Hanko 60: A Speakeasy Disguised As A Movie Theater in Taipei, Taiwan

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"Is this the place?" I asked.

"Google maps says it should be right here." She said, puzzled. 


As we stood in front of a shady looking theater advertising The Hangover and Cocktail we scanned the block for any other possible places. This didn’t look like a bar, and even if it was, there was no obvious way in.


...right then, it occurred to us that perhaps we should have asked for more information from our local friend who had invited us to meet her there; and why didn’t her casual mention of a speakeasy raise any flags?...


Eventually we were able to get her on the phone...but not before uselessly searching the back alley for an entrance. Our friend finally met us out front, and showed us the secret button that opens the secret sliding door, allowing access to one of the coolest places we’ve ever gotten good and drunk.


Hanko 60 Taipei
Hanko 60 Taipei


Hanko 60 is no ordinary bar.

From the outside, this speakeasy is disguised as a movie theater. Inside, you'll be transported to an ultra-hip lounge decorated with all sorts of artistic genius. The atmosphere is great for enjoying drinks and conversation with friends. We tried some of the finger foods they offer on the menu, and everything was delicious. We really loved the fried chicken tenders and the spring roll “cigars." Their cocktails are a blend of old and new, using traditional taiwanese liquors mixed in a modern way.


Hanko 60 Taipei
Hanko 60 Taipei

At Hanko 60, presentation is everything.

We watched in amazement as their skilled mixologists crafted a series of complex cocktails before our eyes; all made with exotic ingredients and close attention to detail. Every drink is served in its own unique "glass." We loved the disco ball inspired by Saturday Night Fever, and the Mango Sago Pomelo which is served in a tiny bathtub and garnished with a rubber duck. Maybe you're brave enough to try the Blood Bag? If you're seeing a movie at one of the many close by theaters, you can even stop in for one of their "to go" drinks, disguised as a popcorn box!

Hanko 60 Taipei

Check out our video, shot on location at Hanko 60. Pay close attention so you know how to get inside!


Before you leave, visit Hanko 60 on Facebook.

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