International Eats in Da Nang Vietnam

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When you’ve been in Da Nang as long as we have, chances are the day will come when you just can’t face yet another bowl of pho. Luckily, there is a plethora of international restaurants in Da Nang, especially in the An Thuong neighborhood.

From crave satisfying staples like pizza and sushi, to surprising specialties like currywurst and Taiwanese tacos, we’ve tried each and every one of the places mentioned on this list, and they all come with our Local Nomads seal of approval. All the places on this list are within walking distance of the An Thuong district, which is making a name for itself as an international expat neighborhood.

Try them out, when you’ve got a hankering for some international food and leave us a comment letting us know which ones you think are the best restaurants in Da Nang.



When you get the itch for warm, spicy curry and buttery naan look no further than Tandoori Nights.

They serve the best Indian food in Da Nang, and if you don’t believe me just check out their reviews.  Their outdoor seating is perfect for warm Da Nang nights, and their staff are always friendly and welcoming.

They have a great mix of vegetarian and meat options and they’re 100% halal, so this is a safe bet for mixed groups. The prices are great too! Naan is about 35-40K VND, and curries start around 95K.


As born and raised New Yorkers, we have a hard time finding pizza that meets our high standards of excellence.

L’italiano is one of the only places in Da Nang where we could satisfy our needs. Their pizza hits the spot, and their pasta is great too.

Stop in on a night when they’ve got live music, suck down a few glasses of wine during happy hour, and stuff yourself with the  most delicious carbs in town. Thank us later.

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After living in Korea for a year, the need for good Korean BBQ becomes very real from time to time. Even harder to find is a quality bowl of boiling hot kimchi stew (or kimchi jjiggae for the initiated).

We watched as The Galbi on Hoàng Kế Viêm Street was being built. We had a hunch the place was going to be good based upon the presence of cartoon pigs painted on the outside walls.

This place is no joke. Within a few bites I was convinced this was the best Korean food I’ve eaten outside of Korea. The meat was sweet and tender, the kimchi jjiggae spicy and sour, just the way we like it. The staff were so friendly, welcoming us with their well rehearsed “Anyeong ha se yo.”

Kim Chuong Chicken

KCC has become a real staple in the An Thuong area. The owner Alex and his mother serve some of the most badass chicken around.

The menu is simple, chicken, chicken and more chicken served 4 different ways. We never had an easy time deciding which one to order because we liked them all so much.

The French style chicken with demi glace and mushrooms is out of this world, as is the chicken curry with noodles. If you’re into crispy fried chicken I’d highly recommend the spicy one. We always finish off with their amazing lychee almond tofu for dessert. Yum.

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There are a few good burger spots in the An Thuong area. Take your pick, but for my money I’ll always go to American Burger Grill on An Thuong 26.

Not only are their burgers delicious, but they also serve some amazing sandwiches including a damn good grilled chicken sub (which reminds us of an upstate NY classic, chicken spiedies) and possibly the best philly cheese steak in the eastern hemisphere.

We really enjoyed their sweet potato fries too. This is a true comfort food experience, a little taste of home.


It’s damn near impossible to find good American BBQ anywhere in Asia. If you’re looking to get up to your elbows in a plate of ribs or pulled pork, this is THE SPOT.

The most difficult decision is your choice of sides. Eazy Pickins is a popular meeting place for expats, who typically hang out longer than the food lasts.

Get there early as the food is usually sold out by 8PM. The portions are huge, and you literally can’t go wrong with anything on the menu.


Taiwanese tacos? What does that even mean? Taco Ngon is the kind of place you’ll have to just try to believe it. They’ve got some of the most dynamic (and delicious) tacos we’ve ever tasted.

There are 3 different meats (pork, fish and chicken) and 4 different sauces to choose from which adds up to 12 possible combinations to try. We’re partial to the fried fish taco with the ginger lime sauce or wasabi slaw, runner up being the fried chicken with tamarind BBQ sauce.

The tacos are larger than we expected, and their loyalty card kept us coming back for more. We were slightly embarrassed how quickly we were able to redeem our free tacos.


