Local Nomads Podcast | Our First Guest!

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Local Nomads
Local Nomads
Local Nomads Podcast | Our First Guest!

We’re back! And we’re so excited because for the first time ever, we have a guest and we also recorded video!

Our guest today is Taran of Nomad’er How Far. Taran is a nomadic photographer, vlogger, videographer, drone pilot, and all around cool guy! Since we’ve known him he’s lived in England, Japan, Thailand, and New Zealand. Taran is a true minimalist nomad, and tends to find work in many of the countries that he visits.

In our conversation with Taran we discuss:

  • How we originally met Taran
  • Being a vegetarian Taran’s entire life
  • Traveling with a drone
  • Drone restrictions
  • AirBnb woes
  • Working Holiday Visas
  • Working at a mountain top resort in Japan
  • Getting brand partnerships on Youtube
  • Our recent trip to Mexico city
  • Getting strip searched by security at a music festival
  • and so much more!

**Note** We had some trouble recording Taran’s audio on this episode. Our sincerest apologies for the sound quality. We have identified the problem and promise it will be better in the next one!

Some useful links/ things we mentioned in this episode:

Connect with Taran:

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