Our Philosophy

Live Global, Think Local. Local Nomads started as a travel blog dedicated to slow travel, cultural immersion, and lifestyle design. The focus of our travel has always been to become a local everywhere we go, to understand each place on a deeper level. We want to inspire others to break out of their daily grind to create a rewarding life of travel.

Our company is geared towards helping like minded Digital Nomads step into the world with confidence. Our goal is to develop a global network of travelers looking not only to see new places, but to really immerse themselves, to create positive relationships and partnerships with local businesses and individuals, to focus on business and self growth, and to give back to the communities we live in.

Who We Are

We are Adam & Gabby, founders of Local Nomads. Back in 2012 we sold all of our stuff, and moved from New York State to South Korea for a year of teaching English. 12 months later, we returned to the US to explore our homeland before once again leaving to experience the world. Since then we've explored parts of East Asia, Southeast Asia, and Europe. We've created this community so you'll always have someone to share your experiences with. Your friends and family back home may not understand you anymore, but we will.