How To Plan a Day Trip to Ba Na Hills Da Nang, Vietnam

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We really weren’t sure what to expect from a day spent at Ba Na Hills.


We'd seen so many great pictures of the new Golden Bridge, which is held up by giant stone Buddha hands. Practically every Vietnamese person we met in Da Nang would ask if we’d been there, then proceed to tell us just how beautiful and fun it was up there. The air is cooler, and very fresh, they’d tell us. It’s AMAZING, they would say, but having been to Europe, and seen real French buildings, we were a bit skeptical.


We’d heard about the legendary cable car ride up the mountainside (which holds 4 guinness world records, including the longest cable car in the world) and that it might just be worth the whole trip.


Being the dedicated travel bloggers we are, we decided we’d visit and report back on our findings. For science!


Spoiler Alert: The views were beautiful and we were highly entertained the whole time. However, if you don't enjoy crowds or amusement parks, maybe you should check out our list of 20 other fun (and less touristy) things to do in Da Nang


so without any further ado, here’s




**One last quick note: Our admission to Ba Na Hills was complementary and included buffet lunch. As always, all opinions in this blog post are our own.**



There are a few options when it comes to booking Ba Na Hills tours. We would have loved to have seen the Golden Bridge at Sunset. Our photos would have been even more dramatic. If you prefer to visit earlier in the day, you may want to book a full day tour of Ba Na Hills.


By booking a tour, you won't have to deal with purchasing tickets in advance, arranging transport, and finding your way around the park. You'll likely have an included meal as well.


Most of the tours depart from Hoi An or Da Nang, so just be sure to specify where you would like to be picked up. Usually the driver will pick you up directly from your hotel.

Please note, if you book a Ba Na Hills tour through one of our links, we may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. Thanks for that!



The cost of a ticket to Ba Na Hills is 700,000vnd. It's not cheap, however we felt that the experience and views were worth the cost of admission. Our memories of the day will not soon fade, so be sure to read on for our full assessment before writing off the trip based on cost alone.


Below, I’ve included the cost breakdown for our trip. Check the “Getting to Ba Na Hills” section for more information on alternative means of transportation.


transport (both ways/ 2 people) - 800,000vnd

admission - 700,000 vnd/person

buffet lunch - 200,000vnd/person

total - 1,700,000vnd/person (roughly $75)


buying tickets

We saw really long lines waiting to buy tickets....really long. I’d highly recommend buying your tickets to bana hills online or booking them with a group tour. Group tours usually include a guide, transport to and from Ba Na Hills, admission to the park via cable car, and a buffet lunch.


visiting ba na hills is a cultural experience

The vast majority of visitors to the park are Asian tourists, I mean we are in Asia, right? Nevertheless, we counted about six other Western faces not including the Ukrainian cast members. This can be an exciting and overwhelming cultural experience at times, but it’s a great opportunity to witness Asian tourists in their element. Avid people watchers will feel right at home here.

celebrity for a day

From the time we stepped onto the Golden Bridge to the time we left the park we were constantly approached by other park guests asking us to take photos with them. I really wish I could have seen all of these photos. At first it was really funny and exciting, but by the end of the day we found ourselves giving bunny ears and doing weird poses to entertain ourselves in selfie after selfie. These tourists have a different cultural perspective on boundaries and personal space than you may have, the best thing to do is to be prepared and enjoy the experience. If I had the chance to do it over again, I would have taken more selfies with them on my phone too!


personal space

One big cultural difference between Asians and Westerners is our understanding of personal space. As Westerners we tend to keep people at an arm’s length and don’t prefer to have our “bubble” invaded. Asian tourists will invade your bubble 100% of the time. Expect them to stand very close to you in line (nut-to-butt as we like to say) and they may even push you out of their way out of excitement to get wherever they’re going. Make sure you fill in gaps while waiting in lines, so no one overtakes your position. Don’t be offended, remember that you’re the one who’s out of place here.

da nang's disneyland

Once upon a time, during the French colonization of Vietnam, the French decided that it was too darn hot. So, they built themselves a mountaintop retreat to escape the heat. This was long before the construction of the famous cable car. No, these French imperialists ascended the mountain in sedan chairs carried by their Vietnamese servants. Thankfully, this is no longer the case.

