Digital Nomad Mexico

Merida Guide for Digital Nomads

Merida, Mexico is one of the hottest cities for digital nomads in the western hemisphere. The combination of rich local culture, big city comforts, and exciting things to do ensures that you won’t quickly become burnt out and start searching for someplace new.

Valladolid Guide For Digital Nomads

We almost didn’t write this guide. On paper Valladolid is not an obvious choice for digital nomads…but we’re not your typical nomads. There’s something special here that sucked us in and kept us here for three months. It could happen to you too,

Cenote Oxman & Hacienda San Lorenzo

Our favorite leisure activity in the Yucatan is swimming in Cenotes, and Cenote Oxman (pronounced osh-mon) outside of the beautiful Pueblo Magico of Valladolid is one of the coolest ones we’ve found so far.

Yucatan Road Trip Blog

Our 5 day Yucatan road trip itinerary! Includes Merida, Chichen Itza, Valladolid, Bacalar and Puerto Morelos. Full of helpful tips for planning your own Yucatan road trip.

Local Nomads Podcast

Now we’re living in Mérida, Mexico and recording the week before christmas! So put on your ugly sweater (we don’t care if you’re listening in March or even July), pour yourself a glass of eggnog, and get ready.