Taipei For Digital Nomads: A Locals Guide

Taipei, the capital city of Taiwan, is a beautiful place that is filled with open-minded individuals. While Taiwan is often assumed to be an “extension of China”, the country has so much more to offer. Its cosmopolitan city, Taipei, is a perfect representation of the country’s talent.

Think about all the best things you like about China and think about all the best parts of Bangkok, Taipei is an amazing combination of both! 

If this place has captured your attention then go over this ultimate guide and learn what it’s like to live in Taipei as a digital nomad.

Where is Taipei Located?

The efficient city of Taipei is the capital of Taiwan. The island itself is situated on the Pacific Ocean, about 100 miles from southeastern China. As for its capital city, it is located on the Tan-Shui River, lying in the northernmost part of the island.

Fact: Did you know that Taiwan was one of the first Asian countries to legalise same-sex marriage? 

Why Choose Taipei as a Digital Nomad? Pros and Cons

Taipei is a unique place to live but it has its fair share of flaws. If you are wondering whether it’s the right place for you then take a look below and learn all about its pros and cons.

Pros Cons 
Rich cultural heritage Poor air quality 
Upbeat young communityLanguage barriers 
High-speed internetNatural disasters 
Friendly locals Most expensive city in Taiwan
Affordable cost of living Cultural norms 

Before you make your decision based on the above-listed cons, make sure to remember that Taipei offers a great living experience. Their open culture allows individuals to be themselves and lead a fulfilling life. 

Other than that, the language barrier is a problem that can be easily overcome. Most people around the city speak basic level English and their friendliness makes you feel right at home. While Taipei is relatively more expensive than the rest of the island, the big city life is worth the extra bucks!

How to Get to Taipei?

Getting to Taipei is not a difficult task, here are your options.

By air 

The best way of getting to Taipei from abroad is by air. 4 main airports in Taiwan accept international flights.

  1. Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (TPE)
  2. Taipei Songshan Airport (TSA) 
  3. Kaohsiung International Airport (KHH) 
  4. Taichung Airport (RMQ)

You can get direct flights or connecting flights to land in any of these depending on your personal preferences and ticket availability. Once you have landed in the country, you can take a bus, train, or taxi to reach your desired location.

How to Get Around Taipei?

Once you have entered the country, here’s how you can get around.


Metro is a popular mode of transport in the city. Since Taipei has a well-developed and well-connected metro system, locals and tourists use it regularly. It’s common because it allows people to get around easily and conveniently. 


Taxis are also fairly common in the city. It is a good form of transportation but the hectic traffic congestion makes you rethink your decisions. You can get a yellow taxi easily but be prepared to deal with high fairs. Taxi drivers also charge more if they have to wait for you.

Long distance bus

For those of you who wish to explore the rest of the island, a long-distance bus is the perfect option for you. Buses depart every hour for other cities including Tainan, Chianti, Hualien, and Taichung.

City bus

City buses are also a good form of transport in Taipei, especially if you are exploring the city. There are around 300 bus routes in the city and most bus drivers take you through all the picturesque spots.

Rent a vehicle

If you are planning on staying long-term then this might just be the best option for you. You can rent a bike from a local bike leasing station (there are about 180 of them throughout the city) or you can rent at stores.

Apart from that, you can also rent a motorcycle as they are the most common form of transport. However, you’ll need an international driver’s licence to be eligible for one.

Note: Taipei offers an easy card that allows you to get discounts on public transport. These cards operate in buses, metro, taxis, and even in stores. You can also rent a vehicle via an easy card.

3 Best Accommodation Options in Taipei? 

There are tons of good neighbourhoods in Taipei, each special in its own way. You can choose the one that best fits your needs. 


Zhongzheng is easily one of the best neighbourhoods in all of Taipei. If you wish to live among the hustle and bustle then this is the best option for you. This is a Central location that happens to be the main transport hub in the city. You’ll find everything from lively night markets and stunning architecture to delicious street food and affordable accommodation in this area. Zhongzheng also depicts Taiwanese culture and houses historic-looking buildings. This is a popular place among tourists and locals alike. 


If you want to live in a place that comes alive at night then Ximending is the best place for you. This neighbourhood is known for its nightlife and is considered the coolest area in Taipei. However, please note that this neighbourhood is mostly surrounded by the younger generation. There are also big crowds of tourists who are attracted to the hipster scene. 

If you are fine with that then be prepared for an amazing experience. You are sure to find street performances, hidden temples, and other interesting things in this area. Another good thing is that the residence is extremely budget-friendly in Ximending. 


Datong is a perfect place for those people who are looking for affordable accommodation. This neighbourhood is not at the most central location but it’s better than several other options. You’ll be at a short distance from the main city which means you have easy access to popular destinations. The neighbourhood itself houses a number of famous cultural sites. 

Once you have chosen a neighbourhood, be just as careful while looking for a residence. You can always walk around the area or contact locals but we also recommend looking at some of the Facebook groups.

Internet Connectivity in Taipei

The good news for remote workers is that Taipei has an extraordinary internet connection. The average internet speed is 80 Mbps and it’s usually fast everywhere. This puts the city in 24th place in the world in terms of good internet connection. Additionally, several Coffee shops and coworking spaces offer free WiFi. 

