Da Nang For Digital Nomads: Full Guide

The coastal city of Da Nang is popular among Digital Nomads because of its bustling environment and natural beauty. Divided by the Han River, the city can be easily distinguished into two parts, both equally charming.

If the beautiful beaches and pleasant weather are not enough to attract you then you’ll be happy to know that there is also a thriving digital nomad community.

Let’s talk about the digital nomad experience in this comprehensive guide.

Where is Da Nang located?

Da Nang is a city located in central Vietnam, on the coast of the East Sea of Vietnam. It lies on the South China east coast, about midway between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. It is also enclosed by the large Tien Sa Peninsula and Cape Da Nang. 

Fact: Did you know that Da Nang is Vietnam’s third-largest city and home to over 870,000 people?

Why Choose Da Nang as a Digital Nomad? Pros and Cons

Much like any other place Da Nang has its fair share of pros and cons. Let’s delve into them and see if the city is worth visiting.

Pros Cons 
Low cost of living Brutal in typhoon season
Large digital nomad community High pollution 
Nightlife Hectic traffic 
Fast internet Crowded 
Safe Less public transportation 

Before you make your decision, remember that Da Nang is also a safe city. Not only are women and children protected here but lgbtq+ community is also welcomed and respected. The rich history and culture in addition to the breathtaking natural beauty make it a great place for digital nomads.

Remote workers will also benefit from the good wifi and large DNV community.

How to Get to Da Nang?

There are multiple ways of entering Da Nang Vietnam.

By air

If you are not already in Vietnam, you’ll need to take a flight and land in the country. You can get a connecting or direct flight to Da Nang International Airport and get to the city via a taxi.


If you are already in Vietnam, you can get to Da Nang by train. This city happens to be on the main coastal train route so you can get here from Ho Chi Minh Ho, Hanoi, and Hue.


If you are on a budget, you can always travel by bus. This only applies if you are already in a Vietnamese city but this means of transport is affordable and convenient. Da Nang bus station offers several routes and you are free to choose your desired one.

Transportation and How to Get Around Da Nang?

The public transportation scene is not very big in the city but there are tons of other transportation options as well.

On foot

Da Nang is a big city but since it’s divided by the river, the two parts are not that huge separately. If you live in a walkable neighborhood, you can easily get around on foot.


Since that is not the most reliable option for long-term visitors, you can also travel via taxi. Uber/grab are easily available all over the city and they are not that costly. You can also get taxis on the main street but make sure they use the meter.


If you want to blend in with the locals then consider traveling by motorbike just like everyone else. The gas prices aren’t that high and used motorbikes are quite affordable if you think of them as a long term investment. Just remember that traffic can be chaotic sometimes.

3 Best Accommodation Options in Da Nang

There are a ton of great options in Da Nang, making it easy for nomads to settle in. Each neighborhood is different in its own accord and you can choose one that goes with your lifestyle.

My An

My An is undoubtedly the most popular digital nomad destination. The area is packed with the best cafes, restaurants, and bars which is something all remote workers look for. Another good thing is that it’s only 2 minutes away from the My Khe beach, putting you at the perfect distance. The area is walkable and houses a large expat community.

Hai Chau

Hai Chau is the epitome of the ultimate urban area. The neighborhood is high-end, vibrant, and extremely inviting. It is the commercial hub of the city and home to the famous Han Market. There are plenty of cafes and restaurants to keep you entertained as well.

Hoa hai 

If you are not into hustle and bustle then Hoa Hai is the perfect place for you. This neighborhood is known for its peaceful atmosphere and tranquility. This part of the city is also close to landmarks like marble mountains, Buddhist shrines, and several temples. Hoa Hai’s proximity to the Non-Nuoc beach also makes it a good place to live.

When it comes to deciding your place of residence, you can stay at hostels, hotels, or Airbnb. Places like Rom Casa Hotel and Lighthouse Da Nang Hostel are reputable but we recommend you find one that resonates with you.

Photo Credits: Hostelworld.com

Make sure to look at these Facebook groups to find the perfect place to live. 

  1. Apartments, Houses, Villas Rental in Da Nang – Hoi An Expats. 
  2. Apartments for rent in Da Nang

Internet Connectivity in Da Nang

Da Nang has an average wifi speed of 26 Mbps which is good overall. Additionally, the mobile speed can go up to 41 Mbps. The internet speed and connection will essentially vary on your location but remain decent in general. Most places will have a good connection but you also have the option to opt for mobile data.

Local sims like Viettel can be purchased at convenience stores and sim provider stores for affordable rates. However, you’ll need to buy data packages in addition to the card itself.


