The Ones That Know Review: TOTK 2024

There are many ways to earn a living as a digital nomad. One of them which I fell in love with is trading. 

I’ve been a member of TheOnesThatKnow for 7 months now, and in this article, I’ll be providing my review of the trading group known as TOTK – TheOnesThatKnow.

This post is for entertainment purposes only. 

What is The Ones That Know?

TOTK is a trading group that teaches the trading methodology of ICT. The group was made in 2022 by Zeussy and has since helped many people take their understanding of ICT concepts to the next level.

Zeussys understanding of price delivery is great and it can be seen in all his videos on Twitter/X.

Note: ICT can be learned for free on his YouTube channel, but if you want to speed up the process TOTK is the group for you.  

What Can Be Found Inside The Ones That Know?

Inside the group, you will have access to their Discord group and Whop.

The Ones That Know – Discord

Inside the discord group, you will find serval channels.

These are the channels where you’ll find fellow traders hanging out. One thing I particularly appreciate about TOTK is the genuine camaraderie—everyone genuinely wants the best for you. If you’re having trouble identifying what a breaker or unicorn looks like, or something else…just ask in the chat and you’ll get all the help you need.

It’s a very supportive community where experienced members don’t hesitate to help new traders or point them in the right direction. 

You’ll also notice other traders sharing their trades and engaging in discussions about live market data, such as when an SMT occurs.

Additionally, you can post your own charts and receive feedback from other traders to help refine your analysis.

You will also find old reviews made by Zeussy himself inside the Discord group.

The Ones That Know – Whop

You’ll also gain access to Whop, where all their educational content & valuable resources are presented in video format and a few PDFs. Packed with invaluable insights, be prepared to dive into over 42 hours of content.

Be prepared for a comprehensive exploration of:

  • Core Content: Preparation – Lay the groundwork for successful trading by mastering the fundamentals.
  • Core Content: HTF Planning – Dive into high-timeframe planning strategies to identify long-term trends and opportunities.
  • Core Content: LTF Planning – Learn the intricacies of low-timeframe planning to fine-tune your entries and exits.
  • Core Content: Execution – Sharpen your execution skills and learn effective trading techniques to capitalize on market movements.
  • Core Content: Risk – Understand risk management principles to protect your capital and optimize your returns.
  • Psychology – Delve into the psychological aspects of trading to develop a resilient mindset and overcome common pitfalls.
  • Inner Circle Weekly Reviews 2024 – Gain insights from the latest market developments through weekly reviews conducted by Inner Circle members.
  • PDFs (insane information inside of these…) – Access a treasure trove of detailed PDF resources packed with valuable information and insights.
  • Streams – Tune into live streams for market analysis, discussions, and Q&A sessions with experienced traders.

Note: Before watching the live streams, make sure you understand the basics first. The best way is to follow their study guide, which you will find inside Whop.

Live Streams With Successful ICT Traders

Prepare to be captivated by these streams. Whether you can make it to the live event or not, you don’t need to worry! Every session is recorded and archived at Whop for your convenience.

Witness firsthand as ICT traders unravel their trading strategies and insights in a live stream. Engage with them, ask questions, and delve deep into their thought processes.

Here’s a list of their streams and if you’re active on the “ICT Twitter/X space” I bet you recognize some of these names.

The Ones That Know Member Voices: Insights and Opinions

I haven’t seen one negative review about TOTK, their review page is flooded by positive reviews and I can only agree with everything that’s being said.

Everyone seems to share the same opinion as me. It’s a great community and people from all over the world are joining.

It’s the same with everyone’s learning experiences. Once inside TOTK, it speeds up drastically.

FAQ – The Ones That Know

Who Is The Ones That Know For?

Whether it’s the first time you explore ICT or you’ve been studying his concepts for a long time and still find some aspects challenging to grasp, this group is the perfect fit for you. 

How Much Does It Cost To Join The Ones That Know?

It costs $450 to join TheOnesThatKnow. You will have access to their discord group and all their content. The fee is one one-time payment and you will have lifetime access

How Long Time Until I Understand ICT Trading? 

Be prepared to spend a lot of time, understanding ICT concepts can take a long time. But one thing is for sure, TheOnesThatKnow will speed up the process.

Does Zeussy Have a Private Mentorship?

Yes, Zeussy offers a private mentorship program where you can receive personalized guidance directly from him.


During the past year, I’ve gained so much knowledge at a very rapid pace. Zeussy and the team behind TOTK have done a great job. I’ve had a great time and have noticed that I’ve grown very much when surrounded by professional traders.

One of the good things is that I always seem to have continuous improvement.

The value inside TOTK is far more valuable than $450 and once you learn how to trade ICT concepts…well then $450 seems like nothing.

This is not financial advice, always make sure to read all the full details, refund policy, and risk disclaimer 

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