Playing in the Snow: How moving to the Rockies made me LOVE winter

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When Adam suggested to me in Alaska that we make our next move to the Rocky Mountains, I was definitely conflicted. I really loved being in the mountains in Alaska, but that was the summer. Did I really want to spend a winter in them? I had really been hoping for Hawaii or something warm with a beach, and lots of sun.

A snow cat and ski runs at the top of Keystone

Being from New York, I was born and bred to hate snow. Every year my dad tells me about how much snow they’re getting. He hates snow blowing, and he hates shoveling even more.

The opposite happens to be the case in Colorado. Moving to a place where snow is the livelihood of the town is the best way to appreciate the winter. People here complain when they don’t get snow and celebrate when they do. I never fully understood what the phrases “GNAR GNAR POW POW” and “SHRED THAT POW MAN” meant until I moved to here. Rocky Mountain powder is some of the best stuff to ski or ride on. (And with a job that gives you a season pass…) It’s soft and puffy, not wet and heavy like the North East, and sometimes its really deep.

Breck Snowing
Snowing in Breckenridge, CO

I am not nearly as extreme as most of the friends I’ve made here. Some are really great skiers, some are pro boarders, some are just learning (like me), all of them have great stories to share. I’ve heard things like shoulder-deep powder, making up crazy stunts in the terrain parks, riding through intense trees, and backcountry moonlight riding, I certainly won’t accomplish any of those things this season (or probably ever because I’m a chicken). But I can say I’ve had a satori or enlightenment of sorts. I can thank The Rocky Mountains for my new appreciation for winter, and a new sport to practice and enjoy in any upcoming winter trips.

Silverthorne, CO and the Continental Divide
Silverthorne, CO and the Continental Divide

What are your favorite winter activities? Do you have any favorite ski resorts? What are some other great winter time destinations? Comment!

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  1. Aurora watching and dog sledding are the winter activities I’m attracted by 🙂 I’ve never had the chance to learn how to ski

    • Skiing is great! I’m still a beginner though. They do dogsledding out here in Colorado, but I’d prefer to do it in Alaska. (Maybe this summer) I really want to see the Aurora more during the winter, I only got to see it at the end of the summer last year in Alaska.

      • At the end of summer ? oh, it must have been strong !

        • Actually quite the opposite. They’re really hard to see in the summer time in Alaska because of the amount of light they get. The middle of winter is when they are the strongest. I got to see just a glimpse of them last summer. We’re going up in April though so I’m hoping to get some good photos of them.

          • I meant, they must have been strong for you to be able to see them a bit at the end of summer, when the sky is not as dark. It was similar when I was Iceland. We were able to see them in Iceland because it was ranked 9 out of 9, so, despite a not-so-dark sky, we were able to see them 🙂

          • Oh yeah! hah that was the case.

  2. Coming from Australia, I’ve always disliked winter until this year! The snow, the mountains and the beautiful white wonderland is incredible!
    However, in saying that I am definitely ready for the warm weather haha.

    • I think I’m about to that point. We’ll be spending one more summer in Alaska’s mountains.. And then I’m hoping to make it to a beach… Maybe Australia ?!

      • If you do end up traveling to Australia, let me know as I can definitely give you a list of go to places! Australia is a beautiful country but you’ll have to get ready for all of the dangerous creatures haha.

        • I know! I can’t believe such a beautiful place with such happy people has so many deadly plants and animals! I cant wait to go there though. I will definitely let you know!

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