Today, BaNa Hills is like the Disneyland of Da Nang, Vietnam. What I mean is that this is a theme park, not a legit French Village. The real French villas were left in ruins, and replaced by the beautiful structures we see today. Don’t expect to find real french style buildings made with actual stone masonry. Most of the structures have false fronts that don’t pass “the knock test.” Go ahead and knock and you’ll hear what I mean. Similar to the false fronted buildings at disneyland, not much of what you see up here is what we would classify as “real.” But we didn’t come up here for the “French” buildings, we came up here for the views, the rides, and the general entertainment value of visiting a place like this. We had a great time!

not many thrill rides (but some)

Before Ba Na Hills we visited Sunworld Da Nang Wonders, home of the iconic Da Nang “Sun Wheel.” This park had lot of exciting thrill rides including a few rollercoasters, a viking ship, and a “Himalaya” style ride that surprised the shit out of us. If you’re into roller coasters and thrill rides you can’t beat the $10 admission to Sunworld Da Nang Wonders.

Ba Na Hills didn’t have nearly as many rides as the other Sunworld Park, but there was still plenty to do to fill a day. The Tower Drop and the Alpine coaster were the biggest thrills in the park. Other thrills included seeing the resident “rogue monkey” who freely wanders the park like a rockstar.


solo day trip vs. package tour?

There’s not much of a cost difference between doing it yourself or booking a package tour to BaNa Hills. A package tour will include your transport both ways, admission, and buffet lunch. The biggest benefit of booking the package tour is that you’ll have a guide to refer to with any questions or if you need any help with translations.


Getting to Ba Na Hills from Da Nang was our first task. The resort is only accessible by cable car from the base of the mountain. There are several ways to get yourself to the cable car station.


private driver / taxi / grab

We hired a local driver who agreed to take us out and back for 800,000vnd. Our other option was to take a taxi, or book a grab. Grab quoted us a price of 500,000vnd for one direction, so we felt pretty comfortable with the driver’s quoted price. You can also hire a private car through our viator page.


by motorbike

This is your cheapest option for transport to/from BaNa Hills. You can usually rent a bike for about 150,000vnd/day. The drive out to BaNa hills takes about 45 minutes. Once you get outside the city, the streets widen and become less crowded, the terrain changes from an urban landscape to rolling hills, and the air freshens. Use google to navigate to the “Ba Na Cable Car Service Parking Lot.” If you just search for Ba Na Hills, google will direct you to the top of the mountain, that’s not the right way. We decided that riding a motorbike home after a full day of fun, would be not so fun, and tiring, hence the car.


package tours

It’s possible to book a group tour from Da Nang which will include transportation to Ba Na Hills, admission, and buffet lunch. The advantage here is that you’ll skip the ticketing line, and you’ll have a guide who can translate for you and knows how to navigate the park. The downfall is that you’ll have less freedom with your schedule. We did it all on our own and had a great day.


cable car

The cable car to the top of the mountain holds 3 world records including the longest single-cable cable car at over 5km. The ride is smooth and thrilling, similar to the ski lifts you would find in resorts around the world. Although this is just your transportation to the park itself, riding the cable car is easily one of the day’s highlights. Have your camera ready to capture the stunning views of the rolling hills which lead to the city. Beyond the city you’ll have sights of the Son Tra peninsula, high van pass, and the endless sea. If you’re afraid of heights, things could get pretty real.

golden bridge

Once you reach the Marseille station, at the top of the first cable car, you’ll be dropped off at the first level of the mountain. Follow the excited crowds through the station to your right and across the Golden Bridge. This newly constructed bridge (opened to the public in 2018) is a semicircular bridge which appears to be supported by two giant stone hands,, Buddha's hands, coming out of the mountain. The energy on this bridge is electric as the guests buzz around with their selfie sticks capturing every possible angle. As the only Westerners on the bridge, we were pulled into many photos with tourists from Vietnam, China, and South Korea.

level up! photo shoot time

The first level of the park offers so many opportunities for photography with various displays set up for posing and having your picture taken. Western costumed actors pose with guests, huge stone statues beg to be climbed on, and the flower gardens make for beautiful romantic shots for your instagram feed.


