Local Nomads Podcast | Episode No. 1 | Going Global

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Welcome to the Local Nomads Podcast!

We’re so excited to present the very first episode of our brand new podcast! In this episode, we talk about our transition from living in The United States to living in Thailand. We discuss some of the things we learned after a year of travel in 2016 as well as our hopes and goals for 2017.

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Tell us what you think! If you have any questions please feel free to ask in the comments!

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18 Responses

  1. Justin Clack says:

    Great first podcast guys! I am happy that through this I can still listen to your perspectives and grow with you both, miss the hell out of yall, excited to here more (hopefully more then 6)

    • LocalNomads says:

      Thanks so much, Justin! We’re so glad that you enjoyed the first episode. It’s so great that in today’s world we can stay in contact even from thousands of miles away. Hopefully we can meet up again one day soon! If you ever want to go abroad for a while and you don’t know where to go or what do to just let us know. We’re always glad to help people figure out their travel strategy! It was so great to hear from you!

  2. Very cool. Gave me some perspective into nomadic life, since we are trying it out this summer.

    • LocalNomads says:

      How exciting! You’re going to have a great time nomading. Send us a message through our contact form, or reach out to us on SM if you have any questions or need any help with bookings!

  3. Nice podcast. can you please let me know from which website you are doing these podcasts?

  4. Nicki says:

    you guys are so cute. Love how funny you are.

    I like that you guys do slow travel – something I have been more interested in lately versus running all over the globe.

    Great post guys.

    • LocalNomads says:

      Thanks so much for your comment, Nicki! We’ve been drawn to slow travel ever since we got into seasonal work. We found that we were able to gain so much more value out of the experience by taking it slow and living like a local in each place. What’s your travel style, Nicki?

  5. Danik says:

    Loved listening to the podcast. Did you find living in the US to Thailand was a major chance or just a smooth transition?

    • LocalNomads says:

      It’s definitely a major change when you move form the USA to any asian country. What makes the biggest difference is your willingness to adapt to the changes you’re facing.

  6. that’s a great job you’ve done…and all the best with your future podcasts…

  7. Awesome job, guys!! What a fun way to share your experiences! I am still just sitting here in a little bit of shock that you two are down to just backpacks for all your stuff!! I am trying so hard to limit my material items. But at the same time, I love junk! Can’t wait to hear more about your future travels!

    • LocalNomads says:

      Thanks Caitlin! Im so glad to hear that you enjoyed our podcast. As far as getting rid of your junk, don’t worry. You don’t have to do it all at once. We have a blog post you should definitely check out about getting rid of your junk. It’s called “freedom from possession.” Getting rid of your stuff is the best feeling ever. Thanks for listening!

  8. Nastassia says:

    It’s so nice to hear your voices! Miss you guys & I knew your podcast was gonna be awesome! Can’t wait to keep hearing more. Stay safe out there in the world ❤

  9. Adela says:

    Loved the first podcast! The Grand Canyon part gave me butterflies! I miss you, even though we didn’t get much time together. I’ll never regret calling out of work that day we went camping, even though I called out the week before to go camping haha! The wifi struggle was so real, but I learned to love it. I felt like being disconnected in that way made me more connected to my surroundings and my friends. And I felt blessed to have found a nice escape in RP’s sandwiches until I realized they gave me serious diarrhea everytime I ate them haha! Any ideas for documenting my travels? I’ve been trying to journal as well as you Gabby for some time now but I barely get it in once a month now, if that. That’s been a struggle ever since I’ve been in Brazil! (That was four years ago) I’m still journaling in the same journal lol. Okay, sorry for all the rambling, excited to listen to more podcasts from you guys!!!

    • LocalNomads says:

      Adela! Thank you so much for listening to our podcast. It makes us so happy to hear from the people we’ve shared all these memories with. The Grand Canyon was one of the most rewarding places we’ve ever been to. That day by the river was one of the best days of our entire year. Sorry to hear you didn’t share the same affinity for RP’s sandwiches as we did. As fas as documenting your travels goes, a journal is a great place to start, but if you’re finding it difficult to keep up with maybe try something else. You can easily start vlogging on your phone. Or taking a photo each day and making a photo journal out of it. There are lots of ways you can go about it. 🙂 Theres no one thing you MUST do. Glad you enjoyed our podcast, make sure you subscribe so you won’t miss the new ones when they come. We’re headed to Vietnam this week, but we should have a new episode coming out within a week or 2.

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