Canggu For Digital Nomads: Full Guide

The Elysian island of Canggu Bali is the definition of “paradise on earth” This sunny place certainly strikes several peoples’ attention and influences them to move here.

Though a lot of us see Bali as a travel destination, a less-known fact is that it is a perfect place for digital nomads and remote workers. Housing various hiking spots, trendy coffee shops, and beaches, Canggu Bali is more than just a tourist attraction.

This digital nomad guide to Canggu Bali will help you understand everything you need to know and clear any doubts.

Where is Canggu located?

The coastal village of Canggu Bali is located in Kuta Utara, Badung Regency, Bali, Indonesia. It is situated 10 km from one of the most popular destinations i.e. Kuta on the south coast. A 10 km beach is also a part of this area, making it much more desirable.

Fact: Canggu is known as a “hipster town”, famous for its boho-casual hipster scene. This factor attracts plenty of digital nomads.

Why Choose Canggu as a Digital Nomad? Pros and Cons

Apart from the dreamy location, Canggu has several other pros as well. However, no place is perfect and it has its flaws too. Let’s delve into this subject and weigh the pros and cons.

Pros Cons 
Low cost of livingDangerous roads
High-speed internetHumid 
Welcoming localsNot the best health system
Warm all year longLow quality of education  
Plenty of stuff to do Crowded 

Speaking of the cons, it should also be considered that Canggu Bali has a weak freedom of speech. Other than that, the political situation is quite accommodating.

Women and lgbtq+ community are treated well while democracy is common. Canggu also happens to be safe for women and children, making it an overall good destination.

How to Get to Canggu?

Ngurah Rai International Airport is the primary airport of Bali. if you are flying in for abroad, you’ll need to take a direct flight to this airport first. You can take a taxi or ride from there and get to Canggu.

You can also see if your hotel offers hotel transfers. As a foreigner, that would be the safest and most reliable option.

Transportation and How to Get Around Canggu?

Canggu has its fair share of benefits but unfortunately, transportation isn’t one of them. There aren’t a lot of great options to choose from, leaving you in a tough situation.

Scooter is the main form of transport in Canggu Bali so if you are thinking of moving there, you better start taking lessons now! On the downside, the roads are pretty congested and dangerous, making driving difficult for beginners. 

Canggu doesn’t have a lot of public transportation either. There are no public buses, leaving little choice for people. You can get taxis from the main street but taxi drivers tend to charge unethically (especially when they see a foreigner).

People are advised to use services such as

Based on how long you plan on staying in Canggu, you can either rent a scooter, buy a new one, or even find a used scooter for an affordable rate.

4 Best Accommodation Options in Canggu?

Canggu Bali has a bunch of attractive neighborhoods and accommodation options. Most digital nomads live in the following areas.

1. Ubud

Are you health and fitness conscious? If your answer is yes then Ubud Canggu Bali is the best place for you. Ubud is a good option for people who like yoga, nature, and healthy food options. Vegetarian food and greenery are two things easily found in this area.

2. Canggu 

Canggu on the other hand is the bustling part of the island. The place is always vibrant and filled with party-goers. If you like chaos and hustle bustle then this is the perfect place for you. Although, remember that you won’t find much peace here.

3. Echo Beach

Echo Beach is another good option for digital nomads. Echo Beach has an abundance of coworking spaces that promote productivity and creativity. If you want to maintain a good work-life balance then this place will suit you well. Other than that, you’ll be able to enjoy the beautiful view of the black sand beach from here.

4. Berawa

Berawa is a famous expat community located near the rice fields of Jalan Pantai Berawa. This place has a bunch of trendy cafes and cute coffee shops that remote workers may prefer.

Choosing the right neighborhood is only the first step of this journey. You need to be extra mindful while choosing accommodations and making any permanent commitments. Finding the right rental can be quite difficult so take a look at these Facebook groups for some help!

Internet Connectivity in Canggu

Canguu has a good internet connection with an average speed of 20 Mbps. the speed may seem low but it really just depends on your location. If you are in the right place, you can even get 50 Mbps. Local sim cards such as Indihome and MyRepublic are reliable providers with good data plans.