We were eager to get up to the French village, so we skipped the funicular ride to the Jardin d’Amour, but it's the one thing we regret not doing. It just looks like FUN! This is also how you get to the Debay Wine Cellar and the Linh Ung Pagoda where the giant Buddha statue sits.  

french village

When you step out of the Louvre Station into the French Village, you may become momentarily overwhelmed by the buzzing crowd of park guests moving about the square and snapping selfies with reckless abandon. All around you’ll see false fronted European style villas with cafes, restaurants, pastry shops, and places to shop around for souvenirs. A brass band plays covers of your favorite pop hits on the front steps of the cathedral, as tourists join them on stage for selfies with the band members.

Peek inside the cathedral for a glimpse at Jesus on the cross, and perhaps a crowd of worn out visitors seeking sanctuary from the heat. There may be costumed cast members walking around on stilts, or posing with guests. You may find that you relate well to them having their pictures snapped all day.

spiritual zone

After winding our way through the French Village we came upon a set of white marble looking steps that led up to the mountaintop Linh Chua Linh Tu Temple. We could hear the distant bonging of the giant bell in the and followed the sound upward past the beautiful Japanese style Tru Vu Tea House, some lovely flowers, and a few Buddha statues.


Momentarily transported back to Vietnam, we found ourselves at the bottom of a multi level Campanile

Climb up to the top for a spectacular aerial view of the French Village, Ling Phong Tu Tower, and the hills below. This is the best view in the entire park. Don’t miss out on the robot who tolls the bell with hydraulic power. This whole area is quite peaceful with some relaxing green garden areas to take a rest and drink some water.

fantasy park

Fantasy Park is an underground amusement park with 3 levels of rides and games. There aren’t a TON of rides, but we were still able to entertain ourselves for hours. We had so much fun with the bumper cars and the tower drop. From the deepest level of the fantasy park you can board the tower drop ride which raises you up to the surface level and gives you a quick look out into the courtyard before dropping you back down with a scream. Or opt for the giant rock climbing wall right next to it.

There were also several arcade games on free play. I’m like a kid in a candy shop when it comes to arcades, so I was able to burn over an hour playing some of my favorite arcade classics like Time Crisis, Star Wars Racers, and a wall size version of Pac Man.


Other highlights included the 4D and 5D experiences. Both involve wearing glasses. One was a wild west shoot out where you mount a horse and shoot at moving targets on the screen in front of you. The other is a “Star Tours” style ride which has you racing through various terrains in a hovering spacecraft.


Most of these rides are more suited for children, but the two of us were able to have a lot of fun anyway on the "House of Death" and "Adventure to the Center of the Earth" rides, which both involved shooting targets. The key here is to manage your expectations. There will be excited children all around, just surrender to the flow, don't take yourself too seriously, and have a good time. Maybe try challenging a Vietnamese child to a round of skee-ball.


wax museum

We saw a lot of advertisements for the wax museum while we were there, and it seemed like they had a lot of great characters including Michael Jackson, John Travolta and of course, Obama. The admission to the wax museum was an additional charge, and we didn’t have much time so we decided to skip it and move directly to the line for the Alpine Coaster.

alpine coaster

I couldn’t wait to try out the Alpine Coaster. The alpine coaster is similar to a standard roller coaster with a few key differences. This ride has you strapped into your own car, which comes equipped with a hand-brake. The hand brakes allow you to control your own speed. The biggest catch here is that if the person in front of you happens to be out for a sunday drive, you may end up waiting in line for 90 minutes for a less than thrilling outcome. We did enjoy the views and the fresh air on our ride though.

pose with characters

We heard rumors before we got to the park that there would be Westerners from other countries dressed in costumes and performing throughout the park. We saw people on stilts and wearing clown makeup, girls dressed as plants, and dancers in leotards posing with eager park visitors. If you wish to have your photo taken, realize that there’s no queue, you’ll have to be assertive if you wish to have your chance...even still you may have unexpected company in your photo. We asked a few of these cast members where they were from and they all told us they were from Ukraine.


There are so many options for things to eat at BaNa hills. Everything seemed to be a little pricey, but it’s an amusement park, and they’ve already got you there, so that’s to be expected.

If you’re on a budget I’d recommend the $10 buffet for lunch, and maybe bring some snacks of your own so you don’t end up caving in and buying all of the tempting sweets the pastry shops and street vendors will be peddling. (We saw many people passing snacks from home to their children while waiting in line.)


