesses behind.

Thankfully, with the availability and popularity of the digital nomad visa, Croatia is one of the countries that allow its residents to live in their territory while simultaneously operating their business remotely. 

What is a Croatia Digital Nomad Visa? 

A Croatia Digital Nomad Visa is a type of visa that allows remote workers from non-EU/EEA countries to temporarily reside in Croatia. Upon Jan de Jong’s idea, Croatia has allowed this temporary residence permit to foreigners since 2021. With a dashing score of 3.62, it’s one of the best countries for digital Nomads. 

In simple words, this “visa” is a form of permit for foreign freelancers to live in Croatia and work remotely. This also applies to entrepreneurs and owners who wish to handle their business remotely. 

Although you can not extend a Digital Nomad Visa, you can reapply after 6 months of the former visa’s expiration. It is important to note that a Croatian Digital Nomad Visa can be issued for a maximum of one year. 

Additional fact: a Croatian digital nomad visa will not qualify you to seek employment with a Croatian company. A Croatian work visa or EU blue card will be needed for that. 

How to Know if You’re Eligible for a Croatian Digital Nomad Visa? 

There are a few factors to consider while evaluating your eligibility for this visa. If you fulfil the checklist given below then you can easily get a Croatian digital nomad visa. 

  • Citizens of non-EU/EEA countries. 
  • Employed by a foreign country, Self-employed, or a freelancer. 
  • Works outside of a Croatian workforce. 
  • Clear criminal record. 
  • Health insurance valid in Croatia. 
  • Consistent minimum monthly income of €2 539.31/ month or a bank balance of a minimum €30 471. 
CurrencyMinimum Monthly IncomeMinimum Bank Balance
Euro (€)€2539.31/month€3047.1
Dollar ($)$2715.19/month$3260.357

The income quota applies to an individual. However, if you wish to take your family with you, an additional €90 (676,30 Kuna) would need to be showcased in the bank statements. 

How to Apply for a Digital Nomad Visa in Croatia? 

Here is a comprehensive step-by-step guide to applying for a Digital Nomad Visa in Croatia. 

1. Submitting the application

The Croatian government and authorities allow you to submit applications through accessible means. You can submit it online on the Croatian Ministry of Interior website. It’ll reach an adequate police station based on the location of your stay. Following that, you will receive confirmation and your caseworker will contact you for further details. 

You can also submit your application in person at the Croatian embassy or consulate of the Republic of Croatia. 

2. Fill out the application form 

This step includes a lot of intricate details. Hence, the necessary amount of attention should be given.

The form will appear amidst the process if you’re applying online. However, if you’re applying in person then you’ll need to print a 1A application form and fill it out before submitting. 

3. Gather the documents

Now is the time to gather all the documents required for a Digital Nomad Visa. 

Make sure to double-check them before submitting. 

4. Pay the fee

Once you have applied, you’ll have to pay the visa fees which will vary depending on how you have applied. You can pay via credit card in case of online application. Cash or bank transfers will be eligible for in-person applications.

5. Register your residence 

As soon as your application is approved, your visa will be accepted and you’ll be allowed to enter Croatia. Now all you have to do is register your place of residence and get a biometric residence permit. The biometric residence card is issued to third-country nationals and you must carry it during your stay. 

Remember that this step needs to be completed at your earliest convenience. You have a maximum of 3 days.  

Application and Documentation 

If you’re someone who is thinking about applying for a Croatian digital nomad visa then these are the applications and documentation you should start gathering.

Important: copies of the following documents must be submitted in Croatian or the English language.

Application form

This can be either filled out online or you can print out the 1a form and submit it in person. 

Travel document

This essentially refers to the copy of a valid passport. It is to be noted that the travel document should remain valid for 3 months longer than the estimated time of your stay. 

Health insurance 

Proof of health insurance must be provided. It should last as long as you plan to stay in Croatia and it must be valid in the Republic of Croatia (it can be either travel or private health insurance). 

Proof of purpose 

documents should be submitted as evidence to prove that you have a contract of employment with a foreign employer. Either that or the proof of one’s own company (not registered in Croatia) should be provided. As for freelancers and self-employed residents, appropriate proof should be provided. 

You can submit the following 

  1. Word from the employer stating that you work via communication technology.
  2. Contractor of employment (must be with a foreign employer). 
  3. Proof of the registration of your company. 

Financial means 

This means that you have to submit documents that prove that you are self-sufficient and you can financially support yourself while staying in Croatia. 

You can submit the following 

  1. Bank statement showing your account has the minimum amount required for a 12-month stay in Croatia (€30,471). 
  2. Bank statement showing that you have a steady monthly income as required by the authorities (€2,539.31). 
  3. Payslips showcasing proof of regular income and its stability over the past 6 months 

Clear criminal record 

You need to provide legal documents such as a clean criminal certification that proves that you have not been convicted of any crimes. This applies to your home country and the country you were staying in before you entered the Republic of Croatia. 

Proof of residence 

In order to get your visa approved, you also need to provide proof of your temporary residence (the place where you intend to stay during your time in Croatia). 

This step is extremely important as it determines the police station that will be in charge of processing your application. 

