How to Visit Marble Mountains Da Nang Vietnam

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Marble Mountain Vietnam

Marble Mountains in Da Nang is one of the most popular attractions in the city, this post will explain everything you must know in order to plan a successful trip to Marble Mountains Da Nang, Vietnam.


By the time we visited Marble Mountains, we had already been living in Da Nang for several months. I was very skeptical before we visited, and was concerned that it might be just another tourist trap. I’d a bunch of good reviews, but somehow I felt like maybe it was being a teensy bit overhyped.


We had driven by a few times...and I think the sight of the hideous elevator sticking out of the mountain may have turned me off to the whole thing. Perhaps it was the overabundance of souvenir shops. When I hike I like to feel like I’m in nature, and this elevator just wasn’t screaming nature to me.

I admit, I was so wrong.

If anything Marble Mountains is underrated. For your money, Marble Mountains is one of the best things to do in Da Nang. There are lots of small “trails” to explore, caves to climb through, plenty of pagodas and statues to admire, spectacular photo opportunities, and excellent 360 degree views of the surrounding area.

Temple Gate at Marble Mountains Vietnam
Stone Dragon Heads at Marble Mountain Vietnam



It is known...In ancient times a giant dragon rose out of the sea and deposited her egg on the land. The egg grew to a massive size and hatched leaving its pieces behind to form the 5 marble mountains. They were later named for the 5 basic elements: Water, earth, air, fire, and metal.


Today the marble mountains are a must see tourist attraction in Da Nang, and for good reason.

They’re awesome.


The marble mountains are open from 7am to 5:30pm daily all year round.


We visited on an overcast day. We really weren’t sure if this would be a good idea at first. The brief sprinkling of rain made everything a bit slippery, but didn’t ruin our time. The presence of clouds only enhanced our photos, and we didn’t regret coming.

If you’re visiting on a hot day be sure to wear a hat, sunscreen, and breathable clothes. 

Bring plenty of water and stay hydrated.

Red and Orange Flowers at Marble Mountains Da Nang
Marble Buddha Statue Marble Mountains Da Nang, Vietnam
Marble Mountains Vietnam Temple


We were pleasantly surprised by how much there was to see and do at marble mountains. We saw a lot, moved fairly quickly and easily spent 3 hours.


If you take the lift, grab some photos, and come down it would probably take you about 1 hour.


There are several different viewpoints you can climb to, temples and pagodas to see, and caves to explore. If you take your time and really get into it you could probably spend all day here.

Buddha statue and incense at Marble Mountains

We only explored the biggest and most popular mountain Thuy Son, the Water Mountain. There are 4 other mountains in the cluster you can visit as well.


You’ll be stopping for photos frequently. Don’t be afraid to ask a stranger to take your photo for you. **Tip** Chinese and Koreans love their cameras. They’re likely to take great photos of you, and will be happy to do it. Be sure to return the favor by offering to take a photo for them, or even with them!

Yellow flowers Marble Mountain Vietnam


The marble mountains are located about 7km from My Khe beach in Da Nang. Getting to marble mountains in Da Nang is super easy, there are a few ways to get there you decide which is best for you.


Local Taxi

Taxis are abundant in Da Nang, and getting one to take you to marble mountains will be easy. If you do decide to take a taxi don’t negotiate the price: insist on the meter.


Usually costs 50K-70K from Da Nang to Marble Mountains. Grab will allow you pay with cash which makes splitting the cost of a ride with a friend much easier. There are usually many cars available and getting a ride should be a breeze. Grab cars tend to hang around marble mountains area too, so finding a ride back won’t be difficult.


By Motorbike

Motorbike rentals in Da Nang tend to go for about 100,000 to 150,000vnd for the day. The drive to marble mountains is easy if you’re already accustomed to Vietnamese traffic.

If not I’d recommend taking a car.

The road to Marble mountains is a straight shot down the main beach highway, Võ Nguyên Giáp. Turn right onto Huyền Trân Công Chúa when you see the marble mountains on the right .

Marble Mountain Temple


When you arrive you’ll see lots of souvenir shops around. Look up for the elevator, you’ll find the ticket booth at the base of it.


Admission fee to marble mountains is 40,000vnd per person.