Speaking of street vendors….yes, there will be tempting treats lodging a full scale olfactory assault against your wallet. The allure of sweet savory Vietnamese donuts, sizzling meat on sticks, ice cream treats, and dripping spits of kebab meat may be all too much. It all looked so delicious.


There are a few different buffets around and some international cuisines. If you’ve got a solid craving for Russian lamb, then you’re in luck! If you’re trying to impress a date, spring for the fancy French restaurant or go all in on the BBQ.

Arapang restaurant / buffet

Our trip to BaNa Hills included a buffet lunch at the Arapang Restaurant. There were so many different dishes to try, and the options seemed endless. If you’re planning to eat at the Arapang restaurant you should factor a few things into your timing. Typical Vietnamese lunch time is between 11:30 and 1:30. If you arrive during the peak time expect it to be very busy. Dishes were replenished at lightning speed, but they were also demolished equally as fast. I did see an old woman "gently shove" Gabby out of her way for some fruit.

If you wait until after the rush, your food will have been sitting on the buffet for longer. Busier restaurant = fresher food, your choice.


The buffet is all you can eat, and costs about 200,000vnd per person. That works out to less than $10. Meat dishes, soups, vegetables, and several salads, including a potato salad that earned Gabby’s seal of approval, lined the multiple buffet counters. This may go without saying, but don’t let today be the day you decide to finally try the local Vietnamese cuisine. There was also a wide selection of pastries and desserts if there’s any room left in your belly.


Adam's words walking into lunch were... "this is a marathon, not a sprint", (something he tends to say anytime we eat at a buffet), but after 1 full plate of savory foods, I was ready to hit the sweets and fruit line. (Note: If you are sitting in the "greenhouse" section of the restaurant, you'll find another buffet counter serving most of the same things as the ones inside, these seemed to be a bit less crowded.)


+ The best time for photo shoots is around sunset. The French village will be much quieter than in the morning. There were moments when we found ourselves almost completely alone. It was the perfect time to snap a few photos for our instagram

+ Pay attention to the posted hours of operation for the Cable Car. It’s the only way back down from the mountain, you don’t want to get stuck up there… unless you plan to spend the night.


+ Check the weather on your phone for BaNa Hills before you go. Due to the altitude difference, you may find that the weather on the mountain is quite different from Da Nang. It could be sunny and hot in Da Nang and cloudy and cold at BaNa Hills.


+ On cloudy days your visibility will be limited, greatly reducing your view of Da Nang City and the surrounding mountains… but you will get some mysteriously beautiful photos of a foggy french village.  


+ Bring an extra layer. It could be chilly up there compared to Da Nang, especially in the evenings, or when Ba Na hills finds itself inside a cloud.


+ Wear comfortable shoes. We walked a lot and our feet were tired by the end of the day.


+ Bring snacks. Food at the park is expensive, so if you’re on a budget you may want to bring some snacks of your own.


+ Watch out for the monkey. We spotted a rogue monkey wandering the park with a group of paparazzi like guests following close behind. It was quite a sight.


We had an amazing day at Sunworld BaNa Hills, and were surprised just how much we enjoyed moving among the crowds of amusement park guests. However, if you’re on a tight budget, this may not be the day trip for you.


We ended up leaving BaNa hills with a camera full of photos, and a new perspective on Asian tourism. We felt like celebrities for a day, and won’t soon forget the feeling of being approached for selfies with so many strangers.


The cable car ride to the top gives an areal perspective on the geography of the surrounding area. It was so cool to see Da Nang laid out in front of us and the Son Tra peninsula jutting out into the sea. It’s not every day that you get the opportunity to ride the world’s longest cable car.


In order to have the best time read this post thoroughly, manage your expectations, and be ready to go with the flow and have a good time. The whole experience was highly entertaining.  If you’re a people watcher (and I’m betting you are) then you’re sure to love it.

BaNa Hills Da Nang Vietnam
Plan a Trip to Ba Na Hill Vietnam

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  1. Angy
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    Thank you so much for posting this guide! I will visit the golden bridge and Ba Na hills soon and wasn’t sure how to go there from Da Nang. Now I know, thank you! 🙂

    • LocalNomads
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      You’re so welcome, Angy! If you’re interested in our unfiltered reactions you can also check out our Podcast Episode!