Better yet, you can get an Esim. The best part about them is that you can avoid the hassle of a physical SIM card. Make sure to compare data plans before you choose your provider.


Data validity Days Price 
Unlimited data 7 days 29$ (27€)
Unlimited data 10 days 37$ (34€)
Unlimited data 15 days 51$ (47€)
Unlimited data 20 days 62$ (58€)
Unlimited data 30 days 75$ (70€)


Data validity Days Price 
1 GB7 days 4.50$ (4.20€)
2 GB15 days 7$ (6.54€)
3 GB30 days 9.50$ (8.88€)
5 GB30 days 13$ (12.15€)
10 GB30 days 21$ (19.62€)

6 Best Places to Work from in Da Nang

The coffee house 

If you enjoy working from a cafe then consider visiting the coffee house. They have a minimal interior and calm atmosphere that promotes productivity. You can also get a nice coffee while working and expect good customer service.

Wonderlust bakery & coffee

This is another good place to work at. The two-in-one coffee shop is located downtown and serves affordable food. Even though the white interior is in contrast to the usual “cafe designs” seen in Da Nang, it is sophisticated nonetheless. They also offer a good wifi connection and comfortable seating.

43 factory coffee 

43 Factory Coffee is relatively more expensive than other cafes but it’s the perfect place to go if you want something on the Western side. They have amazing food, good internet, and a friendly staff. Their unique western-style interior will certainly intrigue you and ensure a good working experience.

Beans Workspace

Da Nang also has a bunch of co-working spaces for those who are not big on working from cafes. Beans Workspace is a popular place, mostly visited by the young community. While the networking opportunities are tremendous, independence is also promoted. You can enjoy the initial 3 hours for free on your first visit.

Enouvo Space

Enouvo space is also one of the best places to work from in Da Nang. The interior is an interesting mix of cozy and minimal. They offer private desks, private meeting rooms, and various memberships that are bound to attract you. The working environment is also pretty great with a co-drink area! You can choose to go to either of their branches. 

DNC – Danang Coworking Space

Danang coworking space is one of the great coworking spaces in Da Nang. With a professional staff and comfortable seating arrangement, DNC makes a workday a lot easier. You can also enjoy a nice cup of tea or coffee with a fast internet connection. The first visit is free and the long-term memberships are flexible as well.

Cost of Living in Da Nang

One of the main concerns for many people would be whether Da Nang is a budget-friendly place. Look below to see a rough breakdown of its affordable cost of living.

Meal at a restaurant 1.57$ (1.46€)
Domestic beer 1.18$(1.10€)
Gasoline (1 gallon) 3.53$(3.28€)
Basic utilities 57.17$(53.07€)
1-bedroom apartment (city center)307.02$(285.02€)
3-bedroom apartment (city center)633.52$(588.13€)
1-bedroom apartment (outside the city center)230.17$(213.68€)
3-bedroom apartment ( outside the city center)452.47$(420.05€)

The average cost of living in Da Nang is pretty affordable compared to other popular digital nomad destinations. A single person, living by a standard digital nomad lifestyle can expect to spend 467.7$ (434€) per month. It is 71.3% less than the cost of living in New York.

Culture, Nature, and Food in Da Nang

Da Nang’s rich culture is a mix of Vietnamese and European culture. Colonized by the French in the 18th century, the city still reflects some of their culture. While traditional activities are still popular, the incorporation of Western culture via shopping malls and trends is also apparent. The nightlife here is bustling but not too wild. This means you won’t be bored on a Friday night but don’t expect anything crazy.

The city is home to marble mountains and various other landscapes that depict the natural beauty. You can enjoy your afternoons at the beach or spend them shopping around the malls and local markets.

The Vietnamese food is not only delicious but cheap as well. Believe it or not, you can get a full meal for under 2$(1.86€)! Vietnam street food is especially popular and some must-try dishes are pho soup, nam cake, and pork rolls. 

Best Time to Visit Da Nang

Da nang is pretty much warm all year long but the intensity of heat can change now and then. The best time to visit Da Nang is between February and May. This is the period when the humidity level is low and the heat is tolerable. This is also the best time to explore the city under clear sunny skies. 

You can visit at any time but keep in mind that the rainy season occurs between September and March. Other than that, the flood season occurs between October to December. You might want to avoid it since it can get intense.

12 Best Things to Do in Da Nang

There are plenty of indoor and outdoor activities in Da Nang but here are the 12 best things to do.

