Local Nomads Podcast | Season 2 Episode 2 | Going Going Back Back to Bali Bali

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Local Nomads
Local Nomads
Local Nomads Podcast | Season 2 Episode 2 | Going Going Back Back to Bali Bali

We’re back with another episode, and this time we’re recording from Canggu, Bali!


Now, you might be thinking to yourself…

Haven’t they been to Bali before?

Didn’t someone end up hospitalized last time?

Didn’t I hear about Bali in the news recently?

Wasn’t there a volcano eruption?

Are they insane?

These are all valid questions. Fear not, all will be answered in time!


In this episode we’ll….
  • explain about about Thai visas and why we needed to take a visa run.
  • tell you what Bali looks like since the recent eruption.
  • try convincing you that now is the best time to come to Bali.
  • discuss some environmental initiatives happening in Bali.
  • briefly bitch about paper drinking straws.
  • see who’s got the best turkey impression…

Canggu Bali Canggu Bona Kubu Guesthouse

Canggu Bali 808 Residences


  • tell the story about Gabby making friends with a cow.
  • talk about how we passed 3 days of down-pouring rain.
  • reveal which Indonesian food turns Adam into one of Pavlov’s dogs.
  • give business advice to a man selling art on the beach.
  • describe what Christmas looks like in a Buddhist country and a Hindu island.
  • talk about our favorite holiday movies.
  • settle the debate…white Christmas or beach Christmas (hint: Beach Christmas, hands down.)
  • shamelessly plug our online store. (Use coupon code: TOTALLYTUBULAR for 10% off)
  • answer another question from a listener.
  • so much more!

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Local Nomads Podcast Bali

Here are some links and stuff that we mentioned in the episode…


Check out our Digital Nomads Guide to Canggu, Bali blog post

Download the Free Ebook version!

Remotely Working Canggu, Bali


Environmental Initiatives in Bali

Bye Bye Plastic Bags

Sampah Jujur


Local Nomads Bali Podcast
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Surf Motel

Canggu Bona Kubu Guesthouse

808 Residence

Surf Motel Bali

Coworking in Bali

Dojo Bali

Our Favorite Holiday Movies

The Hebrew Hammer


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Local Nomads Podcast Canggu


That Time Gabby Made Friends With A Cow

Wayan, the artist we met on the beach with his awesome 12 year old batik shirt.

A TV show we really like

Nathan For You

Canggu Bali

Canggu Bali Surf Motel

Here’s the video we shot from our room at 808 Residence

Local Nomads Podcast Bali
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Intro Music: Echo Beach by Martha and The Muffins


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