Barcelona For Digital Nomads: A Remote Workers Guide

Barcelona has always been a famous tourist destination but now it is also gaining popularity as a digital nomad hotspot. This city is a concoction of lively atmosphere, vibrant culture, and great weather. These factors among others make Barcelona one of the most desirable cities in Spain.

If this place has captured your attention then make sure to go over this ultimate digital nomad guide and learn the essentials. Let’s see what it is like to live in Barcelona, Spain as a digital nomad.

Where is Barcelona located?

Barcelona, the capital of Barcelona province, is located in Europe. More specifically, it is located in the Catalonia region (the autonomous community of Spain). Barcelona lies in the northeastern part of the country and it is the largest city on the Mediterranean coast. 

Fact: Did you know that Barcelona is home to over 1.6 million people? 

Why Choose Barcelona as a Digital Nomad? Pros and Cons

While Barcelona is a paradise on earth, it is not everyone’s cup of tea. Here are some of its pros and cons to help you decide whether you can live here. 

Pros Cons 
Very safe Expensive than some other nomad destinations
Friendly locals Cold winters 
Fast internet Crowded 
Safe roads Language barriers  
Good healthcare systemCommon use of tobacco
Good air quality 
Good weather 

Apart from these pros, please note that Barcelona has so much more to offer. They have good political conditions in terms of safety and reliability. Barcelona is democratic and the freedom of speech is pretty strong. The city and locals are friendly towards lgbtq+ community and other ethnicities. You’ll be able to blend right in and feel at home.

How to Get to Barcelona?

You can get to the city in various ways. Here are some of the options.

By air 

Air travel is the most efficient and the best way of getting to Barcelona. You can take a direct flight or a connecting flight to land at El Prat International Airport in Barcelona. It is the second busiest airport in Spain and it caters to international flights. You can arrive here and get to the city center conveniently. Take a look at some of the best airlines: 

From U.S.American AirlinesDelta AirlinesIberia 
From Canada Air Canada Air Transat 
From Europe EasyJet Ryanair Monarch 
From Australia Emirates QantasQatar Airways 

By train 

Train travel is also a good option but it is only viable if you are traveling from Madrid or Paris. Barcelona Sants railway station currently has lines with these cities. 

By bus 

For those of you who are traveling on a budget, bus travel may be a good option. There are a bunch of buses that run from other cities in Spain to Barcelona. In fact, some buses take you from major European cities such as London and Paris to Barcelona. 

Transportation and How to Get Around Barcelona?

On foot 

If you are visiting the city during pleasant months then getting around on foot is a great option. While it is neither a permanent nor a reliable option, it is perfect for traveling short distances. You can take in the city’s architecture along the way and travel at your own pace. Almost all the neighborhoods have amenities within walking distance so you won’t find it too difficult or tedious. 


Moreover, you can also get around via cycling. You can either rent a bicycle or buy a second-hand one if you come to enjoy it. It is a cheap and fun way of traveling around the city on a day-to-day basis. One tip is to purchase a strong lock alongside it!


While Ubers don’t function in the city, there is an abundance of local taxis. You can simply download the My Taxi app and access rides whenever you prefer! Make sure to note that taxis are more costly than some other transport options.


Talking about affordability, buses are a good form of public transportation in the city! There are over 100 routes and 1000 buses in Barcelona that are well-developed and well-connected. Buses are also reliable.

The metro 

Lastly, Barcelona also has a well-developed metro system. There are underground routes and subway systems that allow access to almost every part of the city. Metros are cheap but less safe than buses and other forms of transport, especially at night.

4 Best Accommodation Options in Barcelona

Accommodation is a little hard to find in Barcelona but with the right motivation, you can find a good place! Several Facebook groups are useful when you are looking for short-term rentals or longer stays. 

Here are some of the best neighborhoods in the city.

The gothic quarter

The Gothic Quarter is one of the best places to live in all of Barcelona. This charming neighborhood has narrow streets, a medieval feel, and a bustling atmosphere. If you can deal with the high inflow of tourists then this is the best place for you. The area houses tons of bars, restaurants, and clubs to keep you entertained. However, the availability of accommodation tends to be low and the prices relatively high.

El Raval 

If you wish to live in a lively environment, surrounded by parties and hustle all the time then El Raval is a good option for you. This neighborhood is the trendiest part of the city, famous for its nightlife. Though it used to be more shady before, the place has turned into a hip area that is perfect for partying.


Another good option for digital nomads is the Poblenou neighborhood. It is a developing area that is becoming popular by the day. With its abundance of offices and co-working spaces, it invites remote workers from all over the city. Poblenou is also home to various art galleries, trendy coffee shops, restaurants, quaint streets, and stunning architecture.


Barcelona is accommodating to all types of nomads and workers. If you are moving around with family members then Gracia neighborhood is the perfect place for you. It is a family-friendly area that has an abundance of green spaces, family restaurants, and schools. You’ll be able to live in a clean and safe environment, surrounded by other families.

