This isn't a vacation. This is your new life.

Digital nomad life is not for everyone,

but you're not everyone.

Transitioning to a remote lifestyle involves learning a whole new way of living, the way that works best for you. Maybe you like to go running on the beach at sunrise, then hit the cafe for espresso and a croissant while you answer emails. Maybe you prefer to sleep til noon...or later...then work at night. It's all up to you!

Adaptability is key.

Every month you'll learn the ins and outs of your new home. With a fresh start in each destination, you'll discover your new favorite foods, the best scenic yoga spots, and local cafes that make it just the way you like it. Instead of working from your office, you'll have the freedom to work from practically anywhere; beach chairs, bar stools, cafe tables, or any of our partner co-working spaces...and after work, the world is yours!

You'll never have to feel like a lone wolf.

Our goal is to develop a global network of travelers looking not only to see new places, but to really immerse themselves, to create positive relationships and partnerships with local businesses and individuals, to share ideas and collaborate, to focus on business and self growth, and to give back to the communities we live in.