If you want to avoid the hassle of carrying a physical SIM card, you can always opt for Esims. Make sure to compare the plans before choosing your provider.


Data validity Days Price 
unlimited7 days29$ (27.03€)
unlimited10 days 37$ (34.49€)
unlimited15 days 51$ (47.54€)
unlimited20 days62$ (57.79€)
unlimited30 days 75$ (69.91€)


Data validity Days Price 
1 GB7 days5.5$ (5.13€)
2 GB15 days 8$ (7.46€)
3 GB30 days 11$ (10.25€)
5 GB30 days16.50$ (15.38€)
10 GB30 days 24.75$ (23.07€)

5 Best Places to Work from in Canggu

Canguu isn’t called a digital nomad paradise for nothing. As you’ll see this island has a bunch of options you can choose from.

1. Amola’s Cafe 

With a warm and pleasant interior, Amola’s cafe is a welcoming place well-liked by remote workers. The air conditioning and wifi connection are really good but more importantly, you can find plugs at almost every table. The place is spacious and they even offer outdoor seating.

2. Sangkala Cafe

If you are tired from the hustle of the city or if you want a peaceful working environment then make sure to visit the Sangkala cafe. Located away from the city center, this place is free from the chaotic crowds. You can enjoy good local food, air conditioning, comfortable seating, and a good wifi connection.

3. Mandatina Cafe Canggu

This is another good cafe for remote workers. The minimalistic interior and atmosphere of this place encourage creativity. Digital nomads can enjoy good food as well as a productive working session here. Much like most cafes, they also have AC and wifi.

4. ZIN Cafe

As a digital nomad, you’d be happy to learn that Canguu also has a lot of co-working spaces. For those who do not like working at coffee shops or restaurants, co-working spaces such as ZIN Cafe are their best choices. This cafe has a special co-working space allocated so that remote workers can work comfortably.

5. Bwork Bali

You can also visit Bwork Bali which is known to be a good working space. A lot of remote workers go there. You are allowed to sit and work there without any charges but if you want their additional services, a membership will need to be purchased. Facilities include access to a pool, social events, yoga classes, and much more.

Cost of Living in Canggu

Canggu Bali is an affordable place to live as a digital nomad. Here’s a breakdown of the average cost of living. 

Nomad’s cost of living$1841/month (€1716)
Cost of living for a family$5857/month (€5459.31)
hotel$586/month (€546.21)
Studio in the city center (1br rent)$1649/month (€1537.03)
Airbnb$1619/month (€1509.07)
Dinner $1.70 (€1.58)
Beer $3.46 (€3.23)
Taxi $2.64/trip (€2.46)
Coca-cola $1.50 (€1.40)
Coffee $2.01 (€1.87)
Coworking desk $211/month (€196.67)

Please remember that these costs are general estimates. The cost of living depends on an individual’s lifestyle but if you are someone following an average digital nomad lifestyle then you’ll find these costs to be accurate.

Culture, Nature, and Food in Canggu

One thing about Canggu Bali is that it has a beautiful and unique culture. The locals are immersed in the island’s local culture and they celebrate it regularly. The rich history and traditions are valued. Hence, they are ingrained in daily activities.

When in Canggu, you’ll be able to enjoy the religious ceremonies, festivals, artifacts, vibrant live music, and traditional dances. The cultural tapestry is bound to fill nomads with tranquility. 

English is commonly spoken in the area but if you want to blend in with the locals, it might be a good idea to learn the mother tongue. The local language, Bahasa Indonesia is an easy language spoken widely by the expat community. 

As for the food, Canggu is filled with bars, restaurants, cafes, and street vendors offering delicious traditional cuisine.

Best Time to Visit Canggu

The best time to visit Canggu Bali mostly depends on your personal preferences. There are two main seasons in Canggu Bali and they are distinguished as dry season and rainy season

The dry season is hot and it comes with sunny days and clear skies. This season runs from April to September. 