Internet Connectivity in Barcelona

One of the reasons why Barcelona is so famous among digital nomads and remote workers is its high-speed internet. The city has an average internet speed of 87 Mbps which is the highest in the entire country. Additionally, most of the cafes, public spaces, restaurants, and coworking spaces in Barcelona offer free and reliable wifi.

You can also get a local SIM card from the airport or convenience stores for more reliability. Some commonly used providers are Vodafone, Movistar, orange, and Yoigo. Make sure to compare data plans and packages before making a choice.

E sims 

Another good option is purchasing an e-sim. They are good alternatives to physical SIM cards that allow you to avoid a lot of trouble and hassle. 


Data validity Days Price 
Unlimited data 7 days 27$ (24.81€)
Unlimited data 10 days 34$ (31.24€)
Unlimited data 15 days 47$ (43.19€)
Unlimited data 20 days 54$ (49.62€)
Unlimited data 30 days 64$ (58.81€)


Data validity Days Price 
1 GB7 days 4.50$ (4.14€)
2 GB15 days 6.50$ (5.97€)
3 GB30 days 8.50$ (7.81€)
5 GB30 days 11.50$ (10.57€)
10 GB30 days 18$ (16.54€)

3 Best Places to Work in Barcelona

Barcelona also has a ton of working spaces.

La vaca 

La vaca, translated to “the cow” is a unique coworking space that was previously a dairy show. La Vaca has everything a digital nomad might need; meeting rooms, conference rooms, printing rooms, and even a fierce coffee machine. They offer a good working environment overall.


Betahaus is undoubtedly one of the best co-working spaces in all of Barcelona. This place is usually crawling with digital nomads but don’t worry, there is plenty of room for everyone. Betahaus is huge and spacious, with 6 floors and 5 terraces. There is also a cafe on the premises along with numerous desks and office spaces. Their contemporary architecture also attracts remote workers from all over the city.

MOB Bailen

MOB Bailen is also a good coworking space located in the heart of Barcelona. Their bright and modern interior promotes productivity among remote workers. You can access their mail and printing facilities as well as their event space. This central location is also a good spot for networking!

Cost of Living in Barcelona

If you compare Barcelona to other popular destinations, you’ll see that it is relatively more expensive. However, Spain is much more affordable than some other Western European countries that offer a similar experience. Here is a rough breakdown of general prices there.

Nomad’s cost of living$4568/month (€4198)
Cost of living for a family$5846/month (€5372)
hotel$4482/month (€4119)
Studio in the city center (1br rent)$1447/month (€1330)
Airbnb$2637/month (€2423)
Dinner $13 (€11.95)
Beer $5.44 (€5.00)
Taxi $7.61/trip (€6.99)
Coca-cola $2.18 (€2.58)
Coffee $2.18 (€2.58)
Coworking desk $369/month (€339)

As you can see, you can still have an affordable cost of living in Spain if you control your expenses. These standard estimations depict average estimations but you can spend more or less, depending on your budget.

Costs may change due to currency fluctuations. 

Culture, Nature, and Food in Barcelona

The vibrant city of Barcelona has a rich culture and history that is filled with inspiration. As you may already know, the entire Catalonia claims to be independent from Spain and fights for independence to this day. Barcelona’s local culture is a mix of Spain and Catalonia. For instance, most locals speak Catalan but Spanish is also heard here and there. Barcelona is popular for its art and architecture, standing as one of the most culturally rich cities in the country.

Additionally, Barcelona has stunning landscapes and beautiful sights that invite nature lovers. You’ll be able to enjoy majestic blue skies all year long along with breathtaking scenery. There are a bunch of parks, green spaces, and beautiful beaches in the city that allow you to indulge in outdoor activities.

As for the food, it happens to be really flavorful and affordable (apart from the main tourist areas). You’ll find a variety of restaurants and cafes that offer tasty food and traditional dishes. Apart from that, there is plenty of street food in the city as well.

Best Time to Visit Barcelona

Barcelona has year-round good weather that doesn’t necessarily affect the time of your visit. You can come at any time and expect to have a good time! Despite that, the best time to visit Barcelona is in spring. The city has an extraordinarily pleasant weather during this time and the temperature is perfect for exploring the city. Fall (September-November) is also a good time as you get to deal with fewer crowds and inflation. 

If you are coming to Barcelona because of the bustling environment then consider coming in August as the city hosts a bunch of local festivals! Summer months are perfect for enjoying the beach but it is the most crowded time of the year.

12 Best Things to Do in Barcelona

1. Visit the Park Guell

If you want to spend a day in nature then consider going to the Park Guell. This beautiful park consists of ceramic decorations, architectural elements, and vibrant gardens that feel enchanting, to say the least. You can go there for a stroll, picnic, or simply people-watching. However, the place tends to get crowded in the afternoons.

2. Visit the sagrada familia

One of the must-visit sites in Barcelona is definitely Sagrada Familia. This historical and architectural gem has been in the making for the past 140 years and it continues to progress each day. It is one of the most famous tourist attractions and the hype is worth it! You’ll be astonished by the intricate details and breathtaking architecture of this place.

