Local Nomads Podcast | Episode 3 | Four Days in a Balinese Hospital

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You’re in Southeast Asia and you’re low on money. Now, you’re running a fever…and you don’t have any insurance. What do you do?


We’d spent four amazing days enjoying the sun and surf in Bali, then Gabby got sick…really sick. As it turns out she’d been bitten by a potentially life threatening mosquito!

In our third episode we recount the story of our budget busting month… three weeks in Bali, Indonesia. Join us as we go from the highest of highs on Echo beach, to the darkest of lows in the hospital only 4 days later. If you love to relish in the pain of others, or enjoy a good travel-story-gone-wrong, this is the episode for you!


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8 Responses

  1. Amber Ricks says:

    Holy ?!! A mesquito made her that sick!

  2. Richard Galarneau says:

    Adam, your Dad told me this story a couple of weeks ago and as he began to tell it I thought to myself “this isn’t going to end well”! I was so thrilled and relieved when he finished! I think of you guys often and I’m so happy this ended well! Continue to make memories along the way, be safe and continue to take care of each other. I look forward to getting together next time your home here in NY. One more thing.. I know money is tight so when you decide it’s time for a hair cut, let me know – I’ll pay for it!! (just saying) Enjoy! 🙂

    • LocalNomads says:

      Thanks so much for stopping by, Ric! We were both so happy to hear from you! We were worried too, but the reality is that Dengue is very common and relatively routinely treated in this part of the world. And luckily, the hospital we went to was both affordable and clean with decent care. We’re glad to have you along with us for the trip. We hope you’ll keep enjoying our stories and we’ll definitely see you whenever we’re back in those parts. Gabby expressed interest in going out for a round of golf on some real grass next time, “or maybe i’ll just drive the cart…” she said. ? Also, my glorious hair will continue to shine down upon all who have the good fortune to gaze upon it, at least for the foreseeable future. 🙂

  3. John says:

    Yikes! I will now be carrying bug spray 24/7! Glad you are feeling better and thanks for sharing your pain with us 😀

    • LocalNomads says:

      Thanks so much for listening, John! Bug spray is definitely our cologne of choice! You get used to the smell very quickly. You’ll also quickly learn the taste if you use it at the dinner table! What good is pain if you can’t share it with everyone? ?

  4. Karen Swears says:

    So glad this story has a happy ending. Keep sharing with us. Love to read your posts.

    • LocalNomads says:

      This was one of the most stressful months of our travels. Luckily, Dengue is relatively common in this part of the world and the hospital was ready to handle it. Almost a year later, and we’ve been back to Bali once more. This time with no hospitalizations!

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