Mobile networks are also good and there are plenty of local sim providers. Chunghwa is among the most popular ones and you can easily get a sim card at the airport or other convenience store. 

E sim

If you feel the need to change sim cards later on then you can always opt for E sim providers such as Airalo and Holafly. Virtual sims are easier to use and they allow you to avoid the hassle of a physical sim card.

Make sure to compare these data packages before making a decision. 


Data allowanceValidity Price 
Unlimited 5 days 21$ (19.35€) 
Unlimited7 days29$ (26.72€) 
Unlimited10 days 37$ (34€) 
Unlimited15 days51$ (47€) 
Unlimited20 days 62$ (57.13€) 
Unlimited30 days 75$ (69.11€) 


Data allowance Validity Price 
1 GB7 days 4.50$ (4.15€)
2 GB15 days 7.00$ (6.45€)
3 GB30 days 9.50$ (8.75€)
5GB 30 days 13.00$ (11. 98€)
10 GB30 days 21.00$ (19.35€)

4 Best Places to Work in Taipei

As a remote worker, you’d be happy to learn that there are plenty of good places to work in Taipei City. 

The Hive 

The hive is one of the best coworking spaces in Taipei. While you’ll be initially attracted by their dazzling interior, you’ll soon learn that they have a lot more to offer. The hive hosts community lunches and events that give you the chance to network with other like-minded individuals. It’s a great way to socialise with the digital nomad community and entrepreneurs alike. Additionally, you also get to enjoy their on-site cafe! 

Connect Taipei  

If you are looking for a productive environment that will encourage you and keep you energised then Connect is the best place for you. They offer a comfortable workspace, complete with Skype rooms and ergonomic chairs. You can expect to meet plenty of enthusiastic, young, and passionate individuals at this place. 

Other than that, you can book private offices, or private rooms, or register one of the spots depending on your preference. 

FutureWard Taipei 

FutureWard is another one of the best places to work from. They have everything from recording rooms and podcast rooms to shared desks and standing desks. The best part about futureWard is that they allow you to pick between formal and informal working environments. You can also go to their events and extend your social circle. 

Changee creative house 

Changee Creative House is a great place for digital nomads and remote workers. If their rustic interior isn’t enough to lure you, the friendly staff will do the trick. You are sure to have a productive workday here. 

In addition to indoor shared desks and lounges, they also offer a balcony space where you can work outdoors on a pleasant day. 

Cost of Living in Taipei

While Taipei is said to be one of the most expensive cities in Taiwan, it is still pretty affordable on a global level. The rents can be high but other than that, day-to-day items don’t cost much. Here is a rough breakdown of Taipei’s cost of living.

Meal $4.69 (€4.39)
Coffee $3.54 (€3.26)
Beer $2.07 (1.91€)
Basic utilities $87.88 (€80.98)
Fitness club$44.35 (€40.87)
1-bedroom apartment (city centre)$673.36 (€620.47)
Monthly internet $21 (€19.35)
Taxi (12 km trip)$9 (€8.29)

These costs are mere estimations for a standard digital nomad lifestyle. Prices may change based on your spending patterns and lifestyle. Other than that, currency fluctuations may also change these estimations. 

Culture, Nature and Food in Taipei

History tells us that when communism took over China, the politicians, artists, and intellectuals packed their bags and moved to Taiwan. There, they set up a modern and open-minded nation that shared similar mindsets.

Taipei has a rich culture that is mostly influenced by Chinese traditions. Taiwanese people value their heritage and respect these traditions. However, there is also a noticeable Japanese influence in Taiwanese culture. While the people may come across as reserved at the beginning, you’ll learn soon that they are extremely welcoming and friendly at heart.

Located in the northern part of the island, Taipei has unique natural beauty and a very interesting geography. You’ll find everything from hills and mountains to dense forests and lush trees in the region. There are also a bunch of nature and eco parks for wildlife exploration.

As for the food in Taipei, it is safe to say it’s pretty incredible. The Taiwanese cuisine mostly depicts the Fujian province’s cuisine but it’s an overall mix of China’s local food. You can enjoy some of the most delicious food during your time in Taipei. Make sure to try Lu Rou Fan, niu ian, stinky tofu, oyster omelette, ba van, and the popular mango shaved ice cream.

Best Time to Visit Taipei 

Taipei has a tropical climate which means that the city has warm weather all year long. The summers are hot yet wet and they bring forward the rainy season. However, the pleasant breezes from the ocean cool things down. The typhoon season lasts from July to September and it has varying effects. On one hand, it supplies water. On the other hand, it increases the chances of floods and natural disasters. 

Furthermore, there is a high tourist inflow during June since people are attracted to beaches and surfing. Springtime has moderate temperatures and a relatively low tourist count. 

As for the winters, they tend to be pretty warm as well but the temperature can drop below 12 c during nighttime.

You can choose the best time based on your weather preferences!

12 Best Things to Do in Taipei

There is a lot to do in Taipei, here are the 12 best things! 