Any shabu shabu lovers out there? I thought so. Wabi Sabi on Lê Quang Đạo serves amazing Japanese dishes cooked by a legit Japanese chef.

In addition to the shabu, we really enjoyed the tonkatsu curry, and yakisoba. The food is delicious and authentic, the prices are reasonable, and the staff are wonderful.

There are so many great dishes on the menu to keep you coming back for more.


No list of international restaurants would be complete without the token sushi place. After trying Issun Boshi the first time, we came back the following night for round 2.

They have all the classic rolls you’re looking for, with some cool specialty rolls you won’t find anywhere else. (Have you ever had dragon fruit on a sushi roll? The ramen was some of the best I’ve ever tasted and inspired my rapid return.

We still have so many menu items left to try, but keep ordering the ramen because it’s just. so. good.
Tip: The indoor seating is smoker-friendly, which means we preferred the outdoors.


photo courtesy of M.Z. German Fine Food

We were really surprised when our good friends recommended curry wurst for lunch one day. Where the hell am I going to find a curry wurst in Da Nang? I asked. “At the German Bakery, of course” he said.

I was incredulous. 10 minutes later I was munching down an absolutely delicious sausage smothered in curry sauce with a side of french fries and a pretzel. Delicious. If curry wurst isn’t your thing, then I would highly recommend trying the schnitzel.

They also have a nice selection of fresh baked breads, imported German beers, and some high quality deli meats. The owner is a master butcher from Bavaria and his partner is a French baker, they both take their crafts very seriously, don’t miss out!


We’re suckers for a good story. Sharon and Jorge are a couple of long term travelers who settled down in Da Nang and opened their own restaurant. They’ve combined their Spanish and Italian backgrounds and developed a menu that is truly something to behold.

The restaurant is actually their house, the dining room is their front yard, and the guests are their family. My Casa has arguably the best happy hour specials in the city, and every dish is prepared with love.

Their homemade pastas always hit the spot, and their tostas make for a great snack if you’re not too hungry. They even host a house party once a month, so check out their facebook page to find out when the next one will be!


Tapas bar, not topless bar, though things can get pretty interesting here late at night. Oasis is one of our favorite spots to split a bottle of wine, and make new friends with anyone who stops in.

In addition to spanish wine, they also mix great cocktails and pour delicious craft beers. The vibe here is chilled out with great music and cool artwork on the walls.

The owner Iñaki will charm you with his friendly ways and always make you feel welcome.


If you’re looking for an instagrammable brunch spot, look no further than Urban Square.

This is a great place to cure your Western breakfast craving with a plate of eggs benedict or a stack of pancakes (yes, real pancakes) while catching up on your emails, or pretending to work hard on your laptop.

They also have a nice selection of cakes and pies to round out your morning meal. When it comes to coffee, Urban Square’s brew always gives us the boost we need to get some work done, and the abundance of available plugs ensures you’ll never have battery issues.

Have another favorite international restaurant in Da Nang?
Let us know in the comments. We’re always looking for new places to try.

International eats 13 international food restaurants in Da Nang Vietnam
International eats 13 international food restaurants in Da Nang Vietnam

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  1. Avery
    | Reply

    Another great one and more places I’ll have to try. I’ve already gotten into a rotation of my western foods but always keen to branch out

    FYI – taco ngon has a tofu option toon!

    • LocalNomads
      | Reply

      You definitely should. What are you go tos? Have you tried the veggie burger at Tam’s yet?

      • Avery Koch
        | Reply

        My go-to’s tend to be breakfast places! I love local Viet for lunch and dinner but need my big breakfast haha. I love Hilly’s. A new taco place opened (at least someone told me it’s new) – Tacos DaNang — proper Mexican tacos!!! Finally…salsa and nachos. This Texan approves.

        • LocalNomads
          | Reply

          YUM. We had an awesome cheesecake from Hilly’s for my birthday last month. It was soooo good. Tacos Da Nang sounds good too. Taco Ngon is amazing, but certainly not mexican by any stretch. Glad to hear they have tofu now! The breakfast at Urban Square is pretty yumm too. We loved the french toast.

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