13 Must Read Blog Posts about Cafes in Chiang Mai

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Chiang Mai Cafes

This post doesn’t really need much of an introduction. It is what it is. I could have written about my favorite cafe’s in Chiang Mai, but there are already so many opinions out there (and I’ve only been to a few myself) These people have already done the research. So instead, I’ve given you

The Must Read Blog Posts about Cafe’s in Chiang Mai.

If you’re looking for your next cafe adventure, or your next office du’ jour, keep on reading.

50 of the Best Cafes in Chiang Mai

Paper Planes Blog

Alan’s created a beautifully organized list that highlights the unique qualities of each place.. Plus there’s 50 of them and she’s been to each one. If that isn’t motivation I don’t know what is, perhaps it’s just the buzz from all the cappuccinos


The Best Cafes for Digital Nomads in Chiang Mai

The World Pursuit

Shannon’s list is short and sweet. She lists the pro’s and cons for her 5 favorite cafe’s for working digital nomads.


Chiang Mai Coffee


On the recommendation of Daryl and Mindi, we spent a few afternoons at Ristretto Lab. We love these guys and their videos. So even though this one ain’t a list. It’ll surely persuade you in the direction of Ristr8to Lab.


Best Cafes in Nimman

Together to Wherever

A quick run-down of some of the basic cafe’s in the Nimman district. Rob & Taiss give you some important info about each spot so you don’t have to pick by eenie miney miney moe, and possibly end up catching a tiger by the toe.. I mean..  with no outlets. They even tell you if the place has a bathroom and if it’s stocked with TP.

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Top 50 Chiang Mai Cafes

Globe Trottica

Another top 50 list! This one’s from Monica, who gives you a basic idea of what’s goin’ on at each cafe. ie, food highlights, wifi, price range.  I really admire the ambition of these bloggers to try out all of these different cafes. I love the taste of a good cup of coffee, but too much espresso gives me heartburn! That’s why I’ll let these experts tell you about all these coffee shops and I’ll just enjoy reading about them and dreaming about spending hours happily working off my caffeine buzz in each one.

The Best Cakes in Chiang Mai

Emily Luxton Travels

If you like sipping on coffee but you’re really more interested in the cake.



8 New Nimmanhaemin Cafes Worth Checking Out

The Sweetest Way

Leah has the sweetest way of describing this list of 8 coffee shops. (okay, yeah, I know that was a bit cheesy) The photos alone will have you drooling and wanting to while away the afternoons lunching and sipping coffee and writing inspiring prose. Plus my personal favorite is on this list, Rustic & Blue! 


OXOTEL CHIANG MAI- Landscape Design Meets Vintage meets Hostel

Hostel Geeks

If you want to stay where the coffee is. Is Rolling out of bed to walk downstairs and have a delicious coffee brewed for you in minutes in a stylish design cafe, your thing?  Or Perhaps you would fancy spending the night in their private caravan camped in the back courtyard. I know I would! 


 Read More: The Silver Temple in Chiang Mai

The Best Cafes in Chiang Mai- Interviewing Local Baristas and Coffee Experts

21 Century Vagabond

Lulu has taken the time to ask the baristas in each cafe what their favorite cafes are in Chiang Mai. And who knows coffee better those who make it. If you want to know what these locals say, check out this list.


A Roof and No Walls

Chiang Mai Citylife

I can’t speak for their coffee, but this coffee shop definitely wins in the design category. This article by Chiang Mai Citylife is more about the physical structure of the coffee shop than the coffee itself. Click the link to read more about the owners philosophy behind building this unique place. 


Hidden Forest Cafe in Chiang Mai

Note on Life with Me 11

Does sipping coffee under the giant tree in a fairytale courtyard sound like an exciting afternoon? Check out this blog for some awesome photos that will have you waiting for the white rabbit to pop out and wondering when the psychedelic trip is going to begin.

Coffee Experience and Unique Things to do in Chiang Mai

Love and Road

Looking for that special day trip? If you’re a coffee connoisseur, you’re gonna love this. Nat & Robson visited a coffee plantation and roasted their own coffee beans! This sounds like an incredible beautiful and rewarding day trip for anyone seriously into coffee. Like Seriously.


Tea Dancing in the Water: Visiting Tea Houses in Chiang Mai

Nomad is Beautiful

 You’re into the cafe scene but you really prefer Tea, just like me!

I’m definitely a Spiced Chai kinda gal, which you’re probably not going to find.. I haven’t yet.

This one’s for you, tea drinkers, you stuck it out til the end of this post about coffee. 




Do you Have a favorite Chiang Mai Cafe or a favorite Blog post about Chiang Mai? Tell us below in the Comments?

And as always were looking for a new spot to hang our hammocks, so if you know a good spot, we wanna know about it.

Looking to Spend Some time in Chiang Mai, but don’t want to go alone? 


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  1. Mackenzie
    | Reply

    I really need to get there! I love all of the pics.

    • LocalNomads
      | Reply

      Chiang Mai is heaven! You really have to go. What’s next for you on your travel horizons?

  2. Anja / Womanhattan
    | Reply

    It is such a heaven for digital nomads. Who knows, maybe I will try coffee in all of these cafes some day 🙂

    • LocalNomads
      | Reply

      It really is the place to go for DNs. No trip around the world is complete without a stopover in Chiang Mai. Coffee there is just as good as anywhere else, but the atmosphere can’t be beat.

  3. Taiss
    | Reply

    Hi guys! Thanks for having us as a part of this post! We love the Nimman Cafes so much and frequented most of them as we went on a daily basis during our two years of living there! Our Blog is now Together To Wherever 🙂

    • LocalNomads
      | Reply

      Thanks for stopping by Taiss! I went back and updated the post with new links and changed the name. I’m loving the name change, BTW. We loved so many of the cafe’s on your list. Thanks for all the great tips. Have you ever tried Art Roastery?

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