1. Take a cooking class 

Your visit to Taipei is incomplete without a Taiwanese cooking class! This country has some of the best food and if you want to take that talent with you, make sure to learn while you can. You can learn some of the traditional recipes and have a fun time while doing so. 

2. Knife massage

Despite what the name implies, knife massage is not as scary as it sounds. Being a part of Chinese culture, this massage has tons of medicinal purposes. From sleep and metabolism improvement to better blood circulation, you get to enjoy a variety of benefits. When in Taipei, try this unique experience. 

3. Climb the Elephant Mountain 

If you want to spend a day surrounded by nature then consider hiking the elephant mountain. The climb is supposed to take 30-40 minutes but it’s arguably a short one. For those willing to climb all the way up, the elephant mountain offers a stunning view of the city. The hike is worth watching a sunrise or sunset from the top of this mountain. 

4. Go to a hot spring 

When you are finally tired of all the outdoor activities, make sure to take a day off and visit a hot spring. This is one of the most relaxing experiences and Taipei has amazing hot springs!

5. Walk on the rainbow bridge 

Rainbow Bridge is just an ordinary bridge that connects two neighbourhoods during the day. However, the bridge turns into an enchanting and colourful pathway at night as it reflects the rainbow of colours on the water below it. You can go for a walk enjoy the mesmerising view and experience something truly unique. 

6. Visit Ximending 

Whether you decide to live in this neighbourhood or not, make sure to visit it at least once during your time in Taipei. Ximending is one of the most lively places that has a vibrant nightlife. You can just take your bike and go riding around the area as it happens to be extremely bike-friendly.

7. Visit Taipei 101

One of the best things to do is visit Taipei’s tallest building while you are in the city. Taipei 101 was considered the tallest building in the world until Burj Khalifa was built. This building offers a stunning view of the city from the top and promises an unforgettable experience. 

8. Visit a tea farm

Since Taipei has plenty of tea plantations and farms around the area, you can always visit one and have a fun day. Taiwan is famous for its tea and this interesting activity will allow you to learn their secrets. You can participate in the tea tastings as well! 

9. Explore the city via a double-decker bus

Taipei’s double-decker bus is the perfect way to explore the city! If you have just arrived in the city and don’t know where to start, this bus has got you covered. The tour includes numerous famous attractions including Taipei 101, temples, the National Palace Museum, and the Sun Yat-sen Memorial. 

10. Visit the night markets

As mentioned before, Taipei has an incredible nightlife! One of the best ways to enjoy your time here is by going to the night markets. You can get fascinating crafts, artefacts, and trinkets at great prices. Even if you don’t shop, the bustling and lively atmosphere will keep you entertained. This is one of the best ways to immerse yourself in the local culture. They are worth visiting. 

11. Visit the red-light district 

Known as one of the most popular tourist attractions, the red light district promises an unforgettable experience. The well-lit area is located near the main station and houses tons of bars and pubs. Famous as it may be, make sure to remember that it’s quite expensive. 

12. Visit a temple in Taipei 

Taipei is also home to numerous ancient temples. In fact, they are one of the most intriguing sites in the city. If you wish to learn more about Taipei’s history and traditions then make sure to pay a visit to Taipei’s temples. You’ll get a chance to appreciate their intricate architecture as well as their cultural importance. 

Is Taipei Safe? 

Yes, Taipei is a safe place overall. The city is well known for its safety and low crime rate. Tourist crime is rare at best and the locals are very friendly. You’ll find it safe to walk alone, even at night but make sure to take the necessary precautions. As a foreigner in a new country, you are recommended to stay vigilant and alert at all times. If you feel any danger or threat at all, contact the relevant authorities as soon as possible. Other than that, take a look at some of the below-listed tips.

  • Don’t go to isolated or shady areas
  • Don’t carry big amounts of cash
  • Don’t carry flashy items
  • Look out for tourist scams
  • Trust reputable companies
  • Be vigilant in overcrowded areas for pick-pockets 
  • Avoid walking alone at night 

Visa Requirements in Taipei

One of the best parts about Taipei is that it has easy visa options. If you are a U.S. citizen, all you need is a valid passport (with a validity of 6 months) for entry into Taiwan.

If you intend on staying for less than 90 days then you can easily get a visa-on-arrival. For longer stays, nomads need to apply for a Taiwanese permanent residence card that will allow them to stay for 6 months or longer. However, these cards can be quite costly and unnecessary for a digital nomad. 

You can also apply for a Taiwan entrepreneur visa. Here are the eligibility requirements for this respective visa.

  • Possession of domestic or overseas patent
  • Proof of 70,000$ (64,501€) in funding
  • Acceptance letter from the government
  • Proof of awards in entrepreneur or design competitions 


All in all, Taipei is a beautiful city that has every characteristic of a good digital nomad destination. From friendly locals, excellent infrastructure, and vibrant culture to good internet connection and affordable cost of living, the city offers it all!

Taipei has some flaws but if you are willing to look past them then you have an amazing adventure ahead of you. We hope this article helped you gain insight into a Taipei digital nomad lifestyle. 

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us and we would be happy to help.

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