Gainful Unemployment

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You know that feeling you get a few days before a long weekend or vacation? It’s okay, you may have to really think about this if it has been a while since you’ve had some vacation time; but you know what I’m talking about… When you’re in the office, or at one of your part time jobs, no matter what you have to deal with in these next few days, nothing can bring you down. In a few days, you’ll be out of there.

“Sure, I can clean those nasty toilets”, ” I can totally stay an extra half hour to help this sweet old lady file her paperwork” (while she berates ME about how my company is out to get “her generation”) “Yeah Bob, I can absolutely restock all the glassware, liquor, beer and wine, and sweep, mop and dust every room”. Because in a just a few days, it’ll be me, my luggage, and the opportunity for adventure.

Well, I’ve got 4 days left of my seasonal job and I’m practically floating on air at work. FOUR days until I’m onto my next adventure. Four days to pack, four days to make sure everything gets done; that part sounds a bit stressful, but I enjoy the challenge. (I’ve got a knack for packing.. but let’s leave that for another post!) Right now, I’m at work and all I can think about is that in 4 days, I’ll be unemployed, for the next three weeks.

Seasonal work allows for built in vacations. You always have an end date, which means every time I start a job, I know approximately when it will end. I always know when my next vacation will be. So, remember that feeling I was talking about before? The one that allows you to put up with “this bullshit” for 4 more days? Instead of waiting all year to build up 75 hours of vacation time, working seasonally allows you to take a vacation every 5 months or so. The best part is that your vacation can be as long as you want it to be, or until your next job starts (or until the money runs out.. if you’re into living that close to the edge).

You don’t have to live your life in a cubicle. There are lots of great ways to make money while traveling. The world is yours to experience, HD is not real life! Adventure Awaits (1)

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  1. darwinontherocks
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    Where are you heading next ? 🙂

  2. Jeff | Planet Bell
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    So true. I’ve been working seasonally my whole life really. That feeling is unbeatable. It is like graduation, your birthday, Christmas and spring break all rolled into one!

  3. travelographyyy
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    Sharing this feeling right now! 2 lat days of work to go back to my country for 3 weeks : ) Have fun during your trip!

  4. Katie Featherstone
    | Reply

    Seriously know that feeling!

  5. Ron Giesecke (M.O.N)
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    Reblogged this on Master Of None and commented:
    Recently, I wrote a piece dealing the yawning gulf between work and . . . well,sanity. I think Local Nomads understands me completely.

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