Montenegro Digital Nomad Visa: Application & Requirements

Are you also intrigued by the beautiful landscapes of Montenegro? Do you want a break from your repetitive daily life but aren’t quite sure whether to just pack everything and leave? We have a solution for you that will get you the best of both worlds. 

One of the best options for travel lovers is to get a Digital Nomad Visa. This type of visa allows you to temporarily reside in a country while working remotely and avoiding any permanent commitment. 

Let’s talk in detail about the Montenegro Digital Nomad Visa. 

Does Montenegro have a Digital Nomad Visa? 

Yes, fortunately, Montenegro is one of the countries that have digital nomad visas. This certain Balkan nation calls it “the program for attracting digital nomads in Montenegro”

Rightfully so this visa is a strategic way to attract Digital Nomads and boost the economy. Montenegro, being smart enough to reap the benefits first announced in 2021 that they’ll introduce this visa and it will last until 2025.

Who can Apply for the Montenegro Digital Nomad Visa?

Here are the factors that determine whether you qualify for a Montenegro Digital Nomad Visa 

  • Citizen of a non-EU country: you must not be a citizen of the European Union or Schengen area. 
  • Remote workers: your field must allow you to work online. 
  • Self-employed or freelancers: you must be able to prove that you can work remotely. 
  • Employed by a foreign company: you must not be employed by a Montenegro company or involved in any Montenegro business activity. 

How to Apply for a Digital Nomad Visa in Montenegro? 

Look at the step-by-step guide below to learn exactly how to apply for Montenegro DNV. 

Note: you can EXPECT the process to flow this way but the official steps are not disclosed as of now. 

1. Make an appointment 

Firstly, you’ll need to contact the nearest Montenegrin embassy in the country of your residence. Although you can visit directly too, it is advised to set a time beforehand. This will help you avoid any delays and get the necessary information about the next steps. 

2. Gather the necessary documents 

Your agent will guide you regarding the required documents while making the appointment. This step requires special attention because the accuracy of your application determines the processing time. In case you aren’t sure about the required documents, keep reading to get a brief overview. 

3. Fill out the application form

Now comes one of the most attention-demanding parts of the process. You can easily download the form online and print it before filling it out. Make sure to be extra careful and double-check all of your information. 

4. Submit 

The next step is to show up to your nearest Montenegro embassy or consulate as per your appointment and submit your documents. 

5. Wait for feedback 

Once you have completed all the steps, you just need to sit tight and wait for the authorities to process your application. You’ll most likely receive feedback within 30 days.

6. Enter Montenegro 

You’ll receive a confirmation email if your application is approved. Following that, you’ll need to collect your visa from the Montenegro consulate or embassy and enter Montenegro. It is necessary to register your stay within 24 hours of entering the country

Note: you can also go to a Montenegrin website and apply for a Digital Nomad Visa visa online. Rather than going to an embassy, you’ll complete the above-mentioned steps online. 

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How Much Does it Cost? 

Although it is not confirmed, the application fee for a Montenegro Digital Nomad Visa is estimated to cost around $73.64. 

Note: these costs are speculated as per other residence permits. Hence, they are not 100% accurate 

Montenegro Digital Nomad Visa Requirements 

If you fulfil the eligibility criteria mentioned above then you’re free to apply for a Montenegro Digital Nomad Visa. However, these are some of the documentation you’ll need. 

Applications and Documentations 

  • Valid passport 

A passport that will remain valid for up to 6 months of your intended stay. 

  • Travel Insurance 

Travel insurance will remain valid for the duration of your entire stay and cover all expenses. 

  • Health insurance 

Health insurance that will remain valid for the duration of your entire stay and cover all expenses. 

  • Proof of income 

You need to submit documents that will prove your financial stability. The minimum income requirement for this visa is €1350/per month. You can prove this by submitting bank statements, Payslips, or even a contract of employment (stating salary). 

  • Return ticket 

To prove that you intend to return to your home country once your visa expires. 

  • Email address 

A valid and working email address to ensure communication 

  • Proof of residence 

You need to submit proof of accommodation i.e. the place where you intend to stay during your time in Montenegro. You can prove it by submitting a lease agreement, rental agreement, and proof of hotel/Airbnb booking. 

  • Proof of employment 

You need to submit evidence that you are working with an employer-based OUTSIDE Montenegro. Business owners and self-employed people can submit their business address, corporate purpose, business documents etc. 

  • Clear criminal record

You also need to submit a verification certificate that will prove that you haven’t been convicted of a crime in your country of residence. You can get it from a local police station. 