    • Janice Lee Toh
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      The latest update about Ba Na Hills entrance fee:
      The Ba Na Hills ticket price includes the entry ticket as well as cable cars for both ways to and from the park.
      The ticket price is 750,000 VND per adult (roughly USD 32) and 600,000 VND per child (roughly USD 26).

  2. Sunn
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    Thank you, you have really given many a good insight on all of this. Although I’m Asian, I’ve lived in Singapore and abroad that many years, I appreciate what you call personal space. I think I will really suffer in Vietnam in that aspect but …. air tickets have been paid for … so there we go …. I hope I can email you to ask you a few other advice which I have tried for the last 2weeks to google for but have not been able to find answers to.


    • LocalNomads
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      Hi Sunn!
      Thanks for reaching out. We’re thrilled that you found this post to be helpful. I think even though personal boundaries can vary between people and cultures, it won’t stop you from enjoying your time in Vietnam. You can absolutely send us an email with any and all questions through our contact page. Or you can reach out to us through instagram as well @local_nomads. We will be more than happy to answer what we can and point you in the right direction.
      Happy Planning!

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    Hey! Hoping to travel here in Oct – this is immensely helpful!! And good to be prepared for the selfie requests (especially with our little blonde bambino 🙂 It looks incredible!

    • LocalNomads
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      So glad you found this useful! You’re going to love Ba Na Hills. Asian travelers have a VERY different understanding of personal space than we do. Your little blonde man will be the star of the day! How old is he?

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    Thks for sharing this information, clear post.

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    800k transport
    1,4m entrance {2 * 700k}
    400k buffet {2 * 200k}
    Total 2.6m not 1.7m for 2 pax

    Seems like you only added admission and food for one..

    Not sure if it is worth 2.6m for us.

    • LocalNomads
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      Thanks, Kim. Here’s how I got to 1.7m per person….

      800k transport
      700k admission
      200k lunch
      Total.. 1.7m

      The more people you share your transportation with, the less this total will be.

  6. Roy Stevenson
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    Hi Adam & Gaby, Linda & I finally got around to touring Ba Na Hills yesterday, and loved it! The Vietnamese have pulled off a major touristic coup with this attraction. It’s fun, it’s slick and far exceeded our expectations. It has many elements that Florida’s Disneyworld & Singapore’s Sentosa Island have to offer. Your descriptions are right on the money-good travel writing!

    • LocalNomads
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      Thanks Roy! I’m so glad you were finally able to get up there. Ba Na Hills is definitely indicative of the Vietnamese Tourism efforts of the future. I’ll bet there will be a lot more of these style attractions in ten more years. Just imagine what that strip between Da Nang and Hoi An will look like.

  7. Tony
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    Is the 800,000 vnd fee for transport pick up from Da Nang to Ba Na Hills?

    • LocalNomads
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      That was that amount we paid for our private driver to take us from Da Nang to Ba Na Hills and back at the end of the day.

  8. Andrius
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    Great Article, although I’d like to add budget travellers might want to opt for the afternoon/evening tour to Ba Na which is 550k VND per person. This includes transport from Da Nang to Ba Na and back to Da Nang. Buffet is included in the price too.

    That’s a saving of 1.15M VND Per Person!

    The only catch is that you will only be entering the park at 3:45pm if you catch the first shuttle. Despite that we managed to get everything we wanted from the day and there were no queues or crowds.

    • LocalNomads
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      Wow, I’m so glad to hear they’re offering that now. Where do you but the ticket for that tour?

    • Piyali
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      Can you please tell me , from where to book this tour ?

      Thanks in advance !!

  9. liyana
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    do u know if there are lockers available at the cable car station? we will be coming fron Hoi An and it seems like going to Da Nang is much closer rather than going back to Hoi An, then to Da Nang.

    • LocalNomads
      | Reply

      I’m not sure if there are any lockers available. Da Nang is between Hoi An and Ba Na Hills. If you’re staying in Da Nang that night it will be better to drop your bags in Da Nang before heading on to Ba Na Hills.

  10. Eimear Baxter
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    Hi there! Love the post! Really excited to go to Bana Hills but I actually hate heights. Do you think the cable car would be a big problem for me?! How long is the duration to the 1st stop and then the 2nd stop and is there plenty of space in the car?

