Falling in love with Thailand at Bangkok Hub Hostel

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Our Stressful Arrival:

Our first few hours in Bangkok were easily some of the most stressful, frustrating moments we’ve encountered in the past month. After waiting over an hour for an Uber driver who never came, then charged us a cancellation fee, and paying WAY too much for a taxi, we were feeling like total noobs. Luckily all of our stress disappeared when we FINALLY checked into our lovely room at Bangkok Hub Hostel.

Herb was right in his element!
Make sure to grab a tea or coffee from the man outside!

Checking in:

Our kind host, Chai, welcomed us warmly “Thank you for choosing my hostel,” he said, “and thank you for choosing my country.” Immediately the stress of the evening began to melt away. As we looked around the colorfully decorated lobby area with plenty of reading material and tips for things to do around the city, we knew we’d feel right at home at Bangkok Hub.


The Room:

Being fans of cuddling, and not fans of the dorm scene, we’d booked a private room for 2 which locked with an electronic key, so we never had to worry about our stuff. As an added perk, we also had our own private bathroom, a luxury for us, and even a balcony! Our minds were blown when we stepped out and saw the stunning view of Wat Yannawa beautifully situated on the Chao Phraya River across the street. If you’re looking for a “quiet” location, you might be hard pressed to find it in a city like this. We had no more night time noise here than we would expect to find in any major city, and there was certainly no party or club scene going on down there. We had no trouble finding our rest by the end of the night, once we made it up the stairs to the sixth floor summit! 🙂

Our room was painted white, with white tile floors, and a white tile bathroom. It was spotless. The bed was firm to my liking and comfortable for Gabby as well, who typically prefers a bit softer mattress. There was a flat screen tv, and even cable, with more thai tv stations than I could possibly explore. We were more than satisfied by its condition.


Bangkok Hub was conveniently located close to Bangrak Market, where we were able to find some good cheap food, and only a short taxi ride away from the famous Bangkok china town. Head out the front door of Bangkok Hub, grab a delicious Thai coffee or tea from the man outside, and choose left or right. Head to the right and you’ll find Bangrak Market, lots of street food, Thai McDonald’s and some more touristy shops to check out. Head to the left and you’ll find a much more local scene, with lots of temples scattered about, and great local foods to enjoy. We were in heaven, surrounded by more color and beauty than we’d ever imagined.

Great view of Wat Yannawa and the river!
Even beautiful during a thunder storm!

In conclusion:

We had an awesome stay at Bangkok Hub. It was so easy for us to enjoy our time in Bangkok knowing that we had a great hostel to go back to each night, with a warm and welcoming staff to make our stay that much better. We would recommend this place to anyone looking to enjoy Bangkok without having to deal with the intense chaos you’ve heard about downtown.

Although we didn’t pay for our stay at Bangkok Hub Hostel, this review represents our true opinions. We will not recommend any product or accommodation we don’t fully support.

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  1. Jeff Bell
    | Reply

    Pro tip: Taxis in Bangkok are some of the cheapest in the world. Just get in and make sure they use a meter and you’ll be good.

    • LocalNomads
      | Reply

      Thanks Jeff! Nice to hear from you! How are things over on your planet these days? We figured this whole taxi scheme out JUST a bit too late…We’ll never get ripped off by those guys again…chalk it up to a learning experience. :/

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