Local Nomads Podcast | Episode 2 | Seasonal Work

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Local Nomads
Local Nomads
Local Nomads Podcast | Episode 2 | Seasonal Work

Wait a second…Your topic is work?!!

We promise not to bore you with our podcast about seasonal work. As we’ve said over and over again, it’s not actually about the work at all. It’s about the amazing way that working seasonal jobs can give you the freedom to travel and build the lifestyle of your dreams. We were able to travel around and live in some of the most amazing places in America by working seasonal jobs, and it’s easier than you think! We dare you not to get the itch after listening to our stories of adventure!


Parental Advisory Warning:

This podcast contains some graphic content that may be disturbing to our parents. Please proceed with caution!


For more information about seasonal work you can sign up below to download our Free Seasonal Work Handbook. It’s full of tips on:

  • Choosing a place to go
  • The many different types of seasonal jobs
  • Finding jobs on the other side of the country, or planet?
  • Applying for seasonal work at home and abroad
  • Getting rid of your extra shit
  • Building the lifestyle of your dreams

Tell us what you think!  We want your feedback! If you have any questions or want to send us some love please feel free to leave it in the comments section below!

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  1. Mama
    | Reply

    I probably should have read the “Parental Warning” BEFORE listening. LOL. Pop and I agree that the two of you do these podcasts very well. You are “naturals ” 🙂 Love you both very much.

    • LocalNomads
      | Reply

      Haha! Thanks for commenting, Mom. You definitely can’t say we didn’t warn you. 😉

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