Seeking a little more spice in your life? 

Leave your daily grind behind.

Travel for 4 months with a diverse community.

Collaborate on projects.

Grow through shared experiences.

Give back to your community.


This is How It Works..




Chiang Mai, Thailand


Koh Phangan, Thailand


Bali, Indonesia


Da Nang, Vietnam


$1,500/month with $3,000 advance deposit

$2,000/month with $2,000 advance deposit

Contact us to hear about discounts available for people who pay in full or place a higher deposit down up front.

Payment plans available upon request for deposit



Personal Space.

You’ll always have a room to yourself.

Wifi 24/7.

We travel ahead to make sure wifi is strong.

Local SIM Card/Personal Hotspot.

When you arrive in each destination. You’ll receive a local sim card or a personal hotspot for mobile connectivity.

Transportation between destinations.

We handle all the travel details.

A space to call your office.

Full access to our partner coworking spaces + a list of local cafes that are also conducive to this life style

Monthly Events.

Orientation event in each location, workshops, community hosted networking events, guest speakers, and parties.

Airport pickup & drop off.

Upon arrival & departure in each of our 4 locations.  

Committed Staff.

On the ground you’ll have staff to guide you through the transition into digital nomad life, familiarize you with each new location, and be there to facilitate experiences.

Collaborated Events.

Anything you or a fellow nomad wants to add to the program. A workshop, dinner, flow session, meditation.. We’re down to help you organize it. Consider this your creative freedom opportunity 🙂


In ‘n Out.

Your flight to the first destination & your flight out of the final destination.

Personal Expenses.

Meals, drinks, alcohol, and local transportation are not included unless otherwise noted. In the case of a group dinner, the bill will be split by all attendees.

Independent travel.

You are more than welcome to take day trips, and side trips, outside our group travel days, at your own expense.

Tours, excursions, bike rentals, yoga classes etc.

Any activity that you want to participate in outside of the program. When available, group discounts will be arranged