Long-term travel doesn't require a massive bundle of cash; it requires only that we walk through the world in a more deliberate way.

 -Rolf Potts Vagabonding

Hey There Traveler!

We're Gabby and Adam. Since 2012 We've been on a mission to prove that YOU, yes you, can live a more fulfilling life through travel. We were broke when we started traveling. We still are by many people's standards. The fact is, you don't need a huge income to travel well. You just need to make it the priority in your life. Put your travel in the center of your plans, then structure the rest around it.

After graduating from college in New York we sold all of our stuff, and moved to South Korea for a year of teaching English. 12 months later, we returned to the US to explore our homeland before our planned departure in 2016 (just in time for the presidential election).

We've called 6 different states "home". We've lived in Oregon's wine-rich Willamette Valley, a gold mining town in SE Alaska, the magnificent Rocky Mountains, and even the Grand Canyon National Park. Seasonal work allowed us to maintain an income while traveling. Since leaving the US we've been supporting ourselves by working online. 

We believe in a slow approach to travel. Local Nomads refers to our pattern of making each new destination our home for a little while. Rather than simply vacationing to all the places we'd love to see, we've taken the opportunity to dig in and really experience the culture of each new community.

These days we're traveling around SE Asia with everything we own (seriously) in our backpacks...go ahead, call us crazy! We've thrown out the plan book and decided to let chance and opportunity guide us. Every new person we meet has something to tell us or teach us. Each interaction opens unseen doors to unknown opportunities. We're not sure where we'll end up, but that's the beauty of it!

We strive to motivate those who feel trapped in their daily routines as we once were. We want to inspire the wanderlusters to become true wanderers. We want to see and meet others who value the experiences the world has to offer, rather than the possessions the advertisers want to sell us. Wouldn't you love to go wherever you want and experience the world of endless opportunities? All you have to do is take that first jump.

We're always coming up with new ways to connect with our tribe. This year we started our own podcast, so be sure to subscribe! We've got big plans for 2018, so join our email list at the bottom of this page and keep up to date on all of our announcements.

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  1. Ellen
    | Reply

    Hi. It’s Ellen at Sweet 16th Bakery in Nashville. Thanks for coming in, and it was a pleasure meeting both of you. I look forward to following your adventures!

  2. MaryAnn
    | Reply

    Hi Adam!
    It was great meeting you at the bar in the GC! We are the older (OMG kills me to write that) couple that was from Florida …..I know we are one in a million that you have met. We were talking (and I was messing with the guy in the Hawaiian shirt that left his camera on the bar), again …probably don’t remember but anyway checked out your blog here and you guys are awesome! Would have loved to do something like this when I was younger. Actually tried to get my husband to do it, but he is a bit conservative and wouldn’t hear of it! But things have turned out okay and I still travel when I can – the way I like to even if he gets uncomfortable sometimes he usually goes along.
    Anyway wanted to wish you safe travels and to tell you to represent America in a great way! I know that you will. If you are ever running between Clearwater, Florida and Cross City, Florida we have places near both…send out an e-mail!

    • LocalNomads
      | Reply

      Thanks so much for your commment MaryAnn! It’s always great to hear from people we’ve met along the way! I’m glad to hear that you get to trael still even though your husband is a bit reluctant to get into unfamiliar situations. The lifestyle we’ve chosen has it’s benefits and it’s drawbacks and it’s certainly not for everyone…but one of the aims of this blog is to show others who might have never thought this lifestyle could be an option just how possible it really is. It’s never too late to start traveling. More and more retirees are putting their homes on AirBnB and taking off in their RV’s; we met lots of retirees enjoying their summer working seasonally in Skagway, Alaska. The American west is an unbelievably travel friendly place.

      Thanks again for reaching out. I Hope our paths cross again one day! Thanks for following along with our adventures!

  3. Murray
    | Reply

    Gabby and Adam,
    What an unexpected surprise to have two such likeminded people drop into my work today. I look forward to chatting over some food next week and following your adventures in the future. Email me at Murray.britton@yahoo.com so we can grab dinner! Peace

  4. Thommy Schnitzel
    | Reply

    Nicely designed blog and great podcasts you guys have.
    It’s nice to see, that you guys seem to be doing great.

    It’s ze Deutschbag from Nyack btw.
    I finally got out f New York myself. Have made it to the West Coast, San Diego to be exact.
    If you guys ever make it over here and need a place to stay, hit me up.

    • LocalNomads
      | Reply

      It’s so great to hear from you, Thomas! Thanks for checking in!

      Seems like so long ago now that we worked for the wurst lady in Nyack. So glad you made it out to the West Coast! San Diego is some good shit. We had an amazing time last time we were there, although it was like 4 years ago now. OB is amazing, but we had the best time at Dog Beach just down the way a bit. We loved watching the dogs run around and play with each other. IDK when we’ll be in San Diego again but we’ll certainly hit you up when we do come. We always prefer to stay with friends over hotels.

      Gabby and I are headed to Europe this month. Then we’ll be in America for a month before we had onward to South America. We’ve been in Asia for 9 months now! Hard to believe we’re actually leaving so soon. Thanks for checking out our Podcast. We’ve been having a lot of fun recording them.

  5. Lauren
    | Reply

    Hello. This is Kain and Lauren! We fell upon you two by your journal post on ItWorks.com. YOU GUYS ASPIRE ME AND MY FAMILY! Kain, Bo Cat, and our brand new puppy dog to finally take the big leap! Our dream is to live in Colorado and hopefully get hired on from one of the job opportunities on it works that include housing. Please let me know if you have any tips or words of wisdom before we start off on our new journey! Thank you for showing the world it is not impossible to follow your dreams. Goodnight from wherever you are!
    Lauren & Kain

    • LocalNomads
      | Reply

      Hey Lauren, Kain, Bo and Lil’pup! We’re so happy to hear that you guys are going to embark on a new adventure! We LOVED living in Colorado! It’s just beautiful! Now is definitely the time to apply for winter jobs at the ski resorts. A lot of jobs will give you a ski pass to the mountain. Many of them offer housing but only if you can get in early, and you’ll have to check on the rules for pets. I know some people who got a “service animal” cert. for their cat to keep it in the employee housing. There are a bunch of condos available in the area too though which you can share with people to cut down the cost. We worked at Keystone and Breckenridge, but there are A TON of resorts in summit county. If you’re not into working at the big resorts there are also smaller local businesses, and some of them will also offer housing, or at least help you find some. The pay is also a little better there, but they won’t necessarily give you a ski pass. Living in CO made us love winter. If you can stay for the spring and summer season too. You’ll have so many more opportunities for work, and play! Have an amazing time and let us know if you have any other questions! Peace and Love from Portugal!
      G & A

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