Elevator is an additional 40,000vnd per person.


If you’re not taking the elevator, you can buy your tickets at the base of the stairs

by Gate No. 2 for 40,000vnd

Buddha statue with live chicken on head. Marble Mountain, Vietnam

Be sure to take a photo of the area map at the bottom. It will make your life easier as you find your way around the mountain’s attractions. This isn’t the wilderness and things are well marked, so you won’t die up there without a map, but it can’t hurt.

Marble Mountain Cave Rappelling


As you climb the stone stairs higher and higher, you can’t help but admire the beautiful trees and lush greenery growing out of the mountain.

As you walk the path you’ll be presented with options, and none will disappoint. Pathways split off left and right, each twist and turn leads to yet another cave, temple, or viewpoint. None of the paths were too challenging, and each one had a nice surprise at the end.

Over millions of years, the rain has eroded these limestone karsts decorating them with incredible fractal patterns along the stone walls and carving out giant caves that just beg to be explored.

Your pulse quickens as the cave you wandered into suddenly becomes narrow. The daylight becomes useless as you move into the shadowy passage and out of its light. The people in front of you disappear as they round the corner and descend the staircase into the next room. The air is subtly scented with incense and a dim light beckons from ahead…


You’re welcomed by the warm glow of candles and sounds of hushed voices you find inside of a temple. A giant stone carved Buddha watches over as you take in the scene.


The view at the highest point of the water mountain is the most rewarding. Take your time as you ascend the stairs, and drink plenty of water. When it starts to become steep resist the urge to turn around and look behind you. Keep moving ahead and admire the view when you get to the top.


Giant Buddha statue in dimly lit cave sits above a buddhist altar. Marble Mountain, Da Nang
View of Da Nang from Marble Mountain

At the top you’ll be rewarded with magnificent 360 degree views of other mountains, Da Nang, the river, and the sea. Look north and you’ll see the urban skyline of modern Da Nang, its dragon bridge reminding us of the legend behind these mountains. Look south to Hoi An. Try to imagine what this place looked like before the tourists came. Before the Americans came. Before the French came. Take some good photos, and let the image burn into your memory, because Da Nang is changing quickly, and next time you come it’ll look different.

Sea view from Marble Mountain Vietnam


  • Admission is 40,000vnd. 

  • Elevator costs an additional 40,000vnd.

  • Cold drinks/coconuts are sold on mountain. 

  • The stairs can be very slippery when they're wet. Wear good shoes, be careful on rainy days. 

  • Western toilets are available on the mountain. Bring your own toilet paper (just to be safe.)

  • There are some food options around. It woudn't hurt to pack a snack. 

Marble Mountain Temple. Da Nang Vietnam


Pin this! Cave temple, Marble Mountains Da Nang Vietnam
Pin this! Cave stairs, Marble Mountains Da Nang Vietnam


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  1. Janine Thomas
    | Reply

    I found the caves fascinating. I had to wonder just how old the giant carved Buddha was. Any Ideas?

    The views are definitely worth the long hot climb!

    • LocalNomads
      | Reply

      Hi Janine! We’re so glad you decided to check out the Marble Mountains! I have no idea how old that carved buddha is…I don’t even know how you’d go about finding out. Perhaps there’s a local historian….haha. who knows. Glad you had a nice time in Da Nang!

  2. Anthony Asaro
    | Reply

    Was a marine there in October of 66’ 3rd Bn 1st Marines. All there was a dirt road and the old French Fort near by that was destroyed! The ocean was close by and I eventually wound up on Hill 10 for the next 7 months while my Battilon moved further north on the MSR road close by the village of Nui Kim Son. When I first got to Marble Mountain my Battlion was right next to the mountain! We also had crows nest mountain near by with a 106 recoilless cannon on top of the mountain overlooking the river down from the mountain. First I went into marble mountain I didn’t know the VC had a hospital in the caves there ! Here I was with other marines scoping out this wonderful mountain and there were V C there with us. They didn’t want to do anything to let the marines know that they were there! Looking at the pictures now and seeing shops there! For tourists is crazy to me! 3 miles away from there we were almost over run by VC Sappers one night!! Funny how time has changed things! I’m 74 years old now! And I was 19 years old then!!

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