Local Nomads Podcast | Episode 6 | It’s Songkran, Bitches!

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Local Nomads
Local Nomads
Local Nomads Podcast | Episode 6 | It's Songkran, Bitches!

Songkran Thailand

Your heart is pounding…

Your eyes dart left to right as you scan the streets for your next potential threat slash target.

The weight of your weapon provides you with some assurance that you’re not going down without a fight.

Suddenly a flash of color enters your peripheral vision and an icy chill runs down your spine as a bucket of freezing cold water douses you from the right hand side.

You pump once and unleash a torrent of green river water onto your now-unarmed assailant.

This is Songkran. This is WAR.

Songkran Thailand

Grab your squirt guns and your safety glasses, folks!

Hide your cell phones and laptops, because we’re about to get wet.

Today we’re talking about the greatest festival we’ve ever experienced. Songkran.


Songkran Thailand

Every year in April, Thai people hit the streets, armed to the teeth with water guns and buckets.

Filling stations dot the sidewalks and the city becomes an all out war zone. No one is safe.

Loud music blasting from all directions, and the screams of enthusiastic children provide the soundtrack for the liquid carnage.


Songkran Thailand

A pickup truck slowly rolls by with a smiling family piled into the back…

You finger your trigger, but hesitate for a moment when you see the adorable 4 year old appear…Huge Mistake

He nails you with a drive-by bucket, as the entire family follows suit. You should have neutralized the threat when you had the chance. Next time, you’ll trust your instincts.

Songkran Thailand

We’ve never had this much fun at a cultural festival before…

Thai people sure know how to have a party. We hope you enjoy listening to this episode as much as we enjoyed recording it!

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  1. stephanie
    | Reply

    Songkran is so much fun! I was in Chiang Mai in 2015 and celebrated Songkran there and in Pai….great way to connect with the locals!

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