The rainy season on the other hand starts in late October and lasts till early March. This season brings cloudy days and unexpected rain showers that can last for days. Don’t visit Canggu during this time if you are a fan of sunshine.

12 Best Things to Do in Canggu

1. Visit La Brisa’s farmers market

The farmers market is held every Sunday near the beach because fresh produce and local fruits/vegetables are a big thing. You can enjoy the bustling environment and stack up on groceries. 

2. Visit FINNS Beach Club

Also known as the world’s best beach club, FINNS Beach Club is liked by tourists and locals alike. This club has everything from bar and restaurant to pool and other entertainment options.

3. Spend a day at the beach

It is no surprise that Canguu is best known for its beautiful beaches. If you want to cool off after a long day or want to enjoy a day out then there is no better place than the beach. Surfers and digital nomads specifically like this part about Canggu and they can visit any of the following. 

  • Echo Beach
  • Canggu beach
  • Pantai batu bolong beach
  • Nelayan beach
  • Pantai berawa
  • Pererenan beach

4. Visit the rice paddies of canggu

Another fun activity is to explore the rice paddies of Canggu. The beautiful countryside is a sight to behold. You can rent a scooter and go on a ride along the rice paddies.

5. Visit the old man’s

If you are in the mood for partying then this spot is your best option. The Old Man’s is a lively seaside gathering place with a beer garden and happy hour. Not only do they offer outdoor seating but delicious cocktails as well.

6. Tanah lot

Tanah Lot sits on a rock formation surrounded by breathtaking waves. It is a scenic point in Canggu that has a religious value attached to it. This pilgrimage temple has also become a tourist spot and must-see destination over the recent years.

7. G swing Bali

When in the mood for an unforgettable adventure, make sure to experience this adrenaline-inducing ride. It stands over 40 meters off the ground and despite the high speed, lets riders enjoy the mesmerising view of the city.

8. Visit Splash Water Park

It’s never too cold for a fun day at a water park, especially in Canggu Bali. If you want a joy-filled day of swimming and sliding then make sure to visit splash water park. On the bright side, it even has a children’s playground.

9. Mejan Stone Beach

Mejan Stone Beach is another tourist attraction. Built in the 15th century, this temple is still in use. You can visit there to have a tranquil experience and witness Hindu religious ceremonies.

10. JOSUN spa

If you are tired of all the exploring and working then consider taking a day off and visiting JOSUN spa. With high-quality customer service, this is a great place that promises a relaxing experience.

11. The Lawn Canggu Beach Club

The Lawn Canggu Beach Club is an enchanting waterside restaurant that serves a great view along with delicious food. Their menu includes everything from fancy cocktails to local cuisine.

12. Visit the practice

The practice is a yoga studio that is bound to make you a fitness lover. They have amazing training programs and flexible schedules. The combination of traditional and modern architecture certainly adds to the intrigue of this place. 

Is Canggu safe?

Speaking in a general sense, yes. Canggu is a safe and good place for digital nomads. However, it is recommended to remain extra cautious in a foreign country and be careful with your belongings. If you encounter any criminal activity, make sure to contact concerned authorities at your earliest convenience. 

Visa Requirements in Canggu

The visa requirements of Canggu Bali mostly depend on the kind of passport you hold. Most passports will allow you to enter Indonesia visa-free. After the 30-day visa period is over, you must apply for an extension if you want to stay longer.

The second option is getting a “visa on arrival”. You can simply enter Indonesia and get a visa before immigration. The average cost is estimated to be 35$ (32.62€)

Both visas will remain valid for the first 30 days and require an extension after that.


If this dreamy place has captured your attention and convinced you to move here, go over this comprehensive guide and learn all the basics. This place is perfectly adequate for digital nomads as it offers a good wifi connection, various outdoor activities, and affordable living.

Other than these technical advantages, Canggu also has good weather, welcoming locals, and breathtaking beauty. Since the visa requirements are straightforward too, you can pack your bags and head on a wonderful journey!

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