You can submit the following 

  1. Booking confirmation with a hotel or Airbnb
  2. Rental agreement 

How Much Does the Croatia Digital Nomad Visa Cost? 

Coming to one of the main concerns while talking about Croatia’s Digital Nomad Visa, let’s talk about the costs of getting one.

The costs may vary depending on the method of your application. 

Costs via online application 

ServiceEuro (€)Croatian Kuna (HRK)Dollar ($)
Administrative fee€45HRK 350$48.15
Residence permit€30HRK 240$32.10
Urgent issuance of residence permit€60HRK 450$64.20

Costs at a consulate or diplomatic mission 

ServiceEuro (€)Croatian Kuna (HRK)Dollar ($)
Temporary stay€55HRK 420$58.47
Digital Nomad Visa€60HRK 460$64.20
Residence card€40HRK 310$42.90

Payment instructions: The payment for all services is to be made to the embassy or the consulate 

Costs at a police station 

Here’s the updated table with the payment instructions to the police station:

ServiceEuro (€)Croatian Kuna (HRK)Dollar ($)Payment Instructions
Temporary stay€45HRK 350$48.15Police station
Administrative fee€10HRK 70$10.70Police station
Residence card€30HRK 240$32.10Police station
Urgent issuance of residence card€60HRK 450$64.20Police station

Payment instructions: The payment for all services is to be made to the police station.

5 Benefits Of Croatia Digital Nomad Visa 

Obtaining a digital nomad visa in Croatia doesn’t only enable you to enjoy the breathtaking views but it also comes with the following benefits. 

  1. Freedom of choice 

Obtaining a digital nomad visa means that you get to decide where you work and when you do it. This visa is the equivalent of getting the reins in your hands and being your own boss. 

  1. Step towards citizenship 

A Croatian digital nomad visa might only last for one year at a time but it also happens to be a road towards citizenship. If you keep renewing this temporary residence permit and live in Croatian territory for five years, you will pass for permanent residency. This is a direct step towards Croatian citizenship eligibility. 

  1. Tax benefits

A lot of people may be discouraged from applying for this visa thinking about double taxation. However, one of the best parts about obtaining a digital nomad visa in Croatia is that you’ll be exempted from taxes. This means that you don’t have to pay additional income taxes unless you’re working for a Croatian company. 

  1. Enjoy Croatia 

Most importantly, obtaining this visa means you can engage in the ever-growing digital nomad community in Croatia. Meanwhile, you also get to enjoy Croatia’s historic points, national parks, and touristy destinations. Considering that the average fibre Internet speed is 109.27 Mbps, a stable Internet connection will let you stay up-to-date with your work. 

  1. Cheaper 

Croatia is certainly cheaper and more affordable in regard to its lower cost of living. In addition to that, a Digital Nomad Visa in Croatia also has lower income level requirements and visa fees when compared to other European countries. 

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Do Digital Nomads Pay Tax in Croatia? 

Croatia’s tax policy is extremely flexible for digital nomads and they are exempt from paying income tax. However, nomads should consider their home country’s or country of origin’s tax policy because some countries require their citizens to pay taxes on their global income. 

In simple words, it means that tax will not be levied on income that is sourced outside of Croatia and local income taxes will not be subjected to the Nomad. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the processing time for a Croatia Digital Nomad Visa

The standard processing time to get a Croatia Digital Nomad Visa is one month. However, it can change depending on the competency of the station or diplomatic mission in charge. It can also extend if your case worker or counsellor finds that they need more details or documents. 

How do I apply for a Digital Nomad Visa Croatia after expiration? 

You can easily reapply for a Digital Nomad Visa in Croatia after its expiration. However, Digital Nomads can only apply for a new residence permit after 6 months have passed, meaning you’ll have to leave the country for the respective amount of time. 

Does Croatia have a digital nomad visa? 

Croatia allows a temporary residence permit to people, allowing remote workers to reside in the territory for a maximum of 12 months. You can always renew the visa. However, one of the prerequisites is either to be employed by a foreign company or be self-employed. 

What is the easiest digital Nomad visa in Europe?

Easiest digital Nomad visa in Europe

Can I apply for a Croatia Digital Nomad Visa while you’re already in the territory? 

Yes, you can most certainly apply for a Digital Nomad Visa by simply going to your local police station and completing the application process. 

How to register for residence in Croatia? 

Once you have entered the country, you’ll need to submit the Obrazac 8a form and rental agreement (or evidence of a booked hotel) to your nearest police station. You’ll be supplied with a Croatian residence card after this procedure that will contain your personal information, biometric data, picture, and fingerprints. 

Final thoughts 

Croatia is an ideal place of residence. Jan de Jong’s idea to introduce the digital nomad visa not only benefits the Croatian economy but it allows the general public to enjoy the best of both worlds. 

This article covers all there is to know about a Croatia Digital Nomad Visa. We talk about what a Digital Nomad Visa is, how you can get one, the eligibility requirements for a Digital Nomad Visa, and most importantly, how you can apply for it. We also discuss important things such as the required documents, the costs of getting the visa through various methods, and its benefits.

Further queries are answered in the frequently asked questions but if you have any further confusions, feel free to contact us. 

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