Local Nomads Podcast | Episode 4 | Working and Living in (South) Korea [Part 1]

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Put on your seat belts ladies and gentlemen, we’re going for a ride! In the latest episode of the Local Nomads Podcast, we’re going all the way back to the year 2012. The year we sold off our shit and moved to (South) Korea.

In 2012 we find a version of Adam and Gabby virtually unrecognizable from the ones we know today.

Younger, thinner, and hopelessly unsatisfied with their lives.

Life in NY was rough. High rents, long commutes, and a poor job market left us feeling desperate for ANYTHING else. That’s when we decided to start applying for English teaching jobs.

A year in South Korea was exactly what we needed to kickstart our traveling lives.

In this episode we’ll cover:

Applying for a job in Asia

Visa paperwork  blues

Breaking the news to our families

Downsizing our shit

Tips for surviving a 15 hour flight

Culture shock

Starting our new lives as English teachers

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Shout Outs to:

Why Not Pizza in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Temptations Café in Nyack, NY

Eat Your Kimchi

Our Good Friends Dana and Kam! -We ? you guys

This episode’s theme music:

Seoul Subway Transfer Station Jingle 서울 지하철 환승역 음악. 김백찬 – 얼씨구야

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    Hey guys, You have a really great site and great info., but I wasn’t sure if you knew that there is no podcast for this particular episode(#4) on your site. But it is on itunes though.

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