1.Visit the old soul art hub

If you are a fan of art and creativity then make sure to visit the old soul art hub. You can enter for free and hang out with your friends. Other than that, this place also holds creative workshops and displays art exhibitions every now and then. You can support local artists by purchasing their art.

2. Go on a food tour

Vietnam is famous for its delicious food. When in Da Nang, make sure to go on one of the food tours and enjoy the local cuisine. It is a perfect way to spend an afternoon and immerse yourself in the culture. Be sure to enjoy BBQ, seafood, and various noodle dishes.

3. Visit the My Khe Beach

My Khe beach is said to be one of the most beautiful beaches. It was even called such by the American troops during the Vietnam War. there are a lot of things you can do at the My Khe beach including Jet-skiing and snorkeling. You can also enjoy a day swimming, surfing, or strolling on the white sand beach.

4. Go hiking

Another fun thing to do in Da Nang is hiking. The Son Tra (monkey) mountain is an exhilarating park that is famous for this activity. The climb is worth it when you reach the top and see the tallest statue of the goddess of mercy. 

5. Visit the Marble mountains

The Marble Mountains are one of the most popular areas in Da Nang, among locals and tourists alike. Each mountain is named after a natural element. The mountains consist of 5 limestone and marble hills that are breathtaking and perfect for hiking. For those who are not big on climbing, there is also an elevator service available.

6. Visit the famous Dragon Bridge

This 666m long bridge intrigues several tourists and travelers. Not only is this spot picturesque but it also holds great value for the locals. The “dragon” symbolizes power, good fortune, and nobility. Additionally, the bridge lights up on the weekends and hosts fire-breathing shows.

7. Visit the Da Nang cathedral 

The Da Nang Cathedral is a catholic church, well known for its beautiful architecture. It was the only church built during the French colonization and the pink walls certainly set it apart. You can enter the church for free and enjoy panoramic views of the city from the top.

8. Visit the Han Market

If you want to immerse yourself with the locals, make sure to visit the Han Market. This place is one of the most traditional markets in Da Nang and it offers a variety of things. The sheltered stalls have local produce, clothing, fabrics, and even housewares. We recommend going here to enjoy a bustling and vibrant environment.

9. Visit the Son Tra night market

The small venue is located right across from the Dragon Bridge, decorated with paper lanterns. You’ll find hundreds of stalls offering everything from food, souvenirs, and refreshments to handicrafts, dried fruits, and cultural products.

10. Asia park

If you want a fun-filled day, loaded with adventure then make sure to visit Asia Park. This is an amusement park in Da Nang that has various interesting rides and huge Ferris wheels. In addition to that, there are also themes areas based on the Asian culture.

11. Visit the Ling ung pagoda

Linh Ung Pagoda is a Buddhist temple in Da Nang that holds great cultural and historical value. It is a spiritual site that displays stunning architecture and overlooks the East Sea. The entry is also free.

12. Visit the Fifth Military Division Museum

One of the best things to do in Da Nang is to familiarize yourself with the rich history. Make sure to visit this museum and explore Vietnam’s history. You’ll also see military tanks, weapons, and aircraft that were used during French wars along with several other artifacts. 

The entry will cost 1.75$(1.62€) and require an additional 45 cents if you want to click pictures.

Is Da Nang safe?

Vietnam ranks 45th out of all the countries in safety terms which means the safety is above average. Not only is the country safe in general but the coastal city of Da Nang is secure as well. The crime rate is extremely low while the locals are friendly and hospitable. You’ll find yourself right at home and find it easy to explore the city.

However, as a foreigner in a new city, we would recommend you stay cautious of your surroundings and take safety measures. Make sure to contact respective authorities if you feel in danger. 

Visa Requirements in Da Nang

Vietnam doesn’t necessarily offer a digital nomad visa. However, remote workers can enter and stay in the country on an Evisa or tourist visa. You can apply for either of these by going to a Vietnam embassy/consulate in your country or by filling out the application online.

Vietnam also allows you to get a visa on arrival. An Evisa validates your visit for 30 days while a visa-on-arrival remains valid for 3 months.

Here are the visa requirements:

  1. Passport 
  2. Vietnam visa digital nomad application form
  3. Proof of visa-fee payment
  4. Visa approval letter
  5. The enter and exit form
  6. Passport size photos


Has this bustling city intrigued you to move here yet? Vietnam is a good place for remote workers and this city is not an exception. With its rich history and unique local culture, Dan nang is certainly quite inviting to people all over the world. We covered all the main aspects of living in Da Nang as a digital nomad and we hope this article provided the answers you were looking for.

If you have any further queries, feel free to contact us.

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