Trimmigrant Survival Guide: 10 Tips for a Successful Harvest Season in Humboldt

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So, you're thinking about heading out to Humbold County and trying your hand at trimming weed. Well, it's not all big buds and luxury life in the trim scene. You've got to be prepared for work, and ready to rough it.

10 tips to turn you from amateur trimmigrant into a professional weed trimmer.

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1. Basic Equipment:


These are your bread and butter. If you want to look prepared, you should have these things in your arsenal.


Scissors- at least 2 pairs

There's some debate as to which scissors are best.

Fiskars are a great budget option, but Chickamasa's are definitely the preferred scissors of the professional trimmer.

Fiskars have springs, which seems like a good idea at first, but after 10 hours of trimming you really feel the resistance of those springs and they make your hand muscles sore. Chickamasa's have no springs which allows you to trim faster and for longer. 

Scissors can gum up pretty quickly, so you need an extra pair to swap out. You don't want to be the dude wasting time cleaning your one pair of scissors every few minutes.


Trim Tray-

You can get a cheap planter's tray from any farm/grow store, or a cardboard drink tray from the liquor store, but if you're looking to collect some seriously dank keef, you can't go wrong with a Trim Bin.

Trim bins have two levels. The top level has a screen which allows the keef to fall through. The bottom level is where it collects. Think of the bottom of your grinder...except you can harvest a few grams of keef a day. Think about it.


Isopropyl Alcohol (90%)-

90% Alcohol takes the hash right off your blades in a set-it-and-forget-it kind of way. Leave one pair of scissors in the alcohol while you conveniently use your second pair.


Coconut Oil -

It's good for EVERYTHING! Cooking, moisturizing, but it's really good for lubing your hands and blades, so you don't get sticky so fast.


[We also suggest a couple mason jars or plastic containers to store your alcohol and oil. Some trimmers like rubber gloves, breathing masks, and an apron. These items are not required, but are helpful for keeping hash and shake off your body and out of your respiratory system.]


2. Chair


There are many philosophies on the "perfect chair" for trimming. It can be as simple as a yoga mat on the floor, a camping chair or even a yoga ball. Maybe you want the back support, and comfort of a camping chair, or maybe you want a six pack by the end of the season so you'll choose a yoga ball.

The bottom line is.. You're going to be sitting for a long time so you want to be comfortable, and not screaming in pain by the end of the day, so pick what is best for your body.


Girl Scout Cookie

3. Camping Gear:

Tent, Sleeping Bag, Sleeping Pad, Pillow, Tarp...


You'll most likely be living outside for the season, so treat it like a long camping trip and enjoy the nature, don’t fight it! You'll experience many different climates up on the hill, hot summer days, cold nights, and a significant amount of rain, so make sure you're prepared.



4. Food/Cookware


You're not going to drive an hour down to town every few days, so plan for about a weeks worth of food. Non-perishable foods are best, and easy to store in a tote bin.

Staying healthy on the farm can also be a challenge; Muesli, oatmeal, fresh fruits and veggies, quinoa, pasta, and dried fruit are just a few items that we keep in stock.

Basic cookware and a camp stove are helpful in the event that there is no kitchen setup.



5. Cooler


Not every farm has an available fridge. Use a cooler and a block of ice to keep your stuff cold.


6. Clothing


Do NOT bring any clothing you wish to keep. It will reek of cannabis in no time. Go on a thrift store shopping spree and get some clothes you can ruin. Bring clothing for hot summer days, cold rainy days, and freezing nights.


Also, bring your bathing suit. Many farms have local swim spots nearby (especially those in Trinity County)



7. Headphones/Speaker


Sitting all day with nothing to occupy your brain can be excruciating. Listening to everyone else's music, but your own can be even worse! Don't rely on your trim scene to supply you with good tunes.

Bring your own speaker and share in the groove, or tune out with headphones to your favorite beats, audio books, or podcasts.

Tip: We use the Mini Lifejacket Speaker by Altec Lansing. It's waterproof super rugged. We've had it for 3 years and it's still working great.


8. Car

This one is optional, but HIGHLY recommended.

Having a car is great for a few reasons.

A) You can't get stranded on a farm

B) You can go down to town and resupply any time

C) It’s a safe place to store your stuff that isn’t in your tent (It’s not safe to sleep with your food)



9. A Buddy


I've certainly known a few solo trimmers, but everything is definitely safer and more fun with a buddy. Especially if you're hitchhiking, having someone to watch your back, or your bag, is important. Plus, you'll be able to keep each other sane during the long hours of work.


So, convince a friend, or a partner in crime to spend a few months camping and working near the Redwoods in Northern California.



10. Baby Wipes (and toilet paper)


You're going to be roughing it. Showers might not be readily available, and you don't want to run your "nasty bits" or your immune system into the ground.

Baby Wipes are your new best friend.


Bonus: Hammock

Hammocks are great for your back and a perfect way to spend your breaks or get off the ground for a night. Spend your lunch break in your hammock, joint in hand, and remember why you traded in the daily grind for the farm life.

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  1. Kelly
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    This is perfect!!

    • LocalNomads
      | Reply

      That means so much coming from you! I really wanted to get it out before the season was in full swing! I wish someone made this for me 2 years ago.

    • LocalNomads
      | Reply

      Thanks Kelly! We think YOU’RE perfect!

  2. Lisa Koschak
    | Reply

    Oh my you two!, I’m expecting a great buddy adventure movie out of all your gallivanting! winning Oscars for best original screen play and director of photography ! If you can’t be good be careful, it’s so much fun to read your blog. Stay safe, Kisses

    • LocalNomads
      | Reply

      Thanks Lisa! It’s great to hear from you! Your wise words echo in my ears often when i’m very carefully being bad!

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