How Long Does it Take to Get a Montenegro Digital Nomad Visa? 

Unfortunately, the standard time for the application process is not yet known by the government of Montenegro. However, you can expect to receive feedback within 30 days of applying. The time can also change depending on your application and specific circumstances. For instance, an inaccurate or incomplete application will face delays. 

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5 Benefits of the Montenegro Digital Nomad Visa 

  1. Attractive destinations

With a mix of beautiful beaches, historic towns, rich history, and glorious mountains, Montenegro is certainly home to some of the most stunning landscapes.

A Montenegro Digital Nomad Visa will give you a chance to enjoy this beauty each day and foster along with nature. From glacial lakes and friendly small towns to ski resorts and coastal towns, Montenegro’s got it all. 

  1. Safe place 

If the Adriatic Sea and Herceg Novi are not enough to compel you, it also happens to be one of the safest places with an applaudable low crime rate. Making it a perfect place for digital Nomads and travellers in general. 

  1. Affordable cost of living 

Montenegro is also one of the countries that have a low cost of living. Despite the affordability of resources, this country manages to have a high standard of living. This is especially beneficial for digital nomads who want to save money and maximise their earnings. 

  1. Reliable Internet connection 

Montenegro’s fast and stable Internet connection makes it an ideal place for digital nomads. Remote workers, freelancers, and those employed in communication technology will be able to take their work along with their lives and handle operations digitally. You can get an 87.87 Mbps Internet connection for a very affordable amount. 

  1. Visa’s validity 

One of the main benefits of the Montenegro Digital Nomad Visa is its long validity. While most digital nomad visas expire within a year, Montenegro DNV allows you to stay there for an uninterrupted period of 4 years (2 years at a time). Even after that, it only requires you to leave the country for 6 months for the third renewal. 

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Do Digital Nomads Pay Tax in Montenegro? 

When it comes to the taxation system of Montenegro, it has a quite favourable tax policy compared to other European countries. 

Here’s a general overview of Montenegro’s tax policy to help you get an idea. 

The income tax rate for a salary below $824.36 / 774,839%
The income tax rate for a salary above $824.36 / 774,8311%
Corporate tax rate 9%
New goods and services 21% VAT

As for the tax policy concerning digital nomads, you won’t be considered a tax resident unless you have spent more than 183 days in Montenegro. Tax residents will be subjected to pay tax on their worldwide income while non-tax residents will only pay on Montenegrin income (if there is any). 

Another important thing to note is that the tax rates will change depending on your personal income and it can range between 9-15%.

Renew Digital Nomad Visa Montenegro 

A Montenegro Digital Nomad Visa will last for 2 years at a time. After that, you can renew it for another 2 years. Once the span of 4 years has passed, you’ll need to leave the territory for 6 months in order to reapply for the visa. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I apply for a Montenegro Digital Nomad Visa online? 

Yes, most certainly, you can go to a Montenegrin website and apply for a visa. All you need to do is log in and fill in your details on the visa application form. 

Can you take your family with you under a Montenegro Digital Nomad Visa? 

If you plan on taking your family (spouse, children, and dependent) with you then it’s advisable to apply for temporary residency instead. The family reunification provisions are also included, making it the best option for you. 

Does Montenegro have a low cost of living? 

Yes, certainly. Montenegro’s affordable cost of living allows you to rent an apartment for a cost as low as €170 ($181) – €250 ($267) monthly. Other than that, the utility bills are also known to be under €100 ($107) and local cuisine is budget-friendly too.

Can I work remotely in Montenegro? 

Yes, with a stable and fast Internet speed of 87.87 Mbps, Montenegro allows you to handle your work professionally. This high-speed Internet is ideal for digital nomads who plan on working remotely. 

What is the minimum income requirement for Montenegro Digital Nomad Visa? 

The digital nomad must prove that they have a stable means of income to provide them with €1350 ($1440) per month in order to be eligible for this visa. 

Final Thoughts 

Montenegro is certainly one of the most dreamy destinations out there. If this Balkan state has convinced you to move there after all then make sure to save this information for later. In this article, we discussed the Montenegro Digital Nomad Visa. 

We started by talking about a little bit of the history of this visa in Montenegro. We moved on to answer who can apply and how they can apply for it. We also delved into costs, required documents, processing time, and most importantly, the incentive benefits. 

This comprehensive guide to Montenegro DNV also contains detailed information about tax policies and renewal criteria. Lastly, We wrap up by answering some of your frequently asked questions. 

If you have any more queries, feel free to contact us. 

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