3. Visit the Recinte Modernista de Sa Sant Pau

The Recinte Modernista de Sa Sant Pau is a masterpiece that was formerly Barcelona’s most important hospital. This Art Nouveau complex was built in 1930 and it is architect Lluís Domènech I Montaner’s most famous work to this date. When in Barcelona, make sure to visit here and take in the beauty.

4. Visit the Bunkers del Carmel

The Bunkers del Carmel is a famous viewpoint in Barcelona that allows you to see panoramic views of the city from the top. It also has some history attached to it as it was previously used in the Spanish Civil War. A small hike will take you to the top and offer a bird’s eye view of the entire city.

5. Take a stroll at La Rambla

La Rambla is a picturesque and famous street in Barcelona that has turned into a tourist attraction. It is home to the La Boqueria market which is a great place to shop for fresh produce. The vibrant atmosphere and lively environment will amount to an unforgettable experience. However, please note that the prices here tend to be really high (even for simple street food).

6. Visit the Pablo museum

Pablo Picasso is a world-famous artist, admired by many. If you are a fan of his artwork, make sure to visit this museum and see some of his earliest works. The Pablo Picasso Museum houses over 4000 pieces, dating back to his high school days. You’ll be able to see how his art developed and changed over time.

7. Visit some mountains

Since Barcelona is surrounded by breathtaking mountains, consider taking a day and heading out there. A two-hour drive can take you to the nearest mountains. You can indulge in camping and spend some time away from tourist crowds. It’s also a perfect activity if you want to experience some peace and tranquility. 

8. Visit MACBA 

For those of you who are art enthusiasts or appreciators, make sure to visit the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art. Their diverse collection features over 5000 pieces and spans over multiple periods of modern art. You can buy a ticket and see some of the most stunning Spanish and Catalan art pieces. 

9. Go to a beach

If you want to cool off in the warm sunny weather then what better place to go to than the beach? While beaches may be extra crowded in the summer months, you can always try to go early for the experience. You can simply lay in the sand, go for a picnic, walk around, or swim in the cool water. However, make sure to be cautious as there are plenty of jellyfish around! 

10. Visit some bars

Since Barcelona is extremely famous for its nightlife, it’s only fair to visit some bars and see the hype for yourself. You’ll find plenty of bars all over the city but we recommend visiting some of the unique ones first. Consider going to the Bar Canete, Negroni, Dr. Stravinsky, or Ocana. 

11. Take a guided tour 

Barcelona is a stunning city and there is something to explore at every other corner. The best way to make the best of your visit is by taking a guided tour. You’ll get to explore the city with a group of people and a professional guide that will make the experience much more interesting. Sure, you can get around on your own but what’s the guarantee that you will cover all the best tourist attractions? 

12. Take a day trip

Lastly, we recommend you take advantage of Barcelona’s accessible location and explore other areas. While there is a lot to do and see in this city, digital nomads are not restricted or bound to one place. You can always take a trip and visit nearby places such as Sitges, Begur, or Besalu. 

Is Barcelona safe?

Yes, you’ll be happy to learn that Barcelona is a very safe city. It has a low violent crime rate but petty crimes such as pocket-picking are not unheard of. As long as you stay vigilant and cautious, you can travel stress-free. The locals are kind, helpful, and friendly so you are unlikely to face any difficulties with them either.

However, digital nomads in a foreign country are recommended to follow some general safety tips. 

  • Look out for tourist scams
  • Trust reputable companies
  • Stay away from isolated areas
  • Stay on your guard
  • Stay away from shady neighborhoods
  • Don’t carry large amounts of cash on hand
  • Don’t carry flashy items

Visa Requirements in Barcelona

Barcelona is home to a bunch of digital nomads and tourists and that’s because the city has an easy visa. They have a Spain freelance visa that validates a visit of one year. Other visa alternatives such as Spanish residence visa and golden visa may not be the most adequate options for a digital nomad.

EU citizens can enter the country visa-free and live as long as they prefer if they possess a valid passport. 

The good news for remote workers is that Spain has introduced a digital nomad visa that allows you to stay in the country for a period of 1 year. 

Here are some requirements for this visa:

  1. Proof of income
  2. Proof of your address
  3. Health insurance 
  4. Clear criminal record

Please note that these are just some examples of the requirements. An embassy can guide you more properly. 


Barcelona is the cosmopolitan capital of the autonomous community in Spain. This Catalan capital has always attracted tourists because of its rich culture and scenic beauty. It is a good place for digital nomads because it has all the characteristics of a perfect digital nomad destination.

Most digital nomads are free-spirited and open-minded, Barcelona is the kind of place that encourages them to thrive and take over the world. If this place has intrigued you then pack your bags and head out! You are guaranteed to have an unforgettable experience.

We hope this article helped you understand the digital nomad lifestyle in Barcelona. Feel free to contact us if you have any further queries. 

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