    • LocalNomads
      | Reply

      Have you ever been in a ski lift before? It’s very similar to that. There’s definitely no room to stand up in the car. It can be pretty cramped in there as personal space is not a concept familiar in Asia. You’ll be in the car for more than 10 minutes at a time, so I’d definitely suggest some breathing exercises or a spare pair or pants. When we went the wind was blowing quite strong toward the top, so the car was swaying a bit. You should listen to our podcast episode and decide for yourself if you think it will be worth facing your fears over

  11. Deepa Kartha
    | Reply

    Hello Gabby and Adam. Perfect one-day itinerary. I truly enjoyed your writing & inspired to visit Bana Hills at least once. Thanks a lot, dear.

    • LocalNomads
      | Reply

      Thank you, Deepa! I hope you have a great trip to Ba Na Hills!

  12. shane
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    hi my girlfriend is not good with cable cars! can you reach the top by other means?

    • LocalNomads
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      Hi Shane! Great question. As far as I’m aware, there is no way to get to Ba Na hills without taking the cable car. Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful 🙁

  13. Joanne
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    Hi, do you have the contact of the private driver that offered you to the Ba Na hill?

  14. Buddy
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    Hi Gabby & Adam, very useful information. We plan to stay overnight at Mercure Ba Na hills hotel at the top and get taxi or grab from hotel in Da Nang. Are they many taxi at Ba NA hills cable car station to Da Nang city? Or Grab?
    Commonly taxi driver is honest in Vietnam? Thanks.

    • LocalNomads
      | Reply

      Hi Buddy. We have had fine experiences with taxi and grab drivers in Vietnam. There are usually many taxi drivers hanging around the parking area at BaNa hills, to you can also arrange private transfer with a tour company. Best of luck, and enjoy~

  15. Sweta
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    Thank you so much for this post. It was really helpful. Would you happen to know if there are separate tickets available only for the Golden Bridge? We’re not keen on seeing the other things.

    • LocalNomads
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      Hi Sewta. Unfortunately, the only way to visit the Golden Bridge is to purchase the entrance ticket for Ba Na Hills. The bridge is within the park itself. Hope you enjoy your visit!

  16. Tourkrub
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    Thank you so much for this post. It was really helpful.

  17. Wendy
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    Hi thanks for these amazing insight! I’m planning to go to Vietnam this may and not sure whether I should skip Danang or not seeing there’s a lot of skeptical reviews online. By the looks of it Ba Na Hill is the place Worth visiting! On a hindsight your photos are all bomb! Nah I know what camera were you using to take these shots or were you using film camera instead?

    • LocalNomads
      | Reply

      Hi Wendy. Thanks so much for your comment. We would definitely recommend DaNang even if you don’t go to Ba Na Hills. Da Nang is a lovely coastal city where you can experience the real life vietnam right up close. To us it feels much more authentic than a place like Hoi An. Ba Na Hills is just an amusement park on a hill, but Da Nang is something far more special.

      As far as our photos go, thank you so much for your compliments! We shoot on a Canon 5D Mk II and edit with Adobe Lightroom. You can find our more about what we carry on our youtube channel.

  18. Wendy
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    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Hi thanks for these amazing insight! I’m planning to go to Vietnam this may and not sure whether I should skip Danang or not seeing there’s a lot of skeptical reviews online. By the looks of it Ba Na Hill is the place Worth visiting! On a hindsight your photos are all bomb! May I know what camera were you using to take these shots or were you using film camera instead?

  19. Kevin
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    Super awesome detailed post about your day! My partner and I will be visiting, primarily to take photos of the Golden Hands Bridge. Were you able to be on the bridge at 7:00am-ish? If so, what was your experience like and was the ticket queue long at that time?

  20. Qatarevisaonline
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    The Vietnamese have pulled off a major touristic coup with this attraction. It’s fun, it’s slick and far exceeded our expectations. It has many elements that Florida’s Disneyworld & Singapore’s Sentosa Island have to offer. Your descriptions are right on the money-good travel writing!

  21. Qatarevisaonline
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    Amazing Article. I would love to visit those places. I want to stay at Mercure Ba Na hills hotel at the top

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