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Gabby and I have called a lot of places home over the last few years.  We’ve been lucky to have the opportunity to experience what life is like in lots of different places and different cultures. Each new destination has something unique to offer. When we visit a place we’ve lived before, we always love to check out our favorite local spots for a quick bite to eat or a night out for a drink or some live music. It’s the local businesses and local people that give each new hometown its character. 


When we decided to start a blog we knew that we couldn’t just make it about ourselves. Our blog is about taking it slow, learning the local culture, and having new experiences. It’s about learning how to live like a local in lots of different places. And the REAL relationships you form along the way. 


We want to use our blog as a space to feature REAL people of EARTH:  local artists, artisans, bloggers, and businesses from around the globe.  We believe that art is a great benefit to local communities as well as an important part of local culture. We also believe that local independent businesses serve their communities in ways large corporations do not.

We are very excited to have this opportunity to meet up with Real people from around the globe and shine the spotlight on them and their journey! We want to share with you the local artists, expats, bloggers, stores, restaurants, bars, or live music venues that make each destination unique. They are the real magic and root of each place we visit. We’re on the search for REAL people who want to meet up and make real connections, spend a day together, and have a cultural exchange! If this sounds like something YOU would be interested in, contact us